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Tribe Called Quest, A Bonita Applebum Comments
  1. white cat miss

    Really good good good

  2. Fernando Santos

    banira aplebam

  3. maj_nobmojo

    anyone still listen over and over to this masterpiece in 2019 ?????????????

  4. Alexander Buchan

    Imagine a song coming out today where prophylactics is the only word that needs censored. Tribe man

  5. Osmar Bambini

    So classic!

  6. David Kotlarz

    For anyone wondering about the sample. It's Daylight by RAMP. Also this song was later sampled for Killing me Softly with His Song by The Fugees.

  7. Talicni Tom

    When u start this song press 1 and thank me later ;)

  8. Martin Fernandez

    A Tribe called Legends!!!

  9. AimN / Stalaktik

    i'm surprised i discovered this only a year ago, it will never get old

  10. Lud Wig

    beat was way ahead of his time

  11. Дмитрий Краснов

    Who is here from Spring course?)

  12. Cristian ramos mañas

    Hip Hop Evolution

  13. Roger Caleya

    Did they censor "profilactics"?! We are so stupid nowadays...

  14. Humphrey

    6 Years later its a meme

  15. LarryGravesFan93

    What he had in mind kissing her where other's won't? ^^

  16. OJ’s Bloody Glove

    There’s just something so euphoric about that instrumental…

  17. McMillan Mkhabela

    The beat though

  18. Rhi

    The Fugees

  19. Osama Omda

    This Beat Is 🔥

  20. sir_R

    Qtip started the swing in the drums which we love j Dilla for but j Dilla perfected it.

  21. Lee Taemin

    2019 ANYONE?!?

  22. Forixen 090

    Instrumental from RAMP- Daylight

  23. Klea Memeti

    One of my favourite songs of all time 🥰

  24. Nik

    a timeless classic

  25. Bonaventure Mutale

    Being with you is top 2019!

  26. ReddoFreddo


  27. Stephanie Andrade Silva

    Oi amor . Hello love

  28. Sergé Catom

    Q-Tip was born for the 🎙 really love it 👊😎🎶

  29. Ben G

    Happy birthday hip hop 💕🙏🏼

  30. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Hip-hop legends for sure!

  31. Skrillex

    01:50 DAMN

  32. Jay M

    Summer 1990 was a good year. I miss those days, great memories!

  33. Alejandro Rubiera

    1:51 Kendrick?

  34. trashcanjesus

    the best hip hop band ever

  35. Lux B

    My daddy loves this music my daddy has even a T-shirt from you all I even like Bonita Applebum you're cool my daddy has a CD from you 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💿💿💿💿💿

  36. ReberendoTotem Mao

    The real hiphop men!

  37. Cassie Fargo

    Still listening in 2019. 😍❤️

  38. Banele Baholo

    "hip hop climax"
    you don't feel for hip hop anymore"

  39. cherry bomb subs.

    So damn smooth, ATCQ is one of the best groups of all time.

  40. Kevin Ko

    i promise u imma spread yo words and vibes around forever

  41. Kevin Ko

    Rip phife dawg wish I was smarter enough to know about him before he passed away

  42. Dark Seba

    I'm here after Deji 's intro

  43. BAGHEAD1996

    The most 90s video ever!.

  44. Στάγκερ Λί

    this song makes me wanna love a juicy girl!!!!!

  45. Sachin Kumar

    who are these 203 clowns?

  46. anton johnson

    grew up around this time, love it,

  47. David Murray

    To much fkn heat 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Martin Fernandez

    Mas suave que el puro algodón !! 😍

  49. Banks of Barcelona

    When singing about women was cool. Every intent was concealed so only adults understand!

  50. Samuel Acosta

    Esto es chuleria en pote, dulce y rico como el sirope

  51. Irving Music

    IPod commercial years before

  52. Luis Arias

    0:21. When se te olvida que estas ensayando para el baile de la school.

  53. Adam Shalim

    This is The real shit

  54. Hanna Cascagnette

    Thumbnail is the absolute best! Lol!

  55. Adja Ouattara

    A tribe called THE BEST!

  56. AimN / Stalaktik


  57. Mulher MC

    🇧🇷🇧🇷 2019


    └📁 A Tribe Called Quest
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠ This folder is empty

  59. seb c

    A sample of this song was used by lauryn hill's cover of killing me softly

  60. Hip Hop Gronk

    So playful, So Soulful, So Authentic..... Bonita Applebum you gotta put me on

  61. Joaquin Bazan

    2019 🇦🇷

  62. Daniel BALOG

    For me , this song is pure underground hip hop beautie . It will be classic to the end of the beat.

  63. Benita Bora.K

    My name is Benita & I swear I think they saying my name😩😂

  64. Dimitryos

    That bboy at 2:16 has awesome moves. Gets me impressed everytime.

  65. Aureas

    1:51 i swear that's the same font that kendrick used in DAMN. lol

  66. ivan02s

    Listening while smoking❤️ 2019?

  67. Crxckshot YT

    I came from DEJI

  68. dark Agent

    Real music bro👿

  69. Dennis Schneider


  70. xNAJAFx

    This is not the video version

  71. Keith Klassen

    That sitar riff... Where have I heard it before???

  72. Tito Mutai

    need to find me a girl i can dedicate this song to

  73. MOLE

    I can’t find the original anywhere

  74. Dark Knight

    Only 2.4 million views? 😮

  75. Banks of Barcelona

    Bonita Applebum in 2019. Anyone?

  76. saiizen44

    Pleas, i would To return on this good years 😍

  77. f s

    Yo what's the instument used to make the sound at 0:09

  78. Nadia Passarelli Carvalho

    God fucking damm!!! This is smoother than silk!! What a great song!!

  79. sum41

    too damn good. omg this is insane i love u

  80. Ryan Soul

    Legends and underrated rap gods ATCQ!!!!

  81. Moses Daxon

    Miss dis old school rap song 90😎😎

  82. Wescaught

    2:12 CALISSE!!

  83. chriss demetriou

    Put it in speed 1.25 for more dope

  84. Jade Melo


  85. Dynamo duck

    And kids these days think mumble rap is the shit, I'm glad I grew up listening to ATCQ

  86. Oshalom Jakiśtam

    with love from Mars!!!!

  87. Ligma Smegma

    I hope you like rap soungsssss

  88. Evander Gomes

    love this song... so vicious

  89. og2me

    Me and you

  90. tiago calazans simões

    Vim aqui depois do documentário da Netflix hahaha

  91. Bas

    damn this stays way to chilled

  92. Momo Zoughlami

    2018 !!

  93. Paul Jarvis

    dam I miss this time

  94. David Bone

    tan tan tananna