Trick Daddy - Sugar (Gimme Some) (Remix) Lyrics

[Cee-Lo] Uh huh
[T-Dubl] Yeah
[Cee-Lo] Aw man I got a sweet tooth, can you dig it
[T-Dubl] After this one you gon need a root canal then
[Cee-Lo] I love sugar all of it
[T-Dubl] This one for all the clean, decent women
[Cee-Lo] Lay it on me girl
[T-Dubl] Pay Close Attention

[Hook: Cee-Lo]
She put that sugar on my tongue
Shes gonna
Gimme gimme some
She put it right there on my tongue (Sweet Sweet)
Right there on my tongue (She turns me on, like no other)

[Trick Daddy]
And gimme some of your butter pecan
Put it right there on tip of my tongue, hold it
Right jeeeah
Cuz baby, if I bite you
I bet you like it
French Vanilla's a hell of a flavor for me
With strawberries, two cherries and whipped cream
The best things are the wet dreams
And uh, the rest is just a flick without a sex scene
Or lee, I speak the truth
Cuz the blacker the berry
The sweeter the juice
Cuz, Florida oranges and Georgia peaches
When they nice and ripe, they the best for eatin'
Southern boys we crave for old slice of pie after they main course
So if you game for it
I came for it
I got a thing for ya
That I can't ignore

[Hook - 2X]

She put that sugar on my tongue, tongue
Yippie Yippie, Yum Yum
Goodie goodie gum drop
Put me in a tongue lock
Did it till my body went numb, numb
Laid her on her back, back
Turned her round, gave her bottom a smack, smack
She's a woman from the block with the best of weave
But I won't stop till I'm pullin out tracks, tracks
It was lust at first sight
And she couldn't help sayin that she wanted to get with me
And my size was just right
Cuz she wanted a man with a little sec-ur-ity
Said I been around the world twice
And my name ring bells from Atlanta to Sic-i-ly
Said she wanted it all night
So put the bubbles in the tub and Ludacris and me

[Hook - 2X]

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeeah Yeeeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah

[Lil' Kim]
He's lickin' his lips like I'm somethin' sweet
Lookin at me like Im something to eat
I got pimps givin me the money
Just to taste my jar of honey
Cotton candy sweet as gold
Come and lick my tootsie roll
My sugar baby once you wet it
Give high blood pressure like a diabetic
How about having lil kim with your coffee
I just cant keep these boys off me
Pink diamonds dudes love to frost me
Runnin behind me like im mr. softy
He said I drive 'em crazy
That’s sweet tooth for you baby
Just gonna look at 'cha lady
Lil Kim's eye candy baby

[Trick Daddy]
Sweetie you look so incredible
So delicious and so damn edible
All I need is some honey or syrup
With a lil' butter to rub down all your curves
And no need for the lemonade
Just a twist of lime and some grape Kool-Aid
Can I call you Caramel?
Cuz I'm bout to go coo-coo to taste your Coco Puffs
One bowl ought to fill me up
But that milk gotta be cold enough
So supper time that'll hold me up
I might choke myself if I don't slow it up, but
Honey, you look like a honeydew melon
Or strawberry with the whipped cream filling
Of the top part of the peach cobbler
But uh, the fruit platter ought to do me better

[Hook - 2X]

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Trick Daddy Sugar (Gimme Some) (Remix) Comments
  1. Farhad Ghahremani

    I can bump this on my death bed and I'd still be good

  2. Tema V. Mitchell


  3. Jordan Evans

    This took me back to my freshman days in high school lol

  4. Joseph B


  5. Sunshine in the morning

    I remember this song loved it

  6. donnie winter

    04 banger

  7. Davida Ward

    I've been looking for this version for so long. Whoever uploaded this thank you.

  8. Laura Jernigan

    They're all great, but Luda?!?!?! smh....He..killed...this...track!!!!!

  9. MsDeeDee Graham

    I forgot this song was even a thing.

  10. Dequadre Walton

    Trick last version was applauded

  11. Naomi Malone

    Kim slayyed this song.

    Laura Jernigan

    Yeah she did!

    Farhad Ghahremani

    They all did