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Trillville What The Fuck Comments
  1. Tyler Miller

    Don't stand so close get your damn nose broke. Shit still goes hard in 2020.


    When I was in the Army back in 2004, mfs used to get they ass kicked in the club off this album

  3. Lucifer Mctrippy

    Nice song good morning lil Scrappy.

  4. Alvardo Rolle

    I had the cd. And in back of the days. Repeat all day.

  5. Amir Shakir

    Hardest shit in my days

  6. Roberts Rode

    Es domāju šitam / I think this is = ✌👉✊👈✌

  7. Shakina Frink

    i used to have this cd 💿🙃😂❤️

  8. Jonathan Newell

    Its stupid that this album not on any streaming apps just wondering why its like that this is only place can listen to this

  9. Texas Taco

    My song when I walk onto the DMV to renew my license...

  10. Dee Joyce

    When Scrappy was first introduced, he was an unofficial member of G UNIT. I'm not sure what happened with that deal. But he was always with G Unit and Game. Scrappy had major buzz, hanging with the big Dawgs as a teenager. He had more personality than all of them combined.

  11. mimi thomas

    I had this CD I got in trouble playing cussing by my step daddy 😂

  12. SenaWai偉神

    3:45 in 2019

  13. rickie hopkins

    Mane forget turning up, Crunkjuice all day✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  14. justin stewart

    This my song every time I walk in to work everyday😒

  15. Jasco Crip


  16. 04bmw330i

    14 years later and this song still goes hard AF!

  17. Gilberto Garcia,Ramirez


  18. ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88

    I’m the most metal head from Georgia .. I can head bang mosh to this 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  19. Romaric Gueret

    Miss THAT Lil Jon

  20. Mono Gang

    this song got me put out 7 grade the second week of school

  21. Huztle Mane

    Real Crunk music shawty tf is y'all saying

  22. Nelson Umanzor

    14 years


    Love this one. Esp driving to a basketball game.yap fsm

  24. BlackJohnnyCage

    Half of Crime Mob was My neighbors on Godby Rd. in College Park & My Mom use to play this Loud AF!! We all use to party & Trap together... Memories lol

  25. Cierra Richardson

    one of my favorite songs ever!!!!! I've listened to it about 400 times

    Tray G

    I'm from this era, I was 15 thuggin in the streets, just about to hit the klub when this kame out! lol


    Not enough times


    Still my song scrap fan for life

    Terry Stewart


  27. vlreed05

    Support up and coming artists out of Atlanta! >>>>!!!!

  28. Harry Rohr

    I used to listen to this on the way to work and then I kicked ass the rest of the day.


    Harry Rohr this that shit/that real bump


    Harry Rohr this that shit/that real bump

  29. bryantman1988


  30. marcoreyes700

    good work out music...

  31. tee lovee

    i was in middle school when this dropped...this when scrappy was the shit! lol

  32. Crayman21

    man this song gets me all hyped up when Im working out

  33. David Israel

    Do I know or something, cuz how can you hate somebody you don't know? Thankyou and have a great evening!


    I used to get soo crunk to this as a kid. This song helped introduce me to rap.

  35. Rachel Miller

    this is the reason i hate you

  36. Micah Elliott

    Pet the truth be heard lol

  37. mjceravolo

    Lil scrappy went hard back in the day

  38. David Israel

    ...thug life tatted on my neck

  39. kingsley2146

    cool story bro

  40. Mighty IsisIzDaOne

    My knuck up if u buck song. An anthem 4 me alwayz. Get 'Em Scrappy!!!!!

  41. m0805618


  42. MCMONEYification

    what the fukk is going onif a nigga eyein me to long im gonna brang it it live @the show and if he lookin to long he mus be gay ass fukk

  43. Chris

    This song goes hard!

  44. Codi D

    This used to be MY SONG back in the day. I used to bump this song hard. It used to be like my anthem. It's been a few years, but this song still goes hard, and I still bump it like crazy.

  45. Justin Van Zant

    lmao used to blare this shit on my way to the amusement park,shit got my hype!!!!!

  46. MikegLA310

    This shit makes me wanna beat someones ass or drive 120 mph in a high speed cop chase!!!

  47. lilrog0909

    The Ultimate Workout Motivation underground song ... definitely in my Top 10

  48. Ry Croz


  49. Antonio C Marroquin

    this is my fav from this album

  50. Quikster220

    @andru653 yes sir!

  51. Sdzamarron

    This song kicks ass great fight music

  52. francisco tamagnini

    this iz harddd !

  53. ericfbear_

    what the fuck is go in on- love the beat. It sounds like the music from mars attacks

  54. digga115

    this is my fuckin shit...

  55. andrew scala

    this shit with the subs in the ship..yikes

  56. lewis22tk


  57. DMA112790

    I Have This Cd Its Fucking Crunk as Shit
    And I Love this Soug

  58. Tory Courter

    this song go hard as fuck