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Trick Daddy Bass Comments

    That's that pressure over here in the atl

  2. Vicente Medina Heredia

    Mortal bass supremo al cien

  3. Shotta.E

    🗣Still boomin

  4. Florida Jitt

    305 baby track be bumping 💯🙌🏾🔥

  5. Kenny Martin

    Miami Dade in the building 😈😎😎 yoooooooo still vibin on dis 2019?? Who else tho

  6. Shannon Riley


  7. Randall Sentell

    Damn how I didn't know about dis

  8. Kadahfi Kastro

    dat dade county🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Andrew Ferrira

    2018 and still bumping to this track!!!

  10. I Am Chasa

    I still funk this shit in 2018 Fuck You Mean!

    #305 #MiamiBoi

  11. OLLE Sävlind W

    he probaly make this a hate song on me .. but i get the lyricks like they hate me .. .

  12. teddy phillips

    real nigga man

  13. keiron johnson

    ayeee bro real deal snapped

  14. Marissa Arango

    Trick Daddy Killing the game!!!!!!!!

  15. ppv_tahoe

    Trick Daddy Killing the game in 2012!!

  16. Glenn Smith

    Trick allways been the hardest

  17. rizza thatboss

    Wooo this is tha shit

  18. Bernie B

    I hear you trick!!!!