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Tribe Called Quest, A Push It Along Comments
  1. Robert Salgado

    I remember when I heard music like this for the first time. It was like an awakening. I grew up in the shitty part of chicago with mindless gangster and ice era rap.

  2. Frankstopher Oceanography

    I heard this song in the background of a porn video and damn this shit fire 🔥

  3. Nicolas Johnson

    Q-tip is my title I don't think that it's vital for me to be your idol but dig this recital

  4. J G

    man that outro is pure ambience. gives me absolute bliss.

  5. 6ft5 statue

    The ending is better than the song real rap n the song is ill Q.TIP Jeroby killed it with the shout out n intelligence of themselves

  6. jeff edwards


  7. OJ’s Bloody Glove

    One of the greatest openings to an album ever! Sonically speaking this track sets the tone off for what to expect in this album with the laid back jazzy vibes.

  8. PeekaBooo08

    Push it along...push it along... push it along yeah push it along...

  9. Edwards Daniel

    1:17 a legend is born

  10. RnbthgA GraphicHood

    Being frm South jamn this made me Xtra versatile n my wrk!!

  11. ivo divo


  12. G3M1N1

    dat ending!!

  13. Noah Davidson

    The sound of a newborn baby crying on their first song on their first album... seems like it represents the birth of their legacy which was soon to be found. Epic group.

    Veronica Granger

    Couldn't have been described better Noah. Wish I had that comment first 😀!

    Veronica Granger

    Push it along, push it along push it along yeah push it along

  14. Tony Belleo

    Love this.. And i miss this real boom bap rapp...

  15. Biz Denardo

    Logan's dance - Grover washington jr ⏭ brought me here 👽

  16. Genghis Khan

    I love the Quest...they made alot of beautiful music...but there is just a intangible feeling to this...This is one of my favorite Quest tracks...Im sure its that guitar sample..and that sax solo...the lyrics..everything ✌

  17. broccolihart71

    It doesn't get any better than this...

  18. RamonRapper99

    Always had the vibe this could be used perfectly on the intro of some chilled movie

  19. B. N. Willis

    My misfit crew in high school, man... 10th grade when this came out in 1990. We weren't into the gangsta rap like the popular kids; we were middle class black kids who didn't fit in with the more urban mainstream. We bonded tight to this 1st generation alternative hip-hop shit... A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Main Source, Ed OG and da Bulldogs, Kwame, Black Sheep, and Brand Nubian, too. That was our thing: linking at me or my ace Malik's crib to play Genesis and Super Nintendo, have spades tournaments, grub on sheet pizza while we watched the Knicks games, trying to get some booty from the four or five nerdy, artsy sistas who were just as unpopular as me and my boys... all while listening to our sweet, SWEET music that spoke to US like nothing else at the time. Ah... the memories.

  20. Kenneth Bonney

    Put ☝one up for the phifer!!!💯

  21. BHDread

    Only hip hop album i used to fall asleep to.........awesome times...and just think....Low end and Midnight Marauders werent even out

  22. technika

    apart from the intro.. perfect

  23. Stormin' Hip-Hop - Dope Ass HQ Hip-Hop & Rap


  24. Stormin' Hip-Hop - Dope Ass HQ Hip-Hop & Rap

    Guys Who Don't Want That Annoying Baby Crying 0:40

  25. Empire Jackson

    Push it along. Never stop when you're black.

    Brian Smith

    Change "black" to "breathing" and you're right on.

  26. Richdollabill

    A you know something y'all? Yo we all grew up in the best time of hip-hop. We are what vibes come from. Hey, if any body to save this world and then fling out the bull that snuck up in it, it's gotta b one of us..

  27. Diamond sea

    5:10 yeahhh

  28. Vincent Washington

    forgot about this one...still the shit in 2018

  29. Alessandro D. Sánchez

    Happy 28th anniversary!

  30. Johnathan

    Happy birthday.

  31. JK number5

    If this album isn't in your top 10{top 4 for me}you're not Hip Hop.


    JK number5 This is my number 1!!! Album of all time.

    JK number5

    Illmatic-OB4CL-People's Instinctive Travels...-The Chronic and Aquemini. I remember I wanted to replace this Tribe album with that Brand Nubian One 4 All album...but I didn't. My top 5 is set in stone.

  32. LGKids

    I had the pleasure of playing of this whole dang album on my college radio shows! Imagine the sound in the radio station coming from those speakers! Sweeeettt! Peace!

  33. Greg Lawing

    Grover Washington Jr's "Loran's Dance" off Reed Seed is the original baseline. Check the bridge out. Killer tune. Killer sample.


    Yup.... That old Idris Muhammed original.... Check out the Brecker Brothers cover of this beautiful hypnotic tune... The sax and keyboards are sweeeeeeet.

  34. lockout1100


  35. Mohamed Salah Bchir

    The boom, the bip, the boom bip...

  36. MC Zappa

    Junior Mance - Thank You Fallentinme Be Mice Elf

  37. MC Dominoh

    One of the finest albums of all time.

  38. Ramon Johnson

    Push it along and first but not least Tribe Called Quest is bad azz hell from the early 90's latour!

  39. TenPenny Loungin'

    I love the atmosphere on ATCQ videos, no ones fantasizing about the members or arguing on which album is the best, it's all just positivity And love for the music and it's creators.

  40. MrBock

    5:12 Give a round of applause for the mystic man himself, Jarobi!

  41. adriano giunta

    First song of a beautiful journey that lasted almost 30 years...

  42. Emaje Hall

    Listen to Zebra cakes by Emaje #np on #SoundCloud

  43. \ OldSchoolFreak /

    intro is so annoying

  44. Pat Streater

    OMG THIS BEAT! WHAT?!!?!?!?!??!

  45. Stefaun Watson

    Phife's verse in this song was always the best!

  46. Jazz Burris

    Tribe just released an CD or LP recently last month, their first LP since their last release in 1998 (The Love Movement). This LP their 1st one was released back in the Summer of 1990. Classic.

  47. Gerald Mitchell

    rip phife dog you did it thunn number 1 album

  48. Raishawn Robinson



    beat is very wavy


    very r a w

  51. ok ok

    bullshit-alarm, bullshit-alarm, bullshit-alarm, yeah bullshit-alarm!

  52. patrickdarya

    Rest in Piece Phife, i hope in heaven there's loads of chicken chicken chicken

  53. Bernard Poindexter

    16 people suck cock and like semen down their throat, fucking scum

    Harv Hightower

    I'm a born again Christian. Although I may not express it the same way you did, I completely agree.

    Jackson Moore

    17 apparently

  54. Kenny's PAC's

    Real Hip Hop !!!

  55. Nate Lewis

    My favorite A Tribe Called Quest album! I love that "Jagger The Dagger" sample at the end of this and throughout the album.

  56. Katy Lunger

    This makes me hear Decks Dark, the new song off the latest Radiohead song, with that FUNKY beat/bass that Thom rocks at the end of Decks Dark- where he says when youve had enough of me.... THIS IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys are lyrical MASTERS of the highest order... TRUE POETRY WITH SLICK TIMING. DOPE.

  57. Avery Wright

    Like tip sayed in ham n eggs I eat chicken chicken chicken

  58. Alto

    This shit is so chill

  59. chicagocold312

    Man i remember when I popped this joint in my walkman, I was fuckin' amazed, I rocked this and Fear Of A Black Planet exclusively.

    Jarvase dundy

    Awesome man

  60. Lakota Holmes


  61. R2drehZwo (Deckah)

    RIP Phife Dawg

  62. kbw rvwhntr

    RIP Phife you left us too soon. In the early 90's nobody played ATCQ more than me. All of us dedicated true hip hop fans need to keep his family in our prayers.

  63. fucktwinkies

    R.I.P the five foot assassin

  64. Malcolm Harkness

    RIP Phife Dawg.

  65. Shaftavision on deck

    RIP Phife DAWG..

  66. Liam harbison


  67. Angelo Irving

    RIP Phife!

  68. holh jiohm

    Like "tip" said in ham and eggs

  69. Garion Bush

    Good old school east coast music

    J Cruz

    Seriously this good music period why label it east coast? Smh

    Garion Bush

    Maybe cause that's what region it's from?....Calm down!

  70. zarzaparrilla67

    Nice east coast beat

  71. bert schmit

    they can kick it

  72. Forever young

    Gives chills


    Word this is jazz rap at its finest

    B. Ford

    Juanni yep

  73. Stephen Skateboarding Curry

    Phife > Q tip

    Will Scott

    they both bring their own flavor to the tribe and they complement each other so well. there's no need to compare them cuz its all about the tribe

    Stephen Skateboarding Curry

    right man. rip phife dawg

    Stephen Skateboarding Curry

    rip okc fans

  74. night_woaday

    The boom, the bip, the boom bip...

    the one

    i get down wit the boom bip, like q tip, i kick more styles than bruce shoes kick

    Aidan Murphy

    Reggie noble

  75. josephjasonsantiagolacour

    25 years later....still pushin

    Gary Williams

    Keep pushing Potna push along!


    Still jammin' after all these years.

    Jubril Wilson

    +THOMAS LEWIS Priceless and Timeless

  77. zacklton

    The intro is some alien shit

    Abstract II

    It sound like a birth of a baby; the birth of their first album and them as a group


    still lookin for that sample...

  78. Ed Barrett


  79. Waldemar Słodowy

    how much i ove it...god

  80. Merinda Williams

    The beat is straight Bananas,love the Tribe

  81. Tyrell Hartsfield

    I might find the Holy Grail before I find this instrumental.


    Tyrell Hartsfield the original is by St Germain "Forget It" bad ass musician, check out his music his latest stuff too (back after 15yrs!)

  82. ADTank

    im homosexual

    Yung Banana Clip

    Home of sexual

    bloop bleeper



    If u cant pull it ,all u gotta do is.....

    Almighty DJ

    push it along

    corbin melon

    push it along


    push it along

    Jayvaun Amen

    yea, push it along

  84. Bigbasssix1972

    Track one!

  85. nemistic

    its the sht miss this where did it go?

  86. t omate O soop

    kushin' along, kushin' along, kushin' along, yeah, kushin' along

  87. Jericho Bird

    One of my fave tribe songs. Quality hip hop will always have a pulse. Peace!!

  88. eleanna muir

    The most spin out opening to hiphop ever

  89. Lucas Adverse

    I love this
    pure essence of hiphop

  90. Nayyir versai

    YC the cynic, a MC that proves hip hop is not "dead"

  91. Craig Hudson

    Hill steet

  92. kanyebiglnas9919


  93. Bigbasssix1972

    Nigga please!

  94. Scooby Jim Doo

    No, it died.

  95. Kbee Wls

    This a good song