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Tribe Called Quest, A Luck of Lucien Comments
  1. broccolihart71

    A classic that will never fade

  2. Ryan Hood

    Still bumpin 2020

  3. Daglahane

    mdr je suis mort de rire

  4. The Bloop Sound.

    Lucien was Jarobi this whole time right?

    Vick JR

    No way?

  5. OJ’s Bloody Glove

Les poupous

  6. Lucien Vanias

    Wait, hol up

  7. joe2grand

    one of the few songs you listen to as an instrumental and realize its better with the vocals

  8. Lousy Beatnik

    this slaps no question


    Who ever down voted this is whack sauce...

  10. Medic90s

    Such a tuuuune!!!!!

  11. YEEZUS

    Always play this when I cycle around at night selling weed it’s perfect

  12. Robert Schleeter

    Brother brother brother

  13. Rodsha Woods

    Classic Dope Shit!!!! 💯

  14. Aaron Creagh

    back when music was just music to me...

  15. tecnofobia

    I m sexy and I m french , Phone number in pm ;)

  16. honky jay

    Tribe had the amazing ability to create something that always makes your head start bobbing the second it comes on.

  17. JuanING

    papiii this shit faaaaierrr

  18. Seven Grand

    Still bumping this in 2019

  19. Rey Rey

    65 people worship Tekashi 69’s pedo dick

  20. ProtoJaden

    I’m french and it is very cool to see a legendary hip hop group doing a song about a french guy with french references in it!

  21. Seven Grand

    real hip hop

  22. hokay so

    I’ve never heard a bad song by them

  23. Philalethes

    Niggas call me Lucien so this is dope. Just wish phifer was on this John, but tip beat this up

  24. Marsel Music

    3:13:19 pm sun 10th march 2019


    Marsel Music y

    Marsel Music

    @Robscallion bc it shall be placed as a time stamp of rememberence as i watch this film glorious

    Marsel Music

    @Robscallion yeatsche

  25. K06 Films

    2019 anybody

  26. Lucian Nakazato-Patterson

    This song has my name. LEL

  27. sound wave6


  28. paws mcgraws

    The bass and saxophone are so so nice.


    paws mcgraws for real!!

  29. Xavier Liu Roach

    Yeah we can ride to this

  30. sigraviovio

    Et pis de quoi tu me parles??? Mon mec???? Et ta femme <3:):) le mien je l’ai caché à des centaines et des centaines de km de moi, inconscient? Conscient? Je sais pas c. Comme ça

  31. Aaron Creagh

    Does this song mean anything?

    (hot for no reason)


    yeah its actually a "diss track" to a brother from across seas

  32. Tom Turesson

    Yo tip wass wrong wiss snailz?

  33. mirzouch

    23h touche play de mon walkman enfoncée... mon plan de graff en poche, cap, sac de bombe krylon et Altona. Je vise un beau mur visible du RER. French Zulu Nation 90"

  34. Joe Masters

    Le poo poo 💩

    turkey rides ;)

    hehe same XD

  35. Andres Herrera

    Lyrical mastery.

  36. Polo Polo


  37. Marsel Music

    I don't believe in superstition but I find it kinda weird that 'sevy' is in the URL, because I just searched it up, and it means
    i dont believe in this, however I think someone planned this

  38. Marsel Music

    When hip hop was really hip with hop

  39. Tjaku Pujatura

    2018 like this if you still a fan

  40. Blair Maclennan

    yeh yall

  41. forienlacher

    Voulez-vouuuus, rendez-vouuuuuus, coucouuuuuuuu, les poupouuuuuuus !! Love looooove !

    Emile Lepessot

    yeaaaaaah man trop ça t'as tout compris


    @Emile Lepessot c'est bon les escargots :D vous devriez gouter tout ce qui disent que c dégeu :D


    J'ai toujours pensé que Lucien disait les poupoules..voulez-vous, rendez-vous, coucou les pou-poules..non?

    M38 Officiel

    C'est sûr, ça aurait plus de sens, que ce soit les poupoules ! J'me disait, les poupoux ça a rien à faire là.

  42. Jon Claridge

    Old skool classic. Don't make tunes like this anymore

  43. Bien Fernandez

    this song is about a rapper called lucien he was the first french cat rap artist really fucked wit

  44. Henry Castellanos IV

    Those fuckin horns yo. Smh Tip is a beast on beats.

  45. Andreas Neumann

    sorry, but sometimes i'am so tired to read: RIP....let him sleep, i think, he like this

  46. sapien82

    what a fuckin loop ! still love this track and never gets old

  47. loveharrydaily

    They speak French all througout the song yet mispronounce Lucien every time.... dramatic irony.

  48. christian baldauff

    the best...god's hip hop music!!!!!

  49. Lucien Sorce

    Literally my anthem

  50. DrunkenKnowledge

    first rap song to ever have me open

  51. Usopp Hoodie

    Luck of Lucien and KRS-One

  52. james butler

    Unkle kaddy daddy spunky fucker

  53. Cacti-goon

    I've had this stuck in my head al day

  54. koolcat420

    best music for getting stoned asl

  55. James Costello

    I just got the can i kick it ad for jeans before this video

  56. lucien thelia

    still lucien after all these years...

  57. Moddy B-Mitch

    Lucien Lucien Lucien LUCIEN YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!!!

  58. Craig Pointon

    Such a cute little song. Love it. The parts where Lucien talks cracks me up.

  59. O Hayden

    Brutally over-amped levels here. Distortion ruining the song. Anyone have link to a superior audio track?

    Jay Armajo

    It was recorded from an actual vinyl Record. Its supposed to sound that way. Old school! But still "fresh " lol that's old school too!

  60. Josh Harris

    RIP, this is the best hip hop ever made

  61. Josh Harris

    bit of nastiness, ehhh, just incredible stuff, WOWWW!!!!

  62. Jermee Spense

    Bury me with this music, rap died shortly after 2003!

    Emanating Faucet

    @Brian Kerogoi Actally Biggie & Bad Boy were responsible for the commercialization & taking of the Soul in Mainstream Hip-Hop.

  63. Christian Square

    Good music for walking down the street.

    Henry Castellanos IV


    Jordan Smith

    so tru, lol

    Isaiah Poole

    Christian Square Yo this man on some next level shit this man psychic

    E Rico

    For reallll

  64. 90sFlav

    fuck the new album is not enough good for me... coming back here


    You're entitled to your own opinion, but I think you're crazy. I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical when I heard they were releasing an album considering they haven't put out an album in 18 years and since Phife is dead, I thought they would just throw random unreleased vocals from him and release an album for cheap nostalgia, but I was wrong. These guys haven't lost a step and they managed to keep their signature sound without sounding dated.

    Matt Edwards

    you are a crazy man. I love their new album.

    Supreme One

    90sFlav new album is a classic

  65. Jeff Moore

    First time I heard this song was in a skate video called Hiatus by Planet Earth back in 95. Solid song

  66. Emily Hucker

    OMG AMAZUNG. Smh this person can really "throw down" I'm actually kinda worried

    but i guess he can just keep singing if he wants, cos he knows whats best?

  67. shack pauley

    thus beat is dangerous!

    Jordan Smith

    facts bro

    Aiden Gaming

    It's not about the beat, although the beat is good, it's about the lyrics and poetry

  68. Diablo Cibernetico

    describe a tribe called guest in 1 word: intelligence





    Brian Kettler


  69. OddMuch

    Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, the disastrous duo

  70. m4hmud

    " [...] ooowh i'm sexy and i'm french, everybody love my accent ! i'm the best ! yes ! yes ! je t'aime ! i love you ! je t'aime !"

  71. Yosun PraiseElohim

    song changed my life along with other album cuts

  72. Prozora Russel

    Lucien is French artist from a Paris gang "Requins Vicieux". Tribe Call quest make this song for him

    bushy skates

    russel jones tell me more man

    Laurent LARCHER


    I remember reading something Q Tip said about him in interviews: Said Lucien was a cool guy who was hanging out in NYC at the time , was a face on the scene, but also cursed with bad luck. Apparently once he bought a boxed VCR off a guy in the street in Brooklyn and got it home and the box was full of bricks,

  73. the Truth


  74. Simon Wheeler

    Sounds a bit like Rocky lol

    Isaiah Poole

    Simon Wheeler Huh?

    Isaiah Poole

    Simon Wheeler cant see it

  75. jarrett ellis

    Love this track...

  76. 7thvenom

    RIP Phife !!

  77. hope mcgill

    fuck it my Facebook friends are gonna have to be mad because I am flooding the time line's

    hope mcgill

    +Sun Raze1 yup yup!


    The same! Big UP from Brazil!

    J. Mascis

    Fuck Facebook.

    H B.

    If they get mad about this, it's time to get some new friends!

  78. Porsche Neale

    RIP Phife Dog


    "Fuck around I'll beat that ass with my shoe"

    Jimmy Two-Times

    I like Philly Dogs.

  79. iNextz TV

    Absolutely Fire

    Polo Polo


    Jordan Smith

    cant compare it to nothin

  80. What is Carla doing now?

    beat go hard!!!!

    Mar 21 7? Rocks

    Hell yeah!! Check out the original Forty Days by Billy Brooks ✌🎶🎶

  81. ray rudis

    22 dumb ass oopity scoopity shitty ass fans of your today who like the bull shit non talented rap today!!! Damn stupid fans crack baby's and shit folks crack is bad.

    Jeff Mangum

    +ray rudis "Yeah I listened to lifestyle once"

    Jeff Mangum

    +ray rudis thats what you're saying

    Jeff Mangum

    +ray rudis you get off on radio tuning? She needs to learn how to twerk she only clenches her butt cheeks, fucking hell.

    ray rudis

    +Jeff Mangum you must be talking about Ms sweat hog. yeah she's a ho sadly.

    Jeff Mangum

    +ray rudis what the fuck is it and where did you find it

  82. Bryan Crudup

    at da block getting live

  83. djmsup

    One of favourite emcees, Keith Murray, sampled this beat from Billy Brooks too for "High as Hell"

  84. Wayne Watanabe

    Puts me at ease every time!

  85. lifestraight

    I heard this was produced by The Beatnuts

    Black Mamba

    No, ATCQ produced this song


    @Black Mamba I don't think so

    The Infamous Kid

    +lifestraight I'm pretty sure they Tip produce most of there music


    @The Infamous Kid Lets just look it up and post it.


    @The Infamous Kid He does, him and Ali Shaheed, so it's very likely I just heard the beatnuts may have worked on this. I may have read wrong or been misinformed though.

  86. Chuckie Pancamo

    brother brother brother !

  87. True King

    "You should know#

  88. Míchele Cobré

    q tip has bars for days

  89. Yoda on DMT

    Was out cycling when this came on in my headphones.

    I had to stop about twenty times to replay it.

    I didn't even know I'd put this my phone!

    Darryl Slaughter

    +Yoda on DMT - Yeah it's the FUNK for sure.

  90. Xcyper33

    I play Lucian and listen to this song as I play in League.

  91. cocacoladog10

    i uon shutcho....

  92. Dawgator

    19 people are Taylor Swift fans

    Ahmad Sakallah

    +Dawgator Eh what if Taylor Swift messed with ATCQ? Think about it.


    +Ahmad Sakallah No. Just no. She sucks.


    +Jeff Mangum Yeah no thanks.

    Marsel Music

    @Dawgator I love this thread

  93. Gramztoker

    P Diddy version: no problemo I'll help ya with ya demo if you'll walk half across town to get a cheesecake for me...

    honky jay

    A sh00ga c00kie man

  94. Seagull Raver

    Sample is from Billy Brooks - Forty Days if anyone's interested.


    Dope loop, one of my fave tribe tracks but damn they hardly touched the sample.Still, fucking classic.

    jesse stevens

    Shot bro

    Tony Belleo

    And swat... The old police shiw

    Dante' Green

    Never knew that


    The original bangs just as hard