Tribe Called Quest, A - That Shit Lyrics

Do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do
Do do, do do do do, do do, do do do do

[Q-Tip (J. Dilla a/k/a Jay Dee):]
Yo, what's ya name, pa?
(It's Jay Dee)
And what's the name of ya crew?
(It's SV)
Yeah, that's Baatin and that nigga
A yo, tell me where you from
(I'm from the D, y'all
Ha ha, I'm from the, D D, D D D D D D, D D D D D
Y'all, I'm from the, D D D, D D D D D D, D D D D D

[Jay Dee:]
And this goes out to everybody who doubts, runnin' ya mouth
And don't know what you talkin' 'bout
You ain't familiar wit' the D, don't go that route
Just keep ya hand on ya toolie if ya walkin' 'bout
It's all live now
And for the greatest amount
But make the ladies say Oh
And the hoes say oww
And the owls say whoot da whoot
Turnin' it out
It's SV still on a quest baby knockin' you out
It's like dat

[Q-Tip (harmonizing):]
Do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do
Do do, do do do do, do do, do do do do

[Q-Tip (Phife):]
(And who are you?)
The Abstract
(Ali is here and Jay Dee)
Yeah, he did the track
(Now would you say that it's tight?)
It's type phat
(And what we want y'all to do is)
Is come react
(Cause we do it all)
All night night, night night night night
We do it all, all all all night y'all
We do it, all night, night night night night
We do it, all all all night y'all

Word up
It's The Love Movement, it's all love
'Cause we make ma-fuckas be fond of us
We like the ladies, intelligent ones
But when the lights go out it's time to fondle us
It's apprehension, when playin' ya joint
'Cause Jay Dee makes it sound so marvelous
If you beefin', then settle ya soul
While we make all of y'all just bond wit' us
Got your work on you, you better put it away
Police be lookin' for the vandalous
Jay Dee from the D, SV family
Phife, these jokers can't handle us

[Q-Tip (Harmonizing):]
Do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do do
Do do, do do do do, do do, do do do do

[Q-Tip (Phife):]
Now what you change ya name to?
(Mutt Ranks, yo)
And what you really gotta do?
(Get the bank, yo)
And when you wake up in the morning…
(I give thanks, yo)
And all these ladies seem to be…
(They seem to come in flanks, yo
Because I'm, nice with mines, mad nice with mines
Nice with mines, mad nice with mines, yo, word
Nice with mines, crazy nice with mines
Once again, son, I'm nice with mines
Check it)

[Phife Dawg:]
Phife can make it iller with the dominant flows
Put the bite back in it while the confidence grows
Dawg got flea-bitten written, I stay shittin'
On competition, we hittin' like Cal Ripken
Brothas is playtime like Animaniacs
We be puttin' in real time, that's why y'all bangin' that
Niggas can face off but can't get shorty
I make y'all erase off 'cause y'all ain't naughty
What's up to Treacherous, let's get it in line
It's the girls who's sweatin' us, let's make 'em refined
You got to, make it hot for the hoods in the street
Wack producers need to stop with them crackhead beats

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Tribe Called Quest, A That Shit Comments
  1. Khyle J. Lewis

    love the home made microsoft paint tribe logo :)

  2. Alain Andrade

    Tell me what you from, I'm from the D 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 this is a madness of tack, 2019 n still sound 🔊

  3. Skyy301

    Bruh.... Dilla really had flow. Shit crazy

  4. Cee Gee Incorporated

    RIP J Dilla and Phife Dawg!!!

  5. rene diaz

    Slum vill + tribe = absolute madness

  6. Lucas Fernandes

    R.I.P Phife,dilla😔😓💭💰⏳

  7. Da Bouncer

    Phife killed it 🔥🔥🗡

  8. Javakha official


  9. Martell Tha Cool

    this is a dream come true to hear Slum Village and A Tribe Called Quest recording

  10. Thetrueguy509 Hatlanta

    ATCQ has the juice, Idc what ppl say in 100 years from now. ATCQ= THE BEST TO EVER DONE IT.

  11. ignacia gaete

    rapers.. that shit.. 👌

  12. Devenons Citoyens

    The Best are ATCQ

  13. Bernard Francis

    RIP Phife Dawg

    The Cre88tor

    And Dilla Dawg.



  15. okami kun

    damn good, bless ya Dilla peace

  16. chris baldwin

    what up detroit/chris from farmville va loves the whole ny d la vibe all mixed up .big up to j-lib

  17. Kevin Gotkovsky


  18. Jeremy Storr

    hip hop..NY and The D...what up doe!!!  lol

  19. Da'Vaughn Ward

    This was on that Funk Flex Vol 3 joint. Ummah tracks was always fire!! RIP J. Dilla

  20. C. Breeze

    Not Carl (Cal)Ripken;Jr. Jammin tho!

    Smoove Lurq

    Phife must not be an Orioles fan.😁

  21. roccotuna

    the ummah! thanks for the high def full version.

  22. Noal Downey

    So dope. Tribe and dilla

  23. yomohox89

    funkiest d's i've experienced in a while!