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Trill Sammy YSL Comments
  1. Delyan Angelov

    dat flute destroyed da beat

  2. Fidds Eureka

    This is that shit

  3. fadfsa dasfsaf

    Her ig?

  4. jesse throwed


  5. Ant_dawgg

    Sounds like COMETHAZINE

  6. Raegan West

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkk

  7. Daivari Rogers

    Anyone in listening in 2k19?

  8. Mr plague


  9. Mr plague


  10. Michael Aviles

    Quit bullshiting trill drop trap phone boomin

  11. Ruben Campos


  12. L Garcia


  13. Ipos 6


  14. Ipos 6


  15. Ipos 6


  16. Ondrej Baran

    to seďo ne?

  17. The M.A. Duke

    X1.2555 is🔥

  18. Rémy Bourbonnais

    Bitch ???

  19. WBTY dinasour

    YSL= Why I Sell

  20. Markus Nørdum

    get this on spotify rn

  21. Justus Boyle

    Yall need water

  22. Pluto

    blew up

  23. Kevim Green


  24. Casper


  25. trill xanie

    Is he falling of again?

  26. iRetroo

    Watching this again in 2019 😬 why isn’t he putting music on Apple Music

  27. Darny Chey

    wish this was made 2019 lmao

  28. Antman 4hunna

    0:02 what ones

  29. Daniel Cervantes

    nigga sound like lil pump

  30. YoungBaby Official

    Wtf🤣 💀

  31. foolikooli

    Your music is always a bop, no cap 🤑💯😍💥💣

  32. Swaevy_Tavo_ Player

    This music was on my birthday , and he went to my school two on my birthday

    D'Angelo Boyd

    Swaevy_Tavo_ Player capping

  33. Suede Velour

    This could’ve blew up more

  34. sleepylucy y

    Trill forever

  35. Yaira Alexis

    Still heat in 2019🎶🔥

  36. Leon

    Money, girls and drugs

  37. David Salganicoff

    Ytf is this not on dpotify

  38. Kairon Solares

    why isn't this song in apple music?

  39. Jhonny Ibarra

    I need you to be in spotify 😤

  40. Miguel Soto

    Dope 🔥💯

  41. Natacha Lemus

    DADDY 😻

  42. 901 Artist

    November 17,2018?

  43. Nicolás Cabrera


  44. Sodolo FTS

    That editor did that shit clean 💯

  45. olliolli

    ysl its not a porn no respect man

  46. lilt2109

    This should be on Spotify

  47. Some guy 55 2

    What’s the light skin girls @

  48. Anthony Lepler


  49. Justin Sharpe

    Song fire trill lit him and dice need a new track together


    Кто от Кизару лайк

  51. Eduardo Rodriguez

    It blew up

  52. Noez z

    Deezer pleaze

  53. Nemi_ Ofc

    This nigga is soooo fine like wtf 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😈

  54. sencai YT

    Ouuu what a big boy! He’s gonna bang her himself!

    sencai YT

    He doesn’t need his daddy anymore!!

  55. Some guy 55 2

    Who the light skin girl

  56. Roland Trawa


  57. XxFearGamingxX

    this shit need to chill its finna break my shit lol

  58. Johny Mo

    inst models pls)

  59. Coreyion Carter

    Don’t know how this wasn’t a hit 🤦🏾‍♂️ Trill tuff💪🏾

  60. Aidan Stubby

    my gamertag Manares_YSL 😂😂

  61. Killuminati1blood

    this song reminds me of that athetic fake retro video camera shit with a twist of some other rappers cartoon music video. very unoriginal ✋☺

  62. Gabriel Tinoco

    Puto el que lo lea :v

  63. Donald J Trump

    Haha he only has ones aka George Washington's I though he was throwing dubs instead like he said in money anthem

  64. Stefan Suide

    heat fire $$$$$$$

  65. Treyvion Jones

    This on gta5

  66. Nancy Dodson

    I'm rich too I got 100000

  67. Hunter Skateboarding

    Say my name in the song trill street if you make it

  68. Hunter Skateboarding

    Trill Sammy, i listen to all of your songs every single day, your straight fire, you need to make a song called trill street😎😎😎

  69. Bat__

    I hope everyone who use cringe emoji dies from cancer or gettin' mangled by a semi truck

  70. Tahj Maragh


  71. Enervate

    Whose here from GTA V Blonded FM?

  72. Tiffany McRae


  73. Elizabeth G

    People hate on this mans who ever hate on him they just haters and they juat mad that he better rhan alot of rappers right now



  75. SebastianTV

    He should get cole Bennett to make a video for him

  76. Itz Slippery

    Who still listening in 2018

  77. DrunkAss

    When will this be on spotify

  78. Gabriel Vlogs

    Smokin and dis shit trippy

  79. lil reven

    2.2M 🔥

  80. Monkey D. Luffy

    Put it on Spotify

  81. Diego Rico

    My views count as half of them tbh😈🔥

  82. Retrocartii

    This nigga gotta put this shit on Apple Music, I’m waiting on it

  83. spinogammmer908 spinogammmer

    This song dope

  84. Trap Girl

    Budgets , hunnids not gone count itself :P


    Trill Sammy fire as hell but he told me he boutta make a new song I ain’t spoiling the title doe

  86. Mr Kuminsider

    This shit needs to be on all streaming services 🤬🤬🤬

  87. kidd preme

    zias should react

  88. Rac2Raww

    Youtube might as well allow porn.

  89. Max

    Is he taking the piss?

  90. Sardine Juice

    Why this sound like Count Me On by Lil Yachy?


    If that bitch bad hahahaha

  92. leandro lopes

    fucking fire.