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Trill Sammy Wholesale Comments
  1. Justin Sharpe

    2020 here

  2. Young Dulo

    Still a banger in 2020 🔥🔥

  3. 2006 Toyota Pruis

  4. Lavarr TM

    2016 was undefeated bra

    prod. dangerroom

    Lavarr TM Everybody was goin crazy.

  5. Fabian Munoz

    Kinda weird listening to this song in 2019

  6. Okamidizzy 23

    I finally remembered the name of this song again 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. ale


  8. Joseph Trinidad

    It's 2019 n this shit still slaps 😂🔥

  9. Muyage 1

    This still slap

  10. Jet Kuzzi


  11. Jordan

    just realize thats cuban doll

  12. Purplehayz11

    Bag it up n sell it fuk a scale🔥🔥

  13. NÁYO Music

    Who still listen to dis in 2018 going into 2019

  14. victor castano

    This lil 2z?

    Chino Dbz

    victor castano this trill was the goat the new Sammy trash

  15. Kreme Dela Creme

    He really went hard asf on this 1

  16. Kreme Dela Creme

    Still yeahh 🔥💪

  17. Haha Matteo

    diego money & iwd in the cutt

  18. trapmig0

    “25 lighters just sitting on my dresser” yet wifisfuneral has a song saying he has lighters on his dresser

  19. Crystal Williams

    Come visit Houston -ashcash

  20. Juan Sanchez

    Ayy, Woo, Woo, Woo
    Wholesale, Woo
    Wholesale, Wholesale
    Get them packs in... Wholesale

    Wholesale, Need a bitch or two
    Wholesale, Wholesale
    Pimping out a mansion to a hotel, hotel
    Woo, woo, woo
    Wholesale, Wholesale
    I get the cape pack, that's that wholesale, wholesale
    Need a pack or two, gots that wholesale, wholesale
    Smoking out a pound, that's that wholesale

    [Verse 1: Trill Sammy]
    Wholesale, pimping 3 bitches out a hotel, hotel, hotel
    Need 3 pounds, thats that wholesale
    If you need that pack, send it through the mail
    Bag it up and sell it, nigga, fuck a scale
    Trappin' off my phone through that paypal
    Bitches blow my line, I just hit decline
    'Member as young' selling nicks and dimes, ayy
    Look at the flick of that wrist, I can't even tell the time
    Ayy, jump in the crowd, they grabbing my chain, they knowing my name
    I'm smoking that loud, it run in my veins, we smoking like trains
    Sippin' that lean make a nigga feel better, 25 lights just sitting on the dresser
    All blue hunnids, living like Mayweather, got 28 grams in my god damn sweater

    Wholesale, wholesale, wholesale
    Pimpin' three bitches at a hotel, wholesale
    Woo, woo, woo, hotel, hotel
    Need that cape pack, thats that wholesale
    Wholesale, woo, woo, woo, wholesale
    Wholesale, need it by the case, thats that wholesale
    Wholesale, trap, trap, trap, wholesale
    Wholesale, need them fucking pounds, thats that wholesale, wholesale

    [Verse 2: Trill Sammy]
    Walk in the place smelling like propane
    Drank in my cup like Kirko Bangz
    She jealous getting top, don't know her name
    She gonna let a nigga beep beep because a nigga got fame
    I only [?] bitch keep your legs closed
    Only want top just in case you ain't know
    I don't mean to be rude, bitch, send me them nudes
    Looking like James Bond when I'm jumping out the coupe
    Trap, trap, trap, got triggers in the coupe
    Ball so hard, got me looking like a hoop
    Talk to much I gave that bitch the boot, I'll go if the thing drop 30 each too
    The bitch a little thot, so I fuck her in the booth (goddamn)
    *phone ringing*
    "What's the smell, man?"
    "Ay, where them packs at, bitch, I need them right now"
    "Say no more"

    Wholesale, trap, trap, trap, wholesale, wholesale
    Need that cake pack, thats that wholesale, wholesale
    Woo, woo, woo, wholesale, wholesale
    Need it by the pound, thats that wholesale, wholesale
    Woo, woo, woo, wholesale, wholesale
    Got it by the case, thats that wholesale, wholesale
    Trap, trap, trap, wholesale, wholesale
    Pimping out a mansion to a hotel, hotel
    Woo, woo, woo, woo, gas, gas, wholesale
    Trap, trap, trap

  21. Y’all niggas Some bitches

    Cuban was really in this video half naked and shit while only being 17 could’ve got my nigga trill caught up

  22. qbbb

    “jump in that crowd they grabbin my chain” yep they sure did😂

  23. The Phantom Of The Opera

    Whoo whoo whoo wholesale

  24. Everything4405

    The bitch a Lil thots so I fucked ha in the booty

  25. lil R

    Aye was that in dallas??? cuz that green building

  26. Everything4405

    My question is if he never had a job never graduated high school how did he ever have money from the start??


    Curtis Daniels I sold weed at my highschool I'd make like 20$ a day you don't get that much money selling weed u will with crack and trill Sammy ain't really just no trapper drug dealer he buy more weed than he smoke


    Everything4405 from the song martin


    Everything4405 you didn’t make nun selling weed cause you was the middle mans middle man lmao

    Jace Juergens

    Everything4405 trapping stupid ass

    Manuel Hernandez

    Finessing and trapping dawg lol

  27. Maison Rogue


  28. Emmanual Bartholomew

    he had to do that mf in dallas.

  29. Janai Campbell

    I hate you

  30. LilRayBans

    This shit snap

  31. Mateen Music

    Can someone plz make an instrumental version of this

    Don Theking MUSIC

    matin mostafa it's been up

    Trey Btw

    matin mostafa

  32. AexRise -

    If i could get the sample for this beat that would be great this joint bump

    Don Theking MUSIC

    King Izzie ask polo boy

  33. Adam King

    he changed

  34. Yvenie Joseph


  35. Ty Walker

    where is Asian doll?

  36. Casshy God

    Dallas Tx 🤘🏽

  37. nina johns

    niagg y ugly

  38. Search Up LilFarri

    Only Here for CubanDoll & Asian Doll 😈💯 Sammy Trash

  39. good nice

    He must have got that camera from wholesale....

    Head Ass

    Slapperz Videos nigga u little mad or big mad😂😂😂

    Don Theking MUSIC

    Slapperz Videos 😂😂😂😂

    Myko Nynja vision

    Your momma hoesale!!!

    Francess Sowa

    This not even the original upload idiot

  40. I don't Know

    Somebody grabbed his chain but he ain't jump in the crowd

  41. Luis Torres

    this is so fucking trash

  42. Dischristv

    pimping 3 bitches out a hotel wholesale

  43. Dischristv

    fuck all the haters this shit fire salute to trill sammyand he got that bad ass cubian doll in this video

  44. Anthony Jumble

    Skkkkr el mejor trill sammy!!

  45. Mr Alprazolam

    Cuban so fucking fine

  46. Noah Neveu

    Wholesale son!

  47. Dre Kush

    Jump in the crowd they knowin my name, they snatchin my chain

  48. Zenlyy Gaming

    I did need to be bitch send them nudes looking like james bond went I'm jumping out coupe

  49. migusb

    muevelo- los zafiros

  50. Khaliq Bryson

    Cuban doll in this video..?

    Denise Dixon

    Khaliq Bryson yes

  51. turbo lighter三五〇


  52. TMC RS

    now his chain is in whole sale

  53. Taylor Gamm

    PoloBoyShawty took this beat back fam this shit finna get flagged

    Head Ass

    Taylor Gamm Sale done fuk polo

  54. YPN Ruger


  55. kvdvfi beatz

    "Jump in the crowd
    They Grabbin my chain" - Trill Sammy

    Tony Luna




  56. KaysooTV

    "Jump In The Crowd They Grabbin My Chain.. They Knowin My Name" : GETS CHAIN SNATCHED IN NC!

    Bryan Merchant



    KaysooTV W 😂


    KaysooTV 😂😂

  57. 619 575

    Lmao anyone can be a rapper nowadays. hahaahahah

  58. Xandillion

    "jump in the crowd they grabbin' my chain" - he was asking to lose that shit...

    DeAndre ross

    ooooo shiiii😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    FLAWLESS 433

    Xandillion 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Dj 33rd block

    I don't mean to be rude bitch send me Dem nudes looking like James bond when I'm jumping out the coop

  60. Saul Torres

    yuh 💯

  61. Jason Clark

    This song so slept on 😭🔥🔥

  62. savory icon

    nothing great in this song I feel, most views and likes for the bad ass chick?

  63. Taneya Lavese

    Cuban link

  64. james Edwards

    is he a blood

  65. Marvin Maravilla

    Trill Sammy had a lane in the vine game.. He's not a rapper, atleast a serious one

  66. rico x pablo

    what the beat called


    He probably fucked that bitch after the video

    trap god

    most likely

    Kilo Goodwin

    Can u blame him

  68. Ramone Dixon


  69. WordToAngel


  70. nba ganggang

    My nigga loudine in the back😈🔥

  71. Lil Doo Doo

    Cuban doll so fineeee bruh 😩


    Lil Doo Doo cuban doll not even in this video


    10BRICKS she the one wit the mask dummy

    Don Theking MUSIC

    400booka this was her before the fame

  72. Duke Savage


  73. I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass

    was that desiigner at the end

    Don Theking MUSIC

    I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass fr. He does look like him

  74. Og Denis


  75. Long john Johnson


  76. Ballout

    Goon ass nigga

  77. Donjulios opinion

    pop a molly roll a stuffcrust and stay in the studio three days. maybe with one homie or two. hype shit. if its anything like this. damm

  78. Trap Girl

    niggas on imvu want to be trill sammy so they make their avatar alike 😂

  79. Draco Malfoy

    Not all songs need to have meaningful content and "fire" bars, this is just a turn up song something you can vibe and dance to


    That's all his songs none of them have meaning at all he just repeats himself 10000 times and it's not even good

    Issa Dorito

    +Krabbs PS4 what do you think famous dex


    +Masser JT famous dex sucks

    Issa Dorito

    +Krabbs PS4 I know I was saying he does the same thing

  80. Dalilah Sanchez

    trill Sammy your my life😻😻💕

  81. Dalilah Sanchez

    trill Sammy your my life😻😻💕

  82. icey cinco

    am i the only 1 that notice that the nigga he called on the phone ... called him a bitch lol

    Fidencio Gonzalez

    bruh yall dumb af yall dont realise bitch can mean anything in slang terminology

    Nicole Love

    +Fidencio Gonzalez yeah they slow 😂

    FINESSE Solo

    It was him talking to himself it wasnt somebody else. Lol

    rashad Boyd

    lol just cause you say bitch to somebody it don't mean nun I talk to my friends like that all the time and that was him talking

  83. Team Verge


  84. Khiree .G

    so much wholesale call me costco

  85. Jesse Charles

    dude called him n said "where them packs at bitch" ??

  86. KaysooTV

    DF This Nigga Look Like A IMVU Avatar

    Vontage Imvu

    lmaoo add me on imvu @ vontage

    Lana Dilaurentis

    JayDaPlug 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Liz Mendoza

    KaysooTV niggah don't talking to trill Sammy like that

    Liz Mendoza

    KaysooTV this is Ernest

  87. ひBrian

    Bad bitch 💸

  88. Blake Chapa

    ay mayne this nga hoes hard thn any off yalll haters that had yalll chessy comments, h-town hoe

  89. Johnson Ramirez

    trappin off my phone thru the PayPal

  90. Lil homie cesar

    Why The chick and The Nigga in The back got red bandanas does trill bang ?


    No he not and he don't bang. Neither does cuban doll or Asian doll. They stealing Chicago and Atlanta sound.


    +lilkamabeast 💤 FUCKKKKKKK you

    Danny H

    asain a crip dumbass 😂

    Lana Dilaurentis

    asian a crip Cuban a blood

    Shayla Townes

    Danny H that don't make sense, Cuban and Asian would have never hung together if Cuban was blood and Asian was crip never would she have been in that video with trill Sammy because he is also blood

  91. Tahjhot Johnson

    at 2.22 somebody called him


    +Daniel Woolf thanks dad

    Daniel Woolf

    @Adrian Perez no anytime my boy


    +Daniel Woolf I just don't wanna be going around catching L's. You know

    Daniel Woolf

    +Adrian Perez i feel you

    Daniel Woolf

    +Adrian Perez dont wanna loose the street cred

  92. Millygang 1148

    can i make a song with you remix wholesale