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Tribal Seeds Slow Comments
  1. nowwithmorekick

    Its my favorite song from them just because of thirer message on banks.

  2. Munkee

    All of humanity needs to hear this message.

  3. Catherine Pope

    High quality reggae

  4. Mico Karey

    satan !!!!!! leave us alone!

  5. NeO3Sa


  6. Michael Gould

    So Dope!

  7. Noah Rubio

    Bottom of the Pyramid is where they trap us." love it

  8. Noah Rubio

    This song is legit thats for sure. great message as always with tribal seeds.

  9. alberts1985

    This song makes me want to smoke a bowl

  10. AGUST D Shooters

    This song gives me goosebumps!

  11. Jose KALM420

    Was just bumping this jam while driving around only thing missing was the ganja ;)

  12. RUDE BWOY80

    Rhythm is so nice

  13. SuperDirectorKing

    this song and band is now my favorite


    they always tour , pretty much in every city. Just as good live


    just caught them at the date shed this past saturday. we was feelin irie!!!

  14. John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmitt

    we takin it slow here in Colo-ra-do

  15. Chlled_kmar6

    Perfect 4 the first bong hit in the morning

  16. Jay Alan

    sit back and light up some sensi..


    @Jay Alan ..five years later are you still living it up my friend?? 😉😁🎙️💓


    Evryting gon be irie!!!!!

  18. Logan LaValley


  19. nicole pagoria

    one federal agent was on this track

  20. j s

    Babylon go back to ya home !

  21. bryan arevalo motta

    lo mejor de new zealnad

  22. Creyest El Cryptic

    god this song is fucking beautiful !!!!... i can relate to it so much...its like these guys think exactly like me...i like to pack a bowl n kick it and just listen to birds

  23. somebodyelse5

    @TylerA7X Seedless is sweet! Their man on the keyboard is crazy good. Like, CRAZY GOOD! Saw them with rebelution last summer.

  24. Naturals By Nattie

    my favorite song by tribal seeds :}

  25. sal10851

    Good vibes...light up that sensi!!!

  26. Lillizone

    zajebista wibra

  27. ReggaeMindset

    @IIIburialsbass1 Yes, I am from Austin. I am going to try and make it, for sure.

  28. liberatethemasses

    "the bottom of the pyramid is where they trap us"

  29. torquemycantilever

    @ReggaeMindSet Seeing them live is good for the soul.. people were lighting blunts in this inside venue! They were definitely one of my favorites to see live. Enjoy man

  30. Kauai Guy

    hit after hit. one love bless jah tribal seeds. cant wait for i n i fi come back to hawaii. bless. aloha

  31. ReggaeMindset

    @TylerA7X Have fun brotha. They are a fucking AMAZING band live. So is Seedless, they are one of my favorite bands.

  32. Tyler Stewart

    Im seeing them in a month with Seedless! :D

  33. djMarley407

    See dem run run run!!

  34. J.D. Dowling

    YES I, irie vibes all the way though!

  35. ReggaeMindset

    @SadieElizabethh I saw them here in the ATX about less than a week ago and it was SO AMAZING.

  36. yel ram

    merci pour ce partage je surkiffe !!!!!!

  37. SadieElizabethh

    Amazing experiencing this livee.