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Tribe Called Quest, A Pad & Pen Comments
  1. Darrynistheking

    One of their best beats. Brings back nostalgia. Makes me reminisce on all the good times I’ve had and great people I’ve met. Means a lot because you can’t bring it back. Stay healthy for 2020 everyone!

  2. Darnell Walker

    Dam this got that Dilla vibe all over it. Big way the fuck up on this track.

  3. Syntaj


  4. Ganu Rocks


  5. Hollywood

    '98 was a good year, loved listening to ATCQ on My Walkman on the L Train in Chicago! ATCQ 4EVER!!!


    Man what!? On the way pass the Roosevelt station to the hip hop record store by Harold Washington Library. Couldn't tell me nuntin joe!

  6. Chass Felix

    2019 🎧

  7. Benzo in the enzo

    You gone well in the time on hard thanks to the tribe for looking after us with great music😊🖒

  8. Broadcast

    Aint got shit on these guys haha, but here is what I decided to do with the instrumental!

  9. B Jones

    We bout to do it like this babbyyyyyy

  10. El Bee II

    I use to jam to this track mad with my homies in 99! 🔥❤️🔥❤️

  11. El Bee II

    I use to jam to this track mad with my homies in 99! 🔥❤️🔥❤️

  12. shonn herring

    20 years

  13. cristobal solis valladares

    amo esta canción

  14. Michael Austin

    ,Bueatiful Album!!!

  15. James Dee

    damn i love so much the music of atcq, rip funky diabetic ❤

  16. Malcom Breazzer


  17. druha10304

    Isn’t d-life just phife dawg? Lol

  18. F-Plus Beats

    Boombap is better than TRAP

  19. Michael Austin

    This shit gives me a ear orgam!!!

  20. Da Wolf

    LOVED this CD... when this came out, the realization hit me. Tribe LITERALLY evolved, and got better with each album.

  21. sirresebethea

    R.I.P Phife Dawg

  22. Stevie Atkinson

    Atcq forever! Tribe fan since I came out of the nutsack 😁 much love from tha UK 👊✌👍

  23. hiphop rhymes

    Classic jam real good pad and my pen

  24. Christian A.Villette

    hands down the greatest group to me.

  25. Michael Austin

    Real Hip Hop!!!

  26. Brian White

    I miss Phife Dawg. 😢

  27. Ryan Holmes

    I have a pen, i have pineapple.
    i also lately made a vid watching it for the first time.
    check it out!

  28. Brina V land

    r.i.p. phife doogey

  29. Brina V land

    you can never compare tribe to anyone...they stand alone to me always have

    shawn jarmon

    illestpirahna B indeed

  30. Yosun PraiseElohim

    buy em out the box never body ones
    get in that ass like karate son

  31. Sig Nifkin

    Man, it's been a long time since I listened to this song. It's still sounding dope! Rest In Peace, Phife. You will always be alive in my heart. Thanks for putting it down when you were on the mic, brother. For real.

  32. David Jallow

    Phife! one of the greatest.

  33. Ganu Rocks

    I'll NEVER 4 get this TRIBE JOINT..I was assigned 2community service from a bullshit weed charge..we was out there picking up litter blazin blunts & bumpin dis shit...

  34. Kody Young

    R.I.P PHIFE...

  35. MC Lyrix

    R.I.P PHIFE DAWG merci pour tes sons.Merci pour cette culture musical A TRIBE CALLED QUEST FOREVER

  36. VanDan

    Today is a sad day
    All Quality Hip Hop lovers are mourning
    May You Rest in Peace Phife.

    Ghost miller Squad

    R.I.P Phife dawg

  37. Tragic Fun

    Rip phife

  38. Static Shock The Jedi Sith Avenger

    Peace out and much love Phife. You earned the title "The Beast From The East aka The 5ft Assassin"

  39. 1974cfjl

    R.I.P. Phife.

  40. mr offkey marc

    rip phife dawg

  41. J. True

    Hey guys, ain't tryna spam or nothin. But please if u have a minute please check out my song to this beat. Really want some feedback, but just listening would be great, thanks.


    Good shit

    SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

    Savagé Official Do you mind checking out my music?

  43. Shesoul G

    You just feel this in your soul

  44. questkid73

    Dilla is incredible, but Q tip produced the first 3 tribe albums which are super classics especially low end theory and midnight marauders.They didn't start fuckin with Dilla til beats,rhymes and life.

    Randy Avila

    +questkid73 Dilla was Heavily Influenced by Tribe; so this was like a Dream come true to Dilla.

    Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000

    aiedyn You got it twisted, Tip produced the first 3 albums and Shaheed didn't start doing album cuts for Tribe until "Beats".

    Jordan Henderson

    Not really a dream come true since he didin't get credit for his beats so it's like they swallowed his shit

    Yannick Simok

    If you are a real ATCQ fan ... you know the Ummah killed ATCQ... they took an another music path... and the group collapse! I mean Dilla is a pure genius ...but Q-Tip and Shaheed was the shit for ATCQ at the Time

    Jordan Henderson

    Yannick Simangoye i feel you on that I think q tip just was really proud of him at the time and did what he thought was right

  45. questkid73

    The Ummah = Q-Tip, Dilla, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

    Ole Smit

    @questkid73 You mean, Dilla by himself with just a little help from the others ;)

  46. Trap Bandicoot

    Greatest rap group of all time!!!


    +MisterInfinity Every Artist from Wutang went solo. And some are considered the GOAT and had Amazing Solo carers for a reason. I love Tribe But wutang Methodman,Inspetach Deck,Ghostface,ODB etc...


    +Mark Lemley On par with EPMD and Eric B & Rakim.


    +1974cfjl they were duo's not groups.


    Mark Lemley I say Quest is one of the best especially Top Five. My number one is Bone Thugs.


    Don't forget those boys from Atlanta OutKast.


    Good vibes

  48. Michael Gray

    Beautiful song filled with the spirit of life and Love.

  49. Michael Gray

    Nice smooth melody,this tune is dope,real cool =-D

  50. lowerboi

    Fuck my age. I'm just glad I realize true hip-hop.

  51. jay kj

    I feel u bra, u wanna get that feeling of having an artist that u support while they're blowing up/growing. Check out artist that I'd say are sort on a neo-Native Tongue's tip: Blu, Scienze, Sene.



  53. Jo Grevendonk

    same story... right here (;

  54. Lewis Cr


  55. Chris Vu


  56. Deb Al

    Lovemovement!!! loved this CD. every bit of it....
    this song especially.

  57. Martell Tha Cool

    they don't make shit like this anymore!!!

  58. corey84douglass

    gonna get this album back...

  59. Lanadya

    so damn right!

  60. mr. harris

    Well said seonofmiami!!

  61. seanofmiami

    There is just nothing to compare nowadays to the true artistry and passion that is the Tribe called quest. They weren't driven by the dollar back in their day. They were driven by passion and the love for music.

  62. smash44556677

    Dilla, Slum Village, MF Doom, Jneiro Jarel, Camp Lo, Kool Keith, Group Home, Nas, AZ and more. Musically, i'm straight bro lol

  63. jah bless

    do you know J DILLA

  64. Cherish M

    Freakin awesome

  65. Justin Moore


  66. Shawn

    Best time of my life, i was 11th grade. The 1990's were incredible and those who were too young to experience it i feel horrible for them cuz there more than likely not a better time again.

  67. Boys Club

    Man im 14 and tribe is my favourite

  68. smash44556677

    Apparently, 59 people gave a fuck! One year later. i'm 19 and i'm still glad I found MC's like ATCQ, Camp-Lo, Big Pun/L, Pharcyde and the list goes on... I see you hating, trying to bring me down. Nice try, better luck next time!

  69. dengeist

    Its amazing to me how well this album holds up and is truly great, but people were not feeling it when it came out, very little airplay on the radio. It brings a smile to my face when I read younger people (I'm 34) have love for this album and type of sound.

  70. Hochi Minh

    @ftwmarioftw: Lil' Wack Wayne? That so-called "crossover rap metal" was an epic fail son! The next hurricane that New Orleans autotuned rappers will experience is from the Boogie Down & Queensbridge talent! Since 1979 & still going strong! SELLOUTS!!

  71. Hochi Minh

    WORD!! These dope cats representing St. Albans, Queens? Way underrated! Much love from the Boogie Down! Real hip hop: never autotuned like these ill cats of the 21st century! PEACE!!

  72. Tyler Johnson

    There will never be another j dilla! Havin you smilin when shit aint even funny.

  73. ARTOS Flipsit

    dope ass production sure enuff.

  74. ljradojci

    Is this J-Dilla joint?

  75. DaOldSchoolRapLova96

    i was around but i was only 2 years old when this album dropped in 98 lmao so i dont remember none haha n yes a tribe called quest is my fav group of all time. 90's hiphop 4 life.

  76. ownlee wan

    that commercial serious?

  77. alioune traoré

    You've made my day son ^^

  78. Caleb Philogene

    Checkoutt my reamke to this. I love this music.

  79. Scene Empire

    yeeah hard ow

  80. Epic Gage

    this is can-a-switch's anthem

  81. Kerryn Prieto

    i agree.

  82. Reality to Sean

    "The rap game will never be the same again"

  83. Shannon yanchev

    the good shit not the bullshit

  84. YellowTexasRose90

    My Summers as a kid , this would play on my radio nonstop - Best Summers Ever ....

  85. Ser DeLeon

    lol you must dont know word play like, bitch nigga snitch nigga, ill put you in the ditch nigga.. anyways.. wayne has made like over 5,000 songs.. if that aint flow for day idk what is.. but i aint sayin wayne on tribes level.

  86. 215MasterK


  87. realhardtruth

    @smash44556677 I'm 39 years old and I am so glad to hear you say that. Keep seeking out real hip hop music and try and leave that bullshit RAP music alone.PEACE

  88. Ser DeLeon

    @smash44556677 wayne got flow for years

  89. 215MasterK


  90. XfatstepX

    @smash44556677 i'm glad my uncle knew this music :D

  91. anigbochic

    awwww i f#@!s wiv this track...this is a true ATCQ classic. went 2 an old skool party in atlanta like 3 yrs ago n heard this song played , Good times :)

  92. themothche

    will real hip-hop like this ever exist again? i sure hope so

  93. StoneAgeStark

    OOOHHHHHHHHHHH MANNNNN i forgot about this fuckin song!!!! it goes 1, 2, 3 AAAANDDD!

  94. Sam Pickles


  95. K. White

    whoever disliked this is probably from the dr.seus hip hop era smh

  96. Edward Backhaus

    got the good shit not the buulshit !!!