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Tribe Called Quest, A Busta's Lament Comments
  1. Dorcas Kiala

    Fuck the car-jacking, Phife Diggy is rapping
    Got dawgs with love and plus dawgs that's packing
    So what's the deal Captain, if it's time for some action
    Watch me roll with hon, try to push her back
    Which one of these niggas, think they fucking wit dis?
    Put your money on Queens, yo these cats is pissed
    Meaning hot green and stinky, see shorty there winking?
    Hit her off so hard, that her eyes start blinking
    Then massage her down, with the word serene
    It's the Dawg For Pres, new star on the scene
    And I'm here for the battle, right down to the letter
    If it rains today, then it's a double-header
    Range Beemaz and Benz, 1100's and Jettas
    Phife Dawg for whatever, just get it together
    get it together
    Just get it together
    No matter the weather, or where you at
    This is how we gon' do it, cause we keep shit fat
    You gotta
    do it
    Didn't you read the news, did you heed the alarm
    It was good overall, it said that we was the bomb
    I'ma make the call, and I hope you respond
    We the stars y'all, and everyone beckons far
    You a star and you shining, I'm one and I'm rhyming
    Let's get together, start intertwining
    Yo you coming with me, somewhere where you can't see
    with his bonafide joints, underneath the sea
    Of confusion and glitter, nobody's a quitter
    Try to front and get ripped, from your ear to your shitter
    Gon' put it on harder than anyone did
    It would benefit you to keep a wide open lid
    Making sho' shot shit, making sure you shine
    Taking shows for sure, taking hearts in time
    Do it all for the rhyme, and the rhythm and things
    When we do it we banging, like we inside the bang
    Ain't doubting nobody, when we inside the jam
    But I'm proud overall, and I know who I am
    As the constellation gets brighter this writer's going
    do it

  2. Victor Agnelli

    I love the way you can recognize a Dilla's beat from miles away

  3. Marvin Dyers

    2020/01 still dope

  4. The Detour On CrystalSwimTV

    Back on rap music was actually good before this mumble rap shit

  5. SkateboardingStoner

    The beat melody always makes me happy, no matter what is happening <3

  6. Pietro Delborghi

    Perfect song

  7. Ian Goodridge

    In my top ten tribe songs🔥🔥👍🏽

  8. jabu nhlapho

    fuck thats some real shiii

  9. Keith Witcher

    A Tribe Called Quest's Busta's Lament song is a classic. The Love Movement album is a classic. I like the album pictures. RIP Phife Dawg. I love A Tribe Called Quest.

  10. Jason Rijo

    Another Home-Run. They Swung-This-Out-Of-The-Stadium-With-This-Vibe.

  11. Denise Ramirez

    I love the jazz components in the background 🎷....classic hip hop.

    Henry Rodríguez

    Hi, I'm Henry. I got this album in the fall of 98 and I felt like what the beat sounds like, Id see myself with a cool girl that likes hip hop and I'm still looking kinda.

  12. Vernell Thomas

    Man how can you not spit hot fire 🔥 on this track. Phife went off!! RIP Phife Diggy

  13. Mac Truck 23

    One of the first albums i brought .. And happy i made the rite choice .#classic

    Dwayne Louis

    Mac Truck 23 only if the bonus tracks came on it. Other than that, unanimously their worst album, which as you hear, is better than 90%s best! But the final album, had to make ANY Tribe head smile/cry/think/laugh, etc. Classic #THANKSFORYOURSERVICE #RIPPHIFE


    @Dwayne Louis Honestly, not a single bad tribe album in my opinion. Its just which ones people like more. My personal favorite is Midnight Marauders


    This album was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Me You

    @Cecil646 Midnight Marauders is the Best. Beats Rhymes &Life could have waited until it had good enough songs to put on it. It wasn't up to standard and didn't meet my expectations as well as many other die hard fans for Tribe at the time . That beat they gave Phife for his solo was str8 🗑!!! And too many solo Q-Tip songs... then to top it off it had too many beats sounding too much a like.

  14. Landon Wager

    So what's the deal captain?

  15. Sufyaan Virani

    For dilla for phife for yusef "afloat", for all of em, they saved my life in ways I cant explain

  16. Sufyaan Virani

    On god yo imma bring this sound back

  17. Yolanda Edwards

    Yo. Yo. my Busta Rhymes voice😃🔥❤️

  18. Jason Head

    Busta Rhymes had a tough part. Here’s your lyrics “yo yo, yo yo, yo”. The second time put 3 yo’s in there, then 4, k?

    Josh kosmic

    Thats redman bro thats not busta

    Sham Azam

    It's Busta.

    Sham Azam

    Aside from that. It's good seeing recent comments on old songs.

    Josh kosmic

    Is redman bro

    Nas Escobar

    If it rains today then it’s double heaven

  19. Angel Dust


  20. Alpha Trion

    perfect fall music


    That vibe

  21. Yashar Zayan

    13 Sucka duck ass niggaz gave this a thumb down???

  22. Barry Jordan

    Dilla, Busta and Tribe. Incredible! Miss this hip hop

  23. jerriel61

    I wish hip hop was like this

  24. Michael Austin

    Beautiful album!!

  25. alwaysbusiness4

    bomb ass music
    inclining da mind
    of hip hop heads
    Can you dig it
    Can you dig itttttttttt

  26. papa cringe

    what's that a tribe called quest song were it says yo alot like on this song but the beat is different

    Ralph H

    papa cringe I'll vibe with til

    Bryce Mackey

  27. Thomas Blue

    Now that's real hip hop

  28. Mr Volumes uP

    absolute fire!

  29. Davion Parker

    This how music need to be nowadays 👍🏾👌🏾💯


    KAZ CLEViiiR you know he's right man music today is hollow due to the world's pathetic standards

    KAZ CLEViiiR

    greenfloyd511 😂😂😂lol thats because yall choose to intake what is considered hollow. Ive chosen not to pay attention to the bullshit. I feel u, but i dnt.


    KAZ CLEViiiR look dude I'm just saying we obviously don't know everything that's out right now but seeing the majority of what's put out today let alone accepted is pretty hollow. I try to not pay attention to the bullshit either, but it seems to be shoved down our throats

    KAZ CLEViiiR

    greenfloyd511 i know what u mean, u might be a bit less accepting of certain things than i am. I appreciate all forms of art as long as passion is put into it. But the facts are inescapable, the bullshit factor is quite high these days

    Ac gang

    Davion Parker true 😌

  30. Chad Singleton

    this is what hip-hop sounds like

  31. Steel Here

    This is what hip-hop sounds like.

  32. majamdah

    Yo yo yo smoove!!!

  33. DARK Shadows

    Amazing music!! #PhifeDawgLivesOn