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Trill Sammy Two Comments
  1. Yahweh Messiah

    Alabama swag

  2. star shine

    Still listening in 2020❤️

  3. The lxrddd

    That fat ass nigga looks like he eats two of everything

  4. Eathen Cushing

    Still listen to it today🥶🔥🔥

  5. 祝Jhay

    And that's on my Gang 👍👱

  6. El Rice

    When me n the boys shopping free.99 0:48

  7. Raegan West

    Fuck fuck fuck fuckkkk

  8. miss diva


  9. Haseya Long

    1 word cute

  10. Lil uzi Vert

    He only had one ☝️ blunt

  11. Danny Mendez

    What kind of belt trill rockin?

  12. OGTreY 6601

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  13. MurdaDripp

    I need sum backwoods right now🤷‍♀️😂🔥

  14. Alberto Sandoval

    This shit had turnt asf

  15. Johny boi

    Trill needa drop so more bamgerz like this old wave



  17. Lorenzo Smith

    Do another song with Dice Soho... ⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥

  18. The lxrddd

    That fat nigga at 1:10 eat 2 of everything

  19. izzy bee


  20. Robloxis Trash

    How hasn’t this guy blown up already

  21. skitz FN

    this reminds me of HUSKII - Servo film clip

  22. Abigail Williard

    This dude use to pull up to my highschool basketball games while I was cheerleading lmfao.

  23. WaterBoy Beatz

    I got some beats for u lets link g

  24. zx zw

    It's so good

  25. Julie Amaro

    leaned out

  26. Luis Rosales

    I just noticed this mother fucker is smoking in front of the gas station 😂 😂 💀 💀

  27. MannyPTheOG

    2019 wya

  28. Mj Too Much!!


  29. Jester Obungo

    1:08 dro fe

  30. Big Moves

    Cant find this song on me

  31. Destiny Nicole Alcala

    Hey TrillSammy I made anotha freestyle for you check out (Blake - Back To Back) I wonder if you think it's good 😈

  32. 1cec0ld 1908

    Nooo, another mumbler.... why won't hiphop do anything??

  33. Miguel Soto

    Trill Sammy Be Too Fire ⚡🔥

  34. BOOSTER 17

    2018 ??????????11-27

  35. ycg gang rap 13

    It go hard 🔥🔥

  36. Mario Mercado

    He said 2 of everything 2 guns 2 underwears 2 socks 2 of everthing

    Mario Mercado



    Gonna make a roblox version lmao

    Miko Monkey

    I seen it

  38. Gigi Brown

    This beat though.. oh aite! 😎

  39. haley tomlinson

    this song lit!!!!!! #trillsammy

  40. Kid Goony

    How tf this not on itunes

  41. G•A•B•O•S 448

    Stoooooopid dolph voice

  42. Jahmil Music


  43. therealmamba 25

    Damn bro gotta start listening to him again

  44. Chicoonel

    shit smack

  45. ALL K WAY Williams

    🔥🔥🔥my boo

  46. Shabbazz Valley

    What is his hairstyle called

  47. Levi Rossetta

    Fuck the 2k likes this song goes so dummy they play it on the short bus 💦🔥

  48. Некит Макаров

    Its a bomb, beat fire

  49. Некит Макаров

    0:48 6IX9INE?

  50. Gina Marie

    he fine asl

  51. Rick Ross

    Trill = true & real, Then why tf use autotune lmao


    he was picking dat berry fanta and then he had a blast

  53. Jordan Collingwood

    Cual es ese efecto como pixelado? Esta de ptm.

  54. CardinalRule

    How does he manage to hold and carry two of everything?

  55. EnriqueTheGoodKid SuperNaturalinstrumentals

    two cups for my drank!

  56. A Thomas

    You accidentally only got one bag of chips.

  57. taylu

    My friend sent me this and said it's funny but there's nothing funny about it smfh.

  58. Nancy Dodson

    Dude your so cool😎😎😎😎😎😎

  59. Ash Arose


  60. Jonny Gomes

    I like this song

  61. Victor salinas

    This shit hitt 🔥

  62. DeuceTx

    Is it me or am i the only one that likes all the trill sammy X dice soha collabs

  63. TheCroods

    Why isn’t this in Spotify?😭

  64. Caleb Roberts

    I meet you in six flags

  65. Osvaldo Suarez

    Caught that guy dancing outside 😂

  66. Kenneth Hosch

    Trill Sammy got them beats for the pimps in the caddies !! That's what's up !!

  67. Jennifer Romo

    he fineeee


    He dont got two heads

  69. Sachia Danae

    I would love to play in his hair

  70. omar carranza

    Lmfao the Liquor attendant is the Homie lmfao!! 🤣🤣

  71. Charles pogi


  72. Princess Stella Of Solaria

    I know his uncle he’s my church school table leader

    Princess Stella Of Solaria

    Mc Nate yeah but his uncle moved to my city

    Princess Stella Of Solaria

    Mc Nate he told us that his nephew was a rapper and that this was the name he goes by

    Princess Stella Of Solaria

    Mc Nate we were playing the two truths and one lie and it was his turn and this was one of his truths

    Princess Stella Of Solaria

    Mc Nate I’m sorry I can’t until maybe next school year my church school let out about a month ago but he did say that he doesn’t support his nephew’s life choices

  73. Max Triona

    He’s better looking then lil xan

  74. sanders sweet

    i can hear the store owner saying only you and the camera man can shoot the video in my store which equals"2" , and hurry up and buy lol

  75. robin

    what mercedes is that?

  76. e*IVI*ORTAL

    He should take of the two buns and just leave it as 2 tails

  77. Milton Dawkins

    2 am I Had 2 bitches 2 dranks 2 OG Strains 2 nuts down shorty throat Dam looks like I had 2 of Everything Awwwww

  78. Makati Slim

    0 b*tches tho.

  79. casey mariana

    this man is fine asffffffffff

  80. Quineasha Reeves

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  81. Oak

    whats the point of stealing when he just paid for it all

  82. Lissa DTX

    Damn this right here ain't listen to him in a min 🔥🔥

  83. Tajmair


  84. Fikimi

    Two much auto tune but I still love this song

  85. Just Ice


  86. Brandon Leffew

    Only one watch though:/ Missed an op

  87. Zed Friedman

    How do you do the pixelate effect?

  88. Just Jack

    Nipsey Hussle mini me killin it

  89. RestYoMind

    Aye niccas use to look at me like😕 when i use to get pineapple Fanta..... That shi hit bruh..... I dont care what nobody say

  90. StyleGaming

    to his engineer, up his 16k up vocals sound dull asf add some brilliance.

  91. yung Rarri

    This lit🔥🔥🔥

  92. Scareface 223

    Designer bag but won't pay. 😂

  93. yung sluxper

    finally a handsome rapper

  94. Khalis Smith

    This why I can't find no more pinnacle faygos

  95. Eskander Kian Ben Aissa

    i dig the 808