Tribe Called Quest, A - Jazz (We Got the...) Lyrics


We got the jazz [X4]

[Verse One: Q-Tip]

Stern firm and young with a laid-back tongue
The aim is to succeed and achieve at 21
Just like Ringling Brothers, I'll daze and astound
Captivate the mass, cause the prose is profound

Do it for the strong, we do it for the meek
Boom it in your boom it in your boom it in your Jeep
Or your Honda or your Beemer or your Legend or your Benz
The rave of the town to your foes and your friends

So push it, along, trails, we blaze
Don't deserve the gong, don't deserve the praise
The tranquility will make ya unball your fist
For we put hip-hop on a brand new twist

A brand new twist with the homie-alistic
So low-key that ya probably missed it
And yet it's so loud that it stands in the crowd
When the guy takes the beat, they bowed

So raise up squire, address your attire
We have no time to wallow in the mire
If you're on a foreign path, then let me do the lead
Join in the essence of the cool-out breed

Then cool out to the music cuz it makes ya feel serene
Like the birds and the bees and all those groovy things
Like getting stomach aches when ya gotta go to work
Or staring into space when you're feeling berserk

I don't really mind if it's over your head
Cuz the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead
So pay attention, it's not hard to decipher
And after the horns, you can check out the Phifer


[Verse Two: Phife Dawg]

Competition, dem Phifer come sideway
But competition, dey mus' me come straightway
Competition, dem Phifer come sideway
But competition, dey mus' come straightway

Hows about that, it seems like it's my turn again
All through the years my mike has been my best friend
I know some brothers wonder, can Phifer really kick it?
Some even wanna dis me, but why sweat it?

I'm all into my music cuz it's how I make papes
Tryin' to make hits, like Kid Capri makes tapes
Me sweat another? I do my own thing
Strictly hardcore tracks, not a new jack swing

I grew up as a Christian so to Jah I give thanks
Collect my banks, listen to Shabba Ranks
I sing, and chat, I do all of that
It's 1991 and I refuse to come wack

I take off my hat to other crews that intend to rock
But the Low End Theory's here, it's time to wreck shop
I got Tip and Shah, so whom shall I fear
Stop look and listen, but please don't stare

So jet to the store, and buy the LP
On Jive/RCA, cassettes and CD's
Produced and arranged by the four-man crew
And oh shit, Skiff Anselm, he gets props too

Make sure you have a system with some phat house speakers
So the new shit can rock, from Mars to Massapequa
Cuz where I come from quality is job one
And everybody up on Linden know we get the job done

So peace to that crew, and peace to this crew
Bring on the tour, we'll see you at a theatre nearest you

[Verse Three: Q-Tip]

Hey yo but wait, back it up, hup, easy back it up
Please let the Abstract embellish on the cut

Back and forth just like a Cameo song
If you dig this joint then please come dance along
To the music cuz it's done just for the rhyme
Now I gotta scat and get mine, underline

The jazz, the what? The jazz can move that ass
Cuz the Tribe originates that feelin' of pizzazz
It's the universal sound, best to brothers underground
In the one-six below, ya didn't have to go

Some say that I'm a sinner cuz I once had an orgy
And sometimes for breakfast I eat grits and porgies
If this is a stinker, then call me a stink, I ask
"What? What? What?" - now check it out

All my peoples in Queens ya don't stop
Now all my peoples in Brooklyn ya don't stop
And all my peoples uptown ya don't stop
That includes the Bronx a' Harlem ya don't stop

Now to that girl Ramelle ya don't stop
I say because Ladies First ya don't stop
And to the JB's, ya don't stop
And De La Soul, ya don't stop

To my Brand Nubians ya don't stop
And to my Leaders of the New ya don't stop
To my man Large Professor ya don't stop
Pete Rock for the beat ya don't stop

Everybody in the place ya don't stop
Ya keep it on, to the rhythm, ya don't stop
And last but not least on the sure shot
It's the Zulu nation

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Tribe Called Quest, A Jazz (We Got the...) Comments
  1. Lord Hydra

    special ed diss 😍

  2. R D

    Best Phife's performance. Rip bro.

  3. 千部大地


  4. Ben Scruggs

    This has always been one of them songs that produce a vibe like no other song does🤯

  5. Boycke Johanns

    2019 going to 2020. ATCQ still got love for them. Still got love for real hiphop. Greetings from the netherlands.

  6. Assad Muhammad

    Bars Beats Brillance and Blackness.

  7. A C

    :/ this makes me sad that hip hop went from this to pill poppin and lean sippin

  8. Da Kraftmen

    This song make me hate today's music even more... This is Timeless.

  9. Amir Laster


  10. Amir Laster


  11. Amir Laster

    Money mine/ my thoughts open clouds/ proud to be A GOD/ MY SOUL POWERFUL/ POSSIBLE TO POSSESS/ THE BEST MUSICIAN

  12. Ruben Banegas Sedillos

    One of my favs from atcq!!

  13. Kevin McDougal

    Umm..are they in..


  14. calibomber209

    There once was a show call "YO Mtv raps!" on mtv and they played this . Mtv was cool twice for this and jackass.

  15. Wordlife John

    After 3:31 wasn't there a shoutout to Pete Rock,De La Soul and the other MCs,Brooklyn and QB rappers?

  16. theresa webb

    Phife was socool in this kne love
    the accent by him.

  17. theresa webb

    Obe of the clasdics to me by a trin
    be called quest listened this alot.

  18. John Kenya

    Beats and lyrics beyond belief

  19. Cristina Marie

    Dear A tRibE CaLLed QuEst,

    Thankyou for gifting Us with you’re
    Brilliant flows and Beats !!! You created a New York legendary track to the fullest !! 🎶🎶🎶🎶 forever the best track EVAhh .. So raise up , Squire , address your attire ✨🎶🎶🎶
    A Butter Pecan RicaN from BrooKLyN

  20. Adrian Cygan

    3:36 those eyez

  21. eldridge smith

    My favorite rap group. EPMD a close second

  22. Fdizzle Brown

    YO... MICROPHONE CHECK 1, 2, What is this? The 5ft. assassin wit da ruffneck business!!!

    Tell me I'm not the only person who got Goosebumps when this song flipped

  23. Fdizzle Brown

    1,900 dislikes... more mumble rappers in here than I thought! #NativeTounges #ATCQ #NYCstandup

  24. Евгений Петров

    Русские смотрит кто ?2019 декабрь.

    Вячеслав Wittyson



    Pete Rock on the beat ya don't stop

  26. Mauro Bruno SOLA VERGARA

    3:10 to 3:21 best part

  27. David Fish

    I had this week where I wanted to start listening to Tribe, now they’ve become one of my favorite groups along with Wu-Tang.


    Crazy to think they were only 20-21 here. You’d think they’d been doing this for many years

    Fdizzle Brown

    Up! I was 12 when "The Low End Theory" dropped



  30. Barry Bradshaw

    This puts me in a special place in my heart.,.. still have an original cd

  31. qwertyu rtyu


  32. Steve Kournianos

    NYC 1991 anyone?

  33. J VH

    This song is perfection.

  34. Salim Zaidi

    nt 1iquser

  35. Cristian ramos mañas

    That beat... touch the spirit

  36. Levi Fenrich

    ya bosch

  37. Est lhm

    Days may have gone by, but the music remains and still sounds as good as ever! The video and the music can take you back in time

  38. Stephen Corbitt

    Did they know how iconic they were. Not rappers intellectual poets. Tribe had you running to the dictionary. I love y'all son. From Detroit. RIP Phife Dog. Q Tip I know feels like his right arm is cut off w out Phife.

  39. Pieter Zandvliet

    my youth

  40. barry moore

    Possibly the best that ever did it!!!
    RIP to Pride the 5 footer

    barry moore

    Phife Fuggin autocorrect

  41. Pedro pedroso

    3:11-3:21 I love this part

  42. DJ Rainn

    3:35 *e y e s*

  43. Q Brown

    Peace and love yall 2020 happy new year in advance love yall 😇💯

  44. TheOldskool2009

    When songs like these came on you got chills in your body! #RealHipHop

  45. don don


  46. Ben Scruggs

    No other Quest song like this one🔥

    Antonio Charles

    Electric relaxation

  47. Ndiaye Yahaya

    Great era of hip hop when music was music when raper where Real


    Why my Gouda taster sweeter when I play this gem? Thanks Tribe.

  49. Lily .G

    Oh putai'n vous ne pouvez pas savoir comment j'adore ce son! Mes années collège💙🖤😍🤩😻🖤💙

  50. Ayee Jiff

    i love 3:08 that like sinks into my soul.

  51. Sergey Kalabin

  52. Sergey Kalabin

    Check out the Hookah pen!!!

  53. Düsi

    thanks, you help me out! <3

  54. Josta

    La Classe.

  55. Jay Grosvenor

    That Phife verse when the beat switches is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥


    they made a tshirt of all the lyrics from neck to waist . i loved this vid/

  56. Linda Utley

    Rest in Peace Fife dawg 😇😇😇

  57. brockbridge

    Happy 49th Birthday Phife Dawg..
    Side note: I always wanted them to do an entire video for Buggin Out 🤷🏾‍♂️

  58. Adam Lang

    its like pouring audio wine in my headpiece.

  59. hott nicklez

    Iam 15 , iam just mad i was not able to buy an album when it came out back in da 90s frfr ❤😂😂💯

  60. Maony Cruz

    Fire🔥 2019

  61. Wasabi Coleslaw

    rip 5 foot assasin

  62. borne carolina

    Love this song❤️

  63. Valentin Degenne

    This should be in a museum

  64. Raffy Yeom

    where here is? Is it Queens bridge? i'm gonna be in NY next month. I really wanna visit this! plz someone just tell me~

  65. Hahvi Gotti

    Joey Bada$$ “Summer Knights” mixtape dropped when i was a sophmore in highschool on livemixtapes. A certain track on there that i fucked with was “Sorry Bonita”. Researching the inspiration behind that song i found that it came from a song called “Bonita Applebum”. From there i discovered, not only the tribe, but the whole 90’s world of jazz rap. De la soul, brand nubians, digable planets, etc.

  66. Attila Maka

    Oh shit the buggin out video crazy Phife was good style champion short rest in peace my dude

  67. Nestor Fernandez Michelena

    "Drink a lot of soda, so they call me dr. pepper" an he ends dying because of the sugar SAD

    Karon B.

    Diabetes is a serious disease condition still exists in America today , for real though Phife Dawg the Funky Diabetic.

  68. Andre Bradshaw

    Check out sureal and the sound providers if you like this

  69. The Deadpan Warrior

    The Zulu nation is where it's at.

  70. Watchtower7

    I guarantee, if you put this in your ear drum every day on daily basis ( the whole TCQ catalogue) over a long period of time you will never be the same...I guarantee it.
    I challenge any one of you millennials.
    Not even mentioning all the rest of the true HipHop culture and Music.
    I don't give a f? Ck about the ones who know.

  71. Cloudy Tea

    bicep brought me here

  72. Cloudy Tea

    WOWZA they dont make tunes like this these days :o

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    They don't have the jazz

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    Rest In Heaven, Phife Dog🙏🙏

  82. Damon Adams


  83. DemDoolies

    Been listening to this song for years now and it's ez one of Tribe's best songs. Tip is such an underappreciated lyricist

  84. kat love

    And not a single "n***a" was said in this song. Unlike today where it's said every in every other word.

  85. George Whitehead

    This takes me back to Jr high school.

  86. Mark Emerson

    Classic tune. Classic video. Classic crew.

  87. Maverick Killmore

    We got the Y A S S

  88. Charlie W

    Must have been cold that day

  89. Matt W

    Brought here by Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright, very different sound of hip hop then what I'm used too. Reminds me of the first time I heard bone thugz in harmony, I like it but I still like the sound of fight music a little better.

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    Just discovered this group today, they are my favorites now

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    A little bit of ATCQ everyday is good for the heart

  92. K J

    Never gets old. A true classic!

  93. Jordan Knowles

    When the art was real, when your pen game mattered, when It was all about hitting somebody’s soul, when it was simply for the pure love.

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