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Trill Sammy Sprinter Freestyle Comments
  1. lisa kamithi

    drop thisss!!



  3. Muyage 1

    When im on the road got my Louie v Luggage

  4. Allin Warda

    Came from Karl Kani's gramm


    🐝🕸️ trill Sammy 😂🔥🔥🔥⚓🚌💧💨

  6. FMB Monte

    Prolly his most fye song

  7. Frederick Davis

    Still smoking dope with the demons


    Who remember when trill was upsets with Megan good

  9. Rich Cooper


  10. exslip

    he needs to take the braids out

    we miss old trill sammy

  11. Carlos Daniel

    Need to do a lyrics version?

    Trill Sammy

    should I?

  12. Jay'd Shwagg Dixon

    She calling keep tryna link 🗣️🔑

  13. Jakers

    Dude where can i find that fucking shirt

  14. Nates2Tuff

    He go dumb finna put the whole school on

  15. Audjreona Curtiss

    Fuck you don't say fuck tec lil bitch

  16. Yaira Alexis

    Fire yet again! 💃🗣

  17. Dsmooth D

    Nigga look like Freddy kugar😂😂

  18. Kobe

    drop ziplocks

  19. NationalDeputy 9000

    Who did the original

  20. M.O.B FinesseDaName

    Help me get a hold of that act I’m tired of drinking yellow

  21. M.O.B FinesseDaName

    You kno’ you that nigga you came up over night you kno’ they hate you

  22. declare

    dummy good

  23. Rusty Spoons

    First night no problem!

  24. RMG Records 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Mike Dee

    I wish this song was 3 minutes

  26. Manny So Groovy

    James Charles’s just hugged u
    Like to undo

  27. tokyo cash

    Eyyyyyyyy now sayyyy now 💯🥰

  28. DeMarion Coley-Henderson

    He fell off but Sammy back💪🏾

  29. SorryMOMTV

    Nudy would of killt this bitch if he hopped on

  30. Manny So Groovy

    He should make more songs like this🔥

    T3 Tank

    So Grezzy no cap

  31. Pablo Orellana

    Talk yo shit Sammy 🔥

  32. X hris

    Beat go dummy 🎸🎸

  33. KommMalKlar Beats KommMalKlar Beats

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Gabriel Fortnite

    My boy trill ain't gone yet he's back with some more fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Frankie Johnson

    Sell out

  36. Trigga boss

    Sammy Need Yo Go back to the Afro Sammy n Start Droppin Heat Cause Lil 2z Going Crazy💯

  37. Jahmai Bedward

    this nigga is so slept on smh

  38. Ayo Dinero


  39. Bot


  40. Chicken Fingers

    Flow of Gunna , 21 , rich the kid

  41. SauceSZN_

    0:06 Snapchat Filters Be Like😂

  42. OfficialAdubb

    Trill Sammy ?🤨🤔

  43. Dizzle Da Prince

    Go crazy.

  44. Michael Patterson

    s/o my homie Calber

  45. Bgng4x -_-


  46. Cyn B.


  47. Frankzy

    One of the people who will blow up this year

  48. johnfrom 1800

    this shit hard fr

  49. 420 4KT

    💯Bruh this man ain't dressing like a Jhit no more this man look like he upgraded a lot frfr💯

  50. Itz Mikkey

    Yall Sleep , His Flow Kills Da Beat🔥

  51. Jasmine E


  52. WhAt TiMe Is It


  53. Keshawn Johnson

    Nigga a 1 minute freestyle

  54. Zen Money

    Before 2 million

  55. SupremeKy

    Yup yup yup

  56. Alexi Lopez rosales


  57. Tabia Grey


  58. Ben Ratcliffe

    Big trash

  59. G ‘


  60. malaki bell

    Mad that this isnt on spotify

  61. Aqua Mus Prime

    Slept on but hey bitches love this song no cap

  62. Dethrone My Bone

    Stole a few bars but you good

    Dethrone My Bone

    Specifically icy narco and Quin nfn

  63. Nicolas00


  64. Nicholas M. Hernandez

    Drop passion hoe

  65. Elfunezo bank9

    You sold your soul now you puppet no wonder why they did not let him blow up

  66. Trap Stars


  67. Sean Novellino

    Drop that song at the end of sloppy

  68. Chase OneHunnit

    Never thought I’d say this...but this Soulja Boys Flow

    Tenzin Bhutia

    Chase OneHunnit offsets

    Keshawn Mccrorey

    Tenzin Bhutia no lmao shit sound like Soulja da kid😂

  69. Destyn

    He finally made another good song, been like 5 years


    Throw the whole career away 🗑

    Ray Jay

    You big mad lol. The hate is real

  71. khadafi degruy

    Like dis flow

  72. Al Capone

    He not gon get recognition if he dont start making his songs longer. This nigga mad talented but he just keeps making the wrong moves too.

  73. Abraham

    I think he sept on allot .. but he slowly fell off since he got his chain snatched

  74. Kana Beats

    aye the trillest is back

  75. Juan.

    Click on my channel so y’all can listen to my song.

  76. IplayGamez

    Nigga voice got deeper

  77. Iamchrismolina Hi

    Hoodrich Pablo Juan wanna be😂
    Jk he shits fire tho 🔥

  78. uptownslxme

    Sammy neva' disappoints

  79. AwR Shisui • Always Remember •


  80. OrionJ Productions

    Need to get on a song with ASAP & Carti 🤔🔥

  81. SlashDodi

    This is flames

  82. João Victor

    can't take a hoe out to dinner 😤

  83. Lola Darlin

    Okay babyy. I been waiting for you to drop too 😀🙏💯

  84. The Kid Gemini


  85. Bobsmokey

    He’s slept on because he’s garbage

  86. Frizz sl

    Spotify ?

  87. FLEEZUS 777

    Sound like WiFis funeral 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  88. omar carranza

    I think trill and rich the kid would go awesome together ! ❄️🔥

  89. omar carranza

    Everyone sleeping on trill!! 🔥 🔥

  90. Addison Johnson

    Went to the comments just to read the clones type the same thing they do on every new rapper.