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Tribal Seeds Soundwaves Comments
  1. Ryan Moyer

    Went to this concert last week. Soundwaves rode through my body as I floated hypnotic smoking my erb to this song. Amazing life changing experience.

  2. Ernest Gutierrez

    Man that hook !

  3. Demetrio Guerrero II

    yes. yes, yes. please help us grow and give wisdom.

  4. Emejun Lozada

    Rebelution ft rebelution . ... nice reggae😍😍😍

  5. mrhmadh hmoodah

    so fancy

  6. Marleyna Serrano


  7. Cesar Serrano

    What's with the dislikes?????😏 Bozos must be deaf. Can't get mad.

  8. Brendan Rodriguez

    Tribal Seeds+Eric= AWESOME! Should collaborate like this MORE!!! 👍

  9. Jenifer Gales


  10. Catherine Pope

    High quality reggae

  11. Jesse Perez

    I and I feeling Iry Jamming to the best in reggae. Rastafari roots rock reggae yeah

  12. Diego

    32 people are deaf.

  13. Goddamn G


  14. Valeria Pedroza

    Steve's voice 😏❤

  15. mrhmadh hmoodah

    rock me down

  16. mrhmadh hmoodah

    Power cell

  17. mrhmadh hmoodah

    Shes woth wissem sound love

  18. Eli.

    Any one see them in November in Arizona?

  19. Thestigz

    this song is so good. keep coming back to listen

  20. mrhmadh hmoodah

    No homo

  21. Owen Foster

    this song is the greatest. nothing better. crazy awesome to put both singers for this song. Eric killed it.

  22. AGUST D Shooters

    Eric's voice is so soft and hypnotic.

  23. vG Pathogen

    dopeee track

  24. Daniel Corra

    Love tribal...the drummer is f'n nasty on this track. Great great band

  25. scg721

    Tribal Seeds dope A. F.

  26. Matthew Cortez

    Tribal seeds is a great band but in my opinion they are shitty performers. They definitely don't hype the crowd at all.

    Matt Garcia

    Your way off here IMO. The spring tour was straight insanity at times, and chill as fuck 30 seconds later. TS tempo is so good from their albums to the live show, they perfect the tempo.

    Sean R

    +Matthew Cortez Tribal Seeds is even better live!
    Their stage presence is second to none!
    The sound effects and keyboardists are really impressive.
    I was a big fan of Tribal Seeds without seeing them live. Now that Ive seen them they might be my favorite band!

    Joe Mama

    +Matt Garcia sooooo good live 👏

    Doug Lockard

    Matthew Cortez protoje was that way for me

    Keaton Varone

    When I saw them at red rocks 3 years ago they were fantastic

  27. Matt Sims

    ire vibes 

  28. Ken Boii


  29. Ivanna Garcia

    F'n dope. Ahhh Eric's voice 😍

  30. Sceaming Toadz

    Jahovia I God!!!

  31. ILTK

    Damn this band grooves, awesome.

  32. tgodTV

    One of best tribal songs fasho

  33. dreacul

    I'm tired of darknes! Bring me some light please! Love you all from Romania!


    sound waves moving fast threw the valley

    Raw Turtle

    anthony11893 listen to fucking Slayer Raining Blood you bitch

    Raw Turtle

    anthony11893 Sit and spin you salty bitch

    Raw Turtle

    anthony11893 qq

  34. plusplus8

    cruise in

  35. Thairony Silva

    que vibe louca é essa.. Pedrada!

  36. Shred Head

    Wish they had this song when they played inside the poney

  37. Chase Kourajian

    What does he say in the 1st line??? Chase them with the sound so hard???

  38. George Chavez

    I would love to see rebelution and tribal seeds performing togethers

  39. Abraham Orozco

    My two favorite vands coming together

  40. loxate


    Jesse Perez

    I and I feeling Iry jamming to the best in reggae keep that vibration going. Rastafari

  41. moonachiesal1

    this song fucking rocks!!!!

  42. cjcoolworld09 javier

    Me new favorite song

  43. cjcoolworld09 javier

    My two favorite artist sweet!!!!!!!!!

  44. Chef Shaver

    Great collaboration between two great artist. So I say Burn, put your two lungs too work. OneLuv Dallas Tx.

  45. __dub

    Crank the bass, lite the spliff.

  46. Zenith The Nihil

    I like this song but Eric Rachmany's voice just doesn't go well with it. I really don't listen to it much because he sounds nasally and feminine. The song is badass though. It's a shame. I'll probably get a bunch of haters, but I think it would've sounded amazing with Kaleo Wassman from Pepper.

    Goddamn G

    You're trippin haha he sounds fine to me and everyone else

  47. Zodiac Cruz

    Brighton Music Hall Cambridge, Mass this wednesday!

  48. JKeathley

    March 31!

  49. Kevin.Sanchez.11

    hella good song

  50. Dongle McTitties

    come back to atlanta you guys

  51. duron ailyn

    yeahh i love this song,,, ,,,

  52. lifexlovexlivin

    best ever

  53. TonyJen LasCola

    This songs amazing! ONE LOVE!!

  54. Jerry White

    going to see them this Saturday. good vibes. One love.

  55. LimnDzl

    never that

  56. dsrtpunk

    Ima go see tribal seeds on April in San Diego can't wait I got my tickets already!!!!

  57. LimnDzl

    @420Mrbugzy there was 2 singers/guitarists in the original lineup - if you can't hear the difference in vocals on songs like "Running" and "On My Mind" compared to "Bump" or "Suffering" you're fkn deaf lol

  58. ReggaeMindset

    @420Mrbugzy Crazy right? Eric was not the only singer for Rebelution :) Matt Velasquez (Guitars, Vocals) used to play for Rebelution. Check it out on their Wikipedia page.

  59. LimnDzl

    @sammyqureshi his voice is wayyyy too nasally. I definitely prefer the other singer on the first Rebelution album

  60. dell page

    want 2 see more new songs of tribal..

  61. Carlos H

    Great song

  62. spork2790

    oh man rebelution januaruy 27th....can. not. wait.

  63. Pimskie

    @G00DBoy42O Where do you see them ? Ask them if they come to Holland!!!! I want to see tribal seeds!!!

  64. dell page

    punk reggae:) this songs like diff. from the other's!!!

  65. Grant Draper

    this song is so budssss yewwww!

  66. Barbara Richards

    green hat getting bigger

  67. TheRealTieLUR

    playas of music we cant stop

  68. Josh K

    @ssshredhead89 i feeel that. whiteboy john was a boss

  69. Josh K

    Don Carlos is a boss. Eric is a boss (Hes from frisco!) Tribal Seeds r bosses

  70. ratstaroots

    go to their website

  71. Michaeveli

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  72. Nate Millheim

    It's been a F****** privilege to watch this band progress from day one. their positivity continues their rhythms progress and the sound waves increase. bring it boys bring it. Jah youth. peace with you and yours. keep brining them message riddims.

  73. kremecheez

    @Kaliformula Yeah he is they used to do alot of Don Carlos covers

  74. Nick Vivar

    BIG TUNE!!! is it just me or is Eric highly influenced by Don Carlos?


  75. Maria Rojas

    @reggaemindset I willl! :) ive been to 3 before

  76. Maria Rojas

    So excited to see them tonighttttt! Tooooo lifteddd :)

  77. Robyn Villegas

    i love this song~ Eric's voice is fuckin velvet~ ......if u don't like funky...u can't hang with Tribal seeds or Rebelution....Epic....each song from the <3!!


    i'll find the one who disliked this video and im gonna rip his head off. I feel like he/she missed the like button but if not.... tribal seeds & rebelution best combo on the world.....

  79. Bryan Mulloy

    Good vibes to the roots mon

  80. Bold AsLove

    Love it!
    And still patiently awaiting the new Reb album, for sure

  81. manishmanify

    play this with high bass and treb ;)

  82. ratstaroots

    what are you guys talking about??? eric sounds better than ever in this song i love it

  83. Enrico Anthony

    tribal kills it ! this song is so good

  84. shulerman1

    @jahusafex me too, it was fucking awsome

  85. jahusafex

    i heard eric's part in the "Vampire" video at cali roots

  86. abortionbrings outthekidinyou

    @sammyqureshi its because hes white

  87. Steven Garcia

    I just love(no homo)erics vocals in his songs pretty dope

  88. yel ram

    mon préféré j'aime !!!!!!! :))))