Tribe Called Quest, A - Can I Kick It? Lyrics

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Tribe Called Quest, A Can I Kick It? Comments
  1. IWANNABITCH LikeDillionHarper[Taf]

    This is meaningful 💗

  2. DrGonzo

    hip hop was so much better when the lyrics actually meant something and there wasn't all that gangsta egotistical shit

  3. くろーどもね!

    how do you describe Japanese ?
    i'm japanese 20, love hiphop especially real ones.
    let me know how Asian be treated, because I want go to the U.S. for studying and doing hiphop.
    plz tell me anything without hesitation.

  4. jamanuel dickerson

    Me: can I kick it

    My friends: Yes you can

  5. Helena Bednarski

    Damn I really love these guys

  6. danaparker2076

    A Tribe Called Quest is in my Top 5 hip hop groups of all time
    Run-DMC 1
    UGK 2
    Outkast 4
    Wu -Tang Clan 5

  7. ExTGiO

    I’m a 13 year old kid I love bumping to oldies man!

  8. Martin Fernandez

    Who in 2010 kick it ???

  9. Austin Edwards

    ATCQ Forever Phife Dawng rest in beats your music Will always live on my brotha word up no doubt your legacy will live on forever word up real hip hop for life😇😇😇💯💯🎤🎤🎶🎵🎧✊✊👐👐

  10. Fanny

    I need spanish sub, or English sub to translate

  11. Dont Stop

    Take a walk on the wild side

  12. Teresa Richardson


  13. kricket boiii

    1:08 it either says dove or crow depending on which one you say in your head

  14. Jenn Koko

    here it comes y' friend said let's get it then....

  15. Jenn Koko

    I'm gonna go head and say it again...yes you can...

  16. Obaid Hadi

    dislikes are from post malone,lil pump and lil nas cringy kid fans who dont know real rap

  17. insanity wolf

    Whatever it was and I don't regert it.

  18. cashdop

    mes années 80/90 souvenir souvenir

  19. Michael Abuladze

    Son: why?

  20. George Watkins

    Man man still sound dope.

  21. Joe owl

    Kyle anytime his brother is near him

  22. Dabo King

    0:27 That goddam smile

  23. Dabo King

    One of the illest tracks in Hip-Hop history!

  24. Jenn Koko

    Yes you can....

  25. jakedizzle

    Now it's about killing, drugs and hoes. Lame.

  26. Brent James

    2020 still kickin it

  27. Hingle McCringleberry

    Just got my rut hem rug on Amazon 🚶🏻

  28. ologus locutus

    "generation kill" series got an outstanding final with this song on an episode.its fit right in.

  29. Jorgey Garcya

    "Can Barack Obama kick it ?" - "Yes, you can !" 😁😁😁😅😅😅

  30. Maddy Madd

    The tribe can kick it. My son was born in this era.

  31. Cameron Broome

    This song kinda looks modern

  32. Lupe Romero

    i love this song and logics take on it too :)

  33. skigh45

    funny thing is they own like maybe 10% of this song.


    J W royalties

    J W

    @hazyanlazy123 why not 100%

  34. TRUEiMPROrecords

    2019 still riding on the vibe bus :D

  35. Endro Madam

    Funky jazz was the shit back then.

  36. Brewnoe

    Yes .. you can

  37. KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso

    2:06 😂😂😂😂

  38. Douglas Fulmer

    I like the Baby Huey sample

  39. ok First timer

    This is good

  40. Firas H


  41. DJ Rainn

    Ima tell my kids theese guys were enimen

  42. It's what You make it


  43. Jay Mehta

    you know the songs old when the aspect ratio is 1:1

  44. Mister Random

    I honestly like the other one a little bit more

  45. David AlphaCentauri1982

    Who love "A tribe called Quest"? Me, myself and I

  46. Ivalina Passe

    Wonderful 21!!!!

  47. Andy Oly

    Dislikes ... Malditos

  48. vdiddystudios

    this or logics

  49. marcel karl

    Hip Hop was in Jamaica before New York!!! just saying

  50. Arjun Makhecha

    mad tune mad tune mad tune mad tune mad tune mad tune mad tune mad tune

  51. 3170 prod

    someone have a solo voices of this song ?
    and cand share whit me ?
    [email protected] e.e

    thanks a lot for that music ! :)

  52. Kneegrow Slayah

    Still kickin it going into 2020

  53. Hash Brown

    The version where they sample Walk On The Wild Side is way better

  54. Luka Kobakhidze

    #მიქაელ KICKED

  55. C Mo

    This is the real deal hip hop... Back when samples were koo asf

  56. Bryant Moore

    Quintessentail early 90s hip hop. Loved it then. Still love it now. Bri g back the fashion too.

  57. Sounds of Color

    It almost goes without saying, but this track deserves more love/views... A Tribe Called Quest is still one of the greatest hip hop acts of all time. 💯

  58. DJ Rainn

    1 like 1 hug for Q-Tip.
    Edit: 0:49

  59. italo domingos

    algum br?

  60. Mista CC

    i cantaloupe m

  61. Lyn Lo

    Check the rhime

  62. Vinnie J

    Dude this is hot

  63. 22 2099

    new thumbnail ? fosho

  64. ronnie solo

    how old are these guys now?

  65. Mike Roberts

    Jarobi always looks so shy/embarrassed in their videos, love it

  66. Mike Roberts

    1:34 Dude Perfect 1990 edition

  67. jack henry burkenhagen

    East side is chill jazz rap.
    West side is death metal rap.

    Tell me I'm wrong

    Andoni A

    jack henry burkenhagen west side is chill too with it’s g funk

  68. Robert Funke

    3:41 Jarobi make "the Biz (Markie) Dance". Wonderful how all converge in the Hip Hop Universe ☺

  69. ててて


  70. A T

    downvotes from Cardi-B and Drake fans.

  71. Killian Jenkins

    the audio quality of the video version is bad but i like it

  72. Shawn Merk

    That old-school vibes yo

  73. Mystical CHILD

    Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does
    Before this, did you really know what live was?
    Comprehend to the track, for it's why, cuz
    Getting measures on the tip of the vibers
    Rock and roll to the beat of the funk fuzz
    Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug
    If you feel the urge to freak, do the jitterbug
    Come and spread your arms if you really need a hug
    Afrocentric living is a big shrug
    A life filled with (fun) that's what I love
    A lower plateau is what we're above
    If you diss us, we won't even think of
    Will Nipper the doggy give a big shove?
    This rhythm really fits like a snug glove
    Like a box of positives is a plus, love
    As the Tribe flies high like a dove
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Can I kick it? (yes, you can)
    Well, I'm gone (go on then)
    Can I kick it? To my Tribe that flows in layers
    Right now, Phife is a poem sayer
    At times, I'm a studio conveyor
    Mr. Dinkins, would you please be my mayor?
    You'll be doing us a really big favor
    Boy, this track really has a lot of flavor
    When it comes to rhythms, Quest is your savior
    Follow us for the funky behavior
    Make a note on the rhythm we gave ya
    Feel free, drop your pants, check your hair
    Do you like the garments that we wear?
    I instruct you to be the obeyer
    A rhythm recipe that you'll savor
    Doesn't matter if you're minor or major
    Yes, the Tribe of the game, rhythm player
    As you inhale like a breath of fresh air.

  74. Jed

    Not comprehensive on slang. What does can i kick it exactly mean?

    Richard D James

    Jed chill hang out be calm

  75. 1993

    how is that dot for the i staying up

  76. Ardian Prakoso

    i love the original version better

  77. Hugh Janis

    Damn this shit slaps!

  78. Benja Llancao

    Si chilll

  79. Acam_Inc

    that blue hoodie looks hella soft i want one

  80. SJ The DJ

    De La Soul and this group are the only ones that weren't in a some gang and weren't some gang, and haven't gotten any beef, they were just a group who liked to make music and have fun :3

  81. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ just tribe called quest one of the greatest groups on the planet and day la soul one of greatest of all times DJ just said so real hip hop rules hip hop solutions two problems positive music is a stress reliever amen salute

  82. Rocio Molina

    Needed to come back to this hip hop has changed 😭



  84. Sixty rp EM's

    I'm so ashamed of myself family.
    From this time here until now.
    Somehow I feel responsible for Hip-Hops death.

  85. Sixty rp EM's

    Oh My Goodness !!!
    I don't know what to do with myself right now.
    Rap City ran this shit in the ground.
    This shit was the hardest fucking record of its time.
    Oh my Goodness !!!
    I just saw Ju-Ju BeatNut...Yea Go Phife !!!
    I remember.

  86. Adrian Baptiste

    This remix is gold

  87. Guy Hill

    ATCQ looks like they were having so much fun making this video.
    Probably as much fun as I have watching it and enjoying their music.

  88. Joanne Hodgson

    I totally dig this!!!

  89. Jay D’shawn

    Come & Spread Ya Arms If You Really Need A Hug

  90. wubbalubbadubdub

    "Can I kick it?"

    Yes you can Phife. Rest in peace my good man. Keep freestyling with pac and biggie in heaven, you are the true guardian angel of hip hop.

  91. Tanimation

    Rip Phife 🕊

  92. henry

    He didn’t have to ask, he was gonna kick it anyway. He was being polite.


    If you really need a hug

    John j Howie

    @Brewnoe s

    Exceptional Gaming

    Idk why he even asked. He knew we would leg him anyways tbh.


    He's gonna kick it. Deal with it.

  93. Ivalina Passe

    A Tribe Called Quest Awesome!!!

  94. Nik Nak

    When music videos were about music, not budgets

  95. Kenneth Mitcham

    I always appreciated the video version better than the album. the sample was amazing! RIP funky diabetic

  96. Don-J HH

    ATCQ sounds in Perú 2019 🔥

  97. Minky Mincey

    why does this version sound different?

    Adrian Baptiste

    Minky Mincey It’s the tribe remix on the 12inch US release.

    Minky Mincey

    @Adrian Baptiste thank you!