Tribe Called Quest, A - Oh My God Lyrics

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Tribe Called Quest, A Oh My God Comments
  1. andré


  2. Johnny Tuscany

    R.I.P. Dr. Pepper.

  3. _CaRRiBeaN_ALOHA_


  4. くろーどもね!

    how do you describe Japanese ?
    i'm japanese 20, love hiphop especially real ones.
    let me know how Asian be treated, because I want go to the U.S. for studying and doing hiphop.
    plz tell me anything without hesitation.

  5. JJ S

    There are nothing like The Tribe. Until this day.

  6. White Noise

    Yo - I got that Jersey !! So is Phife a Hockey Fan? Doubtful...

  7. Rude Rocky

    Q look Hispanic AF

  8. Xhoolboi3

    The movie Kids introduced me to this song when I was 11, 90s kids 4 life. P.S Bustas chorus is God-like.

  9. rain

    the cashier looks like Kripparian

  10. Mark Beeman

    Anyone know where this was filmed?

  11. Martha Martha

    Bring back 90s hiphop!!!

  12. Carl Yandt

    Sho do miss Hip Hop. RIP my Beloved.......

  13. Old dirty bastard

    I was just saying oh my god from the previous video

  14. Susan Warner

    no one:

    busta rhymes: OH MY GOD YES

  15. Death 666


  16. Abuzaid Yousif

    Tripe inverted a new slow smooth and low kind of flow
    And thous also a rhyme yo....

  17. Miguelito

    Oh my God yes, oh my God

  18. G-Dub 85

    Bussa Buss all day everyday

  19. Cris Slmndr

    I base myself on different areas where I can find style ...


    but nothing can ever be more stylish than Q Tip and Phife ❤

  20. korzio

    I didn't search for dis.

  21. abkzz104 K

    this NJ Devils jersey ......meen

  22. Round Earther

    He’s just so boring

  23. furkano

    the girl i just met: do you smoke weed?
    me: 2:26

  24. Damitrious Tucker

    Busta spazzing out was the greatest thing ever in this video

  25. HeyImVault #-#

    Here from deji XD

  26. n0nuggets

    R.i.p phife

  27. Jay Bee

    I didn’t even know there was a video to this! Shoutout to YouTube algorithms getting it right for once lol. So glad this appeared in my recommended.

  28. Sphephelo Mnguni

    Rest In Poetry Phife.🙏🏾🙏🏾

  29. Jose Benitez

    Was this the 1st Corner Store Shot In Rap Videos? Check The Stats!!!

  30. WillieBaw

    So cool they let that guy be in the video

  31. Misco Hones

    Love 90s

  32. aren mufy

    as if he did let that indian dude at convienent store in his film clip... quite unfair

  33. jose munoz

    Tip said he couldn't be in the video but the man's was the intro to a dope song🔥

  34. time never mattered

    First time I have ever heard the song 🔥🔥🔥

  35. TheQUIQUE1983

    Legend bso kids

  36. TCRSreloaded

    90s videos are so aesthetically pleasing

  37. Q- Bert

    After busta rhymes second appearance, everyone is looking and thinking “oh my god, who’s that damn fool?” Just look at their expressions

  38. Q- Bert

    I almost didn’t see busta in all that damn YELLOW

  39. Ivalina Passe

    In the Place to be !!!!! Like no one else can!!!!Funny!!!!

  40. Chxrge

    Why was this in my Recommended 😂

  41. U n d e r r a t e d S u p r e m e Human

    3:06 is me getting hyped af when someone and I relate to each other on a topic

  42. Daddy Shrek

    2020 anyone

  43. Doca Dias

    Brasil aí?

  44. eitune


  45. brandan downs

    The only time us diabetics are happy to say we are diabetic!😂😂😂

  46. Nick Chuha

    2:28 how did busta rhymes get up there

    Chicken Joe

    Nick Chuha climb

  47. Fuck


  48. RumbleintheJungle

    I'd take the Indian dude over 21 Savage and Asap Rocky any day of the week

  49. Luis Fernando

    bustah Rhymes on the chorus

  50. Alex Peres

    Hurry up and buy!

  51. JRCMRN !

    Moves that made me go holy shit

  52. Baron Kimball

    Keep bouncing

  53. Shelby Kincaid

    i know this isn't relevant, but 90's Q-Tip can come and get it anytime he so fine

  54. D_Exiled_1 Arisen

    Rocn this into 2020 for sure. Just came to see Phife Dawg. Miss you King ✊🏾
    R.I.P Phife

  55. Lar Kirby

    Busta rhymes the only rapper to actually dress properly for the east coast weather!

  56. subudei71

    Thee MFn Best game changers all still relevant

  57. subudei71

    Led Zeppelin of mfn hip hop! RIP Phife love ya!



  59. aj styles

    Busta rhymes is awesome

  60. Frankie O'Hara

    People say they miss when hip hop was rappin... muhfukah if you did killer mike would be platinum!!!!!!

  61. Camilo Patiño

    Bus Bus Busta Rhymes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Murada

    Damn yo, I miss this Busta with all that energy he sure slowed down a lot from his O.G. days.

  63. MasonsLIe

    Is that busta rymes in the yellow?

  64. Kenoly Mbele

    They were so beautiful in the 90s 😍 I wish boys were like that

  65. Lee Josey

    i never thought they did a video for this.. wow this was awsome...and yes i would kill for the phife jersey !!!!

  66. Stuart Driver


  67. Matheus Teixeira


  68. Vladislav V

    what camera is this?

  69. Keren Rosales

    God, this was an ERA that shouldn't be forgotten. 😤❤

  70. Adam Harb

    Oh my God, i didnt know phife dawg rap the TLC interlude in the crazysexycool album lol

  71. Sham Azam

    Young Men having fun not knowing that this will last forever❤️.

  72. TheNorthman1957


  73. Osmar Bambini

    Wopi Wopi! 👊

  74. Auburn Mann

    Was this actually filmed in Queens( particularly Jamaica) or was it just a lyric in the song?

  75. Baron Kimball

    There at the end it gets a little sinister

  76. Daniel Sales

    90’s East Coast rap was a force to be reckoned with...ATCQ, Big l, Big Pun, Biggie, Beastie Boys, Nas.

  77. Auburn Mann

    Was this video actually filmed in Jamaica, NY(Southeastern Queens) or was it just a lyric in the song?

  78. MVLGUS

    Kids 1995 bb

  79. Loyiso Sijaji

    Q Tip fave producer rapper artist..sublime dop af MC plus he had Janet Jackson lol Yah Tribe Called Quest Once n Always pitty ya'll dont wanna come to South Africa

  80. Nevins Duret

    ~~When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. amazing how timeless this is!!

    We love you 5 FT Assassin!!

  81. Daniel Sloss

    Steady eating booty MCs like cheese grits

  82. Daniel James

    0:45 how my ass will be dancing when I’m that old.

  83. UCAN


  84. Aleksander Bielas

    2025 here :)

  85. Dibs MM

    The real hiphop

  86. Dibs MM

    1 for the treble

  87. John Vejarano

    Man how I wish phife was still around so i can see them live... would have been a great first live performance to see..

  88. Javier Ortega

    Without the right beat and a fish eye lens Bustah looks like a crazy crack head on top of that building 😂

  89. Watchtower7

    I LOVE Y'ALL NIGGAZ. But, When I put that 'Z instead of that 'S'' ?! YO?

  90. Jam Bo

    Oh ma gawd

  91. Jimmy Benyoucef

    Back when u didn't have shit except creativity to make the dopest ish ever

  92. Soul Sweet

    Busta Busted the door down for
    Lil John to come thru.🤔
    Busta Busted the door down for
    Lil John to come thru.🤔

  93. A R

    Midnight Marauders, what a masterpiece. They don't make them like this anymore.

  94. Anna Crisafio

    Anyone else get reminded of this song cause of “On God” Jesus is King? I love Busta’s enthusiasm here haha!

  95. jawa 2

    The 5 footer is still ill

  96. Santiago A R

    Mis dos cabezas estan exitadas jaja

  97. Marcos Salustiano

    I heard this song for the first time in the kids movie.
    This was in 1995.
    And that feeling never pass.
    What a classic song.

  98. B.I.Z Music

    Back when bu stag looked like a mental patient

    Now he looks like the hulk