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Trill Sammy She Said Comments
  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Who tf are the losers that disliked this song? I got beef with them niggas fr fr

  2. Xaria Hampton

    1:08 So we’re all just going to ignore the fact that sammy is wearing fucking pants in the pool and then jumps in just for that he deserves to drown

  3. Donnie Cook

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music by now?!


    Who’s here in 2019 tho 👀

  5. yk gamer

    Wasup trill sammy supreme gogles

  6. Michael N.

    I miss 2016 so much🥺

  7. Devan Anderson

    Plug dope af 🔥🔥🔥

  8. chris DCD

  9. [Bebe Songs]



  10. King Cat

    Who here in 2019

    White-Out Gaming

    King me

  11. ismael delapena

    who's still here in 2019

    White-Out Gaming

    ismael delapena me!!!

  12. Miguel Soto

    Dope 🔥💯

  13. Anaijah Montgomery

    It's always girls shaking ass and acting like hoes is their anything else they can do in videos

  14. eGunless

    send me the link to dice soho's jean jacket!

  15. Willis Wayne

    My summer 2016 nostalgia

  16. Tyler 2x


  17. Bernard Nelson

    Trapanese is a whole lot better

  18. Maxwell Efe

    Sammy Don fell off bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. YOungest Sleeper

    Sounds like a sample from trapenese by tay k

    The Bhillin Villain

    YOungest Sleeper birdie bands is the producer he been made this beat its call trapenese too I think

    YOungest Sleeper

    The Chillin Villain Ight thanks

  20. TrippyFab

    This still 🔥

  21. Jon Deshawn

    1:33 dat ass phat



  23. Brennan Lee

    Can u tell me why this nigga has Adidas pants n socks on in the pool ?

  24. lorenzo goins

    Like if you’re still bumping this in 2018 🤫🤘🏽

  25. bigbandz irwin123

    What's the jeans with the tag hating out called

  26. Daniela Avila

    I love your song True Sammy😎

  27. Nani

    like if this song still 🔥

  28. PorajMM

    Of course Trill Sammy isn't on the same level as Tupac, and no where near him. Two different types of rap for different audiences and purposes. Yall need to stop trippin and enjoy the music, this goes off

  29. imHNmonster

    Half these girls hair ain't wet

  30. Trevontee Thomas

    my bro and today is the last one was just a date with the middle class and I will invite you to my house is a big deal

  31. Cedric Lopez


  32. Kenneth Daniel II

    salam alaikum sacrifice and 5% of dudes sacrifice Malaysia the Hamid Muhammad whatever that dude name is

  33. Lukas Hartvigsen

    who this big mexican lookin ass nigga in the pool? LMAAAOOOO

  34. MikeSowersLuck

    The only people saying these fools are good are lil elementary school kids

  35. kid urbi

    so many haters cuz no one getting fucked with like he is😂

  36. Slothaz HD

    Heres the reason you dont hear from trill sammy or dice soho anymore: without eachother they wont sound good

  37. Christie Martin Kellet

    this his good song

  38. MindOfaMeathead

    xans, lean and loud ide be comatose haha

  39. Kikko OneEight

    Soho lowkey ruined the song

  40. x d y n n a x


  41. Zachary Lopez

    why does the girl at 2:50 not have a matching bathing suit

  42. Zachary Lopez

    who jumps in a pool with socks on

  43. Juan Lopez

    Any One Notice The Nipple Slip 😂😂😂 2:27

  44. Estiven Sifuentes

    the Boss

  45. Alex Horning


  46. Alejandro Rangel

    trill Sammy should make a song with smokepurpp

  47. Melany Veii

    why isn't this song called can no body do it

  48. Jose Servin

    wat dat jean jacket in the begining

  49. OG- Skrimp

    The girl in the orange bathing suit shows a small tittie😂😂2:28

  50. that nigga de that boy de

    lil nigga
    trill sammy

  51. Cali BreadWinner

    Who Still watching In #2017

  52. Heather J.

    why is everyone hating omg lmfao!

  53. Famous Dex

    that nights dice Soho trash and he using Trill Sammy for his money💰💵💸

  54. Alysia Babi

    stay in yo lane

  55. Chivas D

    Nahh not feelin em mane

  56. Sj2Sick

    That white guy in da pool looks left out of place

  57. masterfunk kush

    why this sound like hopsin video of mubble rap

  58. Truthetymigthty Duck

    know right trill Sammy is soujia boy God bother

  59. Celestino Espinoza

    Do a jumpin jumpin song

  60. Celestino Espinoza

    I wish that I can sing like you gus

  61. Celestino Espinoza

    Do you know famous dex

  62. Lil Durance

    Birdie Bands Everybody on this beat

  63. Dylan is the goat


  64. Pairadice Mjr

    yay trill

  65. Aniya Amajae

    all I hear is hella auto tune 😂😂💯😭

  66. Malachi Davenport

    go to birdie bands YouTube channel and look up guapanese

  67. alexander rivera


  68. Shu Osm

    the black girl is a pornstar looool

  69. Mumble R&B Singer

    both got they chainz snatched

  70. Lofi

    show some love for a young boy grinding

    Mumble R&B Singer

    Big Steve TRASH

  71. Brury Cast

    These old niggas won't shut the fuck up lol, if you don't like him, no one cares lol, at the end of the day, he gettin paid

  72. Jaziah Rodriguez

    oh yeah this song tho

  73. Ohthats Kennedy_

    Dice Soho is ass

  74. Pagiel Badillo-Arana

    what are those underwear called?

  75. JayRock & Jence

    3 Fire Singles Coming Soon!🔥🤐 Looking For A Team Behind Us, Rapper Duo From CT‼️ Hmu.

  76. Aniyah Patterson

    finally a love song

  77. cashmoney

    This song garbage asf but I fucks with the video😂😂😂

  78. Rahul

    At 0:53 what shoes is he wearing

  79. Emily Marie

    fuck Donald trump he a sucka

  80. Andromeda / Free fire

    the best " #Trill sammy👑

  81. Redrum Tv

    This actually one of the best songs of trills sammy


    best song ever


    Well now i want them to make a lit ass GTA movie

  84. wHyDj Tv

    The next day was my birthday

  85. bobby trill

    lmao this nigga use to get bullied at school

    bobby trill

    oatmeal u from the H ? 😂 did u go to highschool with this nigga ? 😂

  86. Meme Master

    Dice soho has oversized shoes and really skinny jeans

  87. Kiemo

    Listen to my version of this song same beat

  88. Mai

    so i actually can ski/snowboard so its weird seeing him wearing goggles

  89. Malik Plain

    gng gng sammy💯