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  1. Pierre Marie Tsafack


  2. Official Flag of Freedom

    This is the band you'll be telling your grandkids about.

  3. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    I forgot how 🔥🔥🔥 this song is~

  4. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


  5. Kloit Hjkoi


  6. jahpoy ysalina

    jaH bLess dem souL,,
    greetings from pHillipines,,

  7. Wilhelm Paul

    Bless up the green when ya feelin the blues!!! Bless this shit up from the roots to Jah!

  8. Amanda Castillo

    You guys are amazing. You never disappoint. Much love 💚💛♥️ please come Arizona!

  9. GoTTI

    500 k😧😧😧 wtf wrongs withy you people?!😡😡🤬🤬

  10. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    This song is so beautiful <3

  11. Demetrio Guerrero II

    Attempting to wake up the spirit inside the soul is like talking to the masses of people. To hear you, to believe you!
    Love you God.

  12. Ava Theresa Vallejo

    Your the best

  13. jaime ormaza


  14. zach garrow

    shes sweet from the gecko lol

  15. Ábner Matteini

    Come to Brazil pohaaaaa

  16. Micah Smith

    I need her more than the numbers!!!!

  17. Jonathan Menard


  18. Samoan Suave_54

    She Sweet from da get go!

  19. SnowScorpion

    Your fans love u guys... Keep Killin it !!!

  20. Jahphetanbesa

    ufff very nice

  21. Justhine Robles

    this is music

  22. #AayMad

    Ras voice is on a Marley ting yeah.... LEGENDARY voice dem....

  23. #AayMad

    She’s sweet from the get-go
    Girl give me your love
    I need your loving like the stars up above but when she moves slow
    Surrender your loving......... dis a bedroom ting luv and a ting-a-ting

  24. Alfonso Estevez


  25. Carina Parsons

    haha still farting? 1:32

  26. Jose Nilson

    Tribal Regueira

  27. Robert Williams

    NEED YA loving like the stars up above

  28. Jayvee C.

    Tribal seeds, please visit Philippines.. people are waiting here for you guys to spread the good vibes..Jah bless ❤❤👍

  29. jason brumbaugh

    From Maui hawaii

  30. Catherine Pope

    High quality reggae

  31. chrswool

    hard to fathom how the US society falls victim to mainstream pop and pop-country, when there are many other real artists that compose heart and soulful art, as Tribal Seeds does. such a shame. i will help my children's generation by providing reggae as a strong musical foundation in their lives. Such as my mother raised me on great music, Marley and others.

  32. Roderick MacUalraig

    Ridiculously great. Perfect song.

  33. Na8iv Ch3iff

    New to me cant wait to see em to night at the marquee Tempe az


    Tawa Hoya I was there they were awesome

  34. beto arce

    beautiful song <3

  35. Denial Not Accepted

    Fucking love this song! Thank you Tribal Seeds

  36. Sly Sativa

    Thailand land of smile

  37. Ramcher Felix

    I need her more than numbers of the grains of sand
    I need her more than the numbers

    She's sweet from the get-go
    Girl give me your love
    I need your loving like the stars up above 
    but when she moves slow
    Surrender your loving

    The night comes and I dream of your eyes
    I'll paint your picture nice
    More than any times I've seen the night come
    In a portrait of sky
    I gaze and wonder why I never realized the signs
    That you were just falling
    Trouble in your waters and your bridge barely holding
    Oh my longing just to see you again
    Chances still I know are very slim
    Come with me again

    She's sweet from the get-go
    Girl give me your love
    I need your loving like the stars up above 
    but when she moves slow
    Surrender your loving

    I'm still fighting, still trying to get my reward, reward, reward
    I'm still fighting, still trying to get my reward
    Come take a walk with I again
    Journey to the places and realms we never been
    High above the waters of the holy mountain
    All around the world and I'm still searching
    But I was just falling
    Trouble in my waters and my bridge is still building
    Oh my longing just to feel it again
    Knowing very well it's from within
    Redeemed of your sins

    She's sweet from the get-go
    Girl give me your love
    I need your loving like the stars up above 
    but when she moves slow
    Surrender your loving

  38. May Mabo

    She's Sweet From The Get Go💦🔥

  39. knk rbl


  40. Thiago Mogi

    Brazil ! roots

  41. Atababy Maae

    thank you for coming to Seattle!!! TRIBAL SEEDS IS THE SHIT!!! YOU GUYS ARE BAD ASS



  43. Futbol Freak

    Jah Bless 🤘

  44. Doug Noble

    big fan and promote for deuterman. started cannabis fishing club on facebook and instagram check it out.

  45. Cory Vedin

    Jah Feel! Good Vibes Only!

  46. flip copen

    one good wish deserves another, from the mainland c/s Co. seasons greetings and happy new year , family and friends in the Philippines

  47. Ron Dianzon

    Peace and so much love from the philippines. Irie high

  48. Tama Skuxx

    yeshua is his name

  49. Tama Skuxx

    tha best song ever

  50. Tristan Houtkamp

    What a massive tune

  51. Gerald Ernest

    don get t twisted

  52. Michal Robert Piatek

    that's a hit tune. you wanna like hear it like 20 times in a row and then never again. never ever. great song.

  53. Jomar Macasukit

    jah people of tribal seeds, if u have time please come here in the Philippines, there's a lot of jah people here. I really love your songs, so roots. JahBless

    Marina Mansfield

    someone said jah??..... jk

  54. Gabriele Castagnoli

    surrender bellissimo brano grande tribal

  55. marvin Panaguiton


  56. marvin Panaguiton

    atchup tribal seeds

  57. Marco Velev

    Big up from Austria. Best feeling ever..


    That's a lovely accent... New Jersey?

    It's Austrian.

    Austria! Well, then. G'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!

    (Ever see the American movie Dumb and Dumber?) Lol.

  58. Will Redding

    good band but they aren't very good live

    Daily Tokers

    Will Redding maybe you just need to get on their level. because I felt every vibe every aspect of their performance. I've been listening to then since I was a freshman in high school and maybe it was just the anticipation if wanting to see them but they were godly. how they would just stand there and how they would move their feet up and down with the beat and bass. I've been right up front every time. last time I saw them was at the house of blues in Chicago and they guy who was from slightly stoopid hit my joint and passed it to one other on stage

    Will Redding

    Denis Juarez I'm sure they have their shows but I've seen them multiple times and they just weren't that great, and I love reggae music I really do. slightly stoopid is exponentially better than tribal seeds there's just no competition. also rebelution puts on a better show in my opinion. tribal seeds is good, just not good live. but there are way better reggae bands out there than tribal seeds.

    Hy Yh

    Will Redding lol you know who IS bad live? Collie Buds, maybe it was the acoustics because they were great in a tiny venue, gotta say I disagree

    Hy Yh

    Will Redding also I gotta say say reb and ts at the same venue, tribal bumped way better in 2013

    J 1 S

    it is their job one show could be killer one not so. aldo blame the sound technicians. they are the ones who set the sound and sometimes they mess it up. I've seen them 3 times they kill it live. Ps collie buddz killed it too so venue and energy matter

  59. maldito cuerdo contemporáneo

    matizando full lírica

  60. johnrey hernandez

    let's smoke the.. '''weed''

  61. maldito cuerdo contemporáneo

    matizando buena lirica

  62. Alex Pensador

    eu esperava mais de vocês... brazil

  63. Joshua Mena


  64. Jose Ramirez

    there isn't another reggae bands besides rebelution that just sounds so amazing and the deep meaning lyrics are just so good

    King Proxyy

    have you heard of Iration?

    Jose Ramirez

    +ZzVisiionzZ yes I like them a lot my favorite song is Electricity

    Rasta Jesus

    Mike love
    Fortunate youth
    Tomorrows bad seeds
    Tribal seeds


    rebelution sold out a while ago, courage to grow and bright side of life were their best albums, but now they just produce polished pop reggae to appeal to the young pop generation. sell outs


    Let's agree to disagree and love them both :p

  65. FalconInHawaii

    A night comes and I dream of your eyes! Surrender your loving!

  66. Princess Nef De Los Santos

    I love this song,girl please give your love..surrender it to

  67. Matheus Mendes

    Another big tune, come to Brazil as soon as possible!

  68. Soetdjuret

    Amazing stuff! Can't wait for album!

  69. Muhammad Redzuan

    Love this jamm fans from MALAYSIA!!! 🍁🍁🍁

  70. HANO koko

    come to new zealand my rasta. we got d herd man.

  71. Gabriel Victor

    Nice sound bros, JAH BLESS !!!! FAYA

  72. Nolimit Music

    tribal seeds my fav band

  73. CL129

    Tribal always with the good vibes

  74. Maité Nohely Zúñiga Jiménez

    chicos, excelente, me encanta .....

    David Gonzalez

    Maité Nohely Zúñiga Jiménez Si son los mejores. Representing ;) #1Love

  75. Jairo Ras

    love The new song. Tribal ....... S

  76. VicAndLu

    Tribal seeds is the best ! Watching them live was simply amazing! Hands down the best concert i have EVER been to.


    AMAZING live <3

  77. Ivonne Lima

    Foreals just surrender and be mines forever already lol nice song I hope all are as neat s this one #trbalseeds

  78. Francisco Briceño

    waaaaaaooooo uuufff demaciado bueno originaaaalll triballl

  79. Francisco REYES CORDERO

    cant wait to see ya in Peru...woooooo

  80. Edward Dirby

    Love Tribal Seeds,1love

  81. Mario Saborio

    Mad tune from COSTA RICA!

    Brianne M

    Mario Saborio Pura Vida!

    juan ignacio facetti

    ¡¡¡Solo bueno mi friend!!!!!!

    Juli Barrantes

    Mario Saborio esa es!


    always delivering that great vibe!



  84. Shy Aguilar

    Tribal Seeds you rock my world with your beats and lyrics.. I love this song so much. ❤

  85. 13xicat

    No waiting for ya reward. Life is here. live for today

    Goddess Alexis

    You know! TS for life

    WeThePeople Hi

    I needed to hear that. Thank you!

  86. max gili


  87. noemybee

    another great song! Good year indeed so far saw you guys at the one love reggae fest and new album coming soon and Rebelution is soons to release their new album as well and can't forget about Cali roots in May!

  88. Hector Munguia123

    change up the lyrics i could swear I've heard you say half the lyrics of this song more once. "close my eyes and then i see/to see you/see you smile/see your eyes, the moon and stars it's in over half your songs talking about picturing some chick in different order with different beats. I've been fan for a long time but I'm just tired of the same ol thing over and over.


    then don't listen


    +PEACE AND FREEDOM no one force u to listen


    its about the vibe you get from the music in general. How can you call yourself a fan if you obviously dont get it man

  89. LouzadaP7


  90. john hurst

    All the times playing SOMA/SD venues back in the say I will never forget...the drummer's parents used to watch the shoes good folks

  91. Raf

    finally a new hit.

  92. Mike MistaAndersson

    tribal seeds!!! my alltime favourite band!

  93. Kristine Menase

    All Tribal Seed songs are fire! so catchy, I'm lovin it.

  94. ViO CasT

    Tribal Seeds so IRIE!


    repeated more than a hundred times lol aaahhh awooh surrender surrender 👌


    Hahahaha Ditto~ xo

  96. onomeus

    beautiful track big up 4 Tribal super band!!

  97. 1RastaWarrior

    Big UPs to Tribal Seeds for this here Big Chune! Straight FYYAAHH! InI love you Bredrin, keep the Word, Sound an Power coming!

  98. Jayson Johnston

    real music.. reggae mysic for the to all...

  99. Jayson Johnston

    chances i know are very sick....