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Tribal Seeds Run The Show Comments
  1. Arche Michael

    Lucifer fled
    Mikael beat him once and is about to win again.

  2. Cassie Millward

    Just saw Tribal Seeds in concert in Orlando last week for the 2nd time ever, and this song was my favorite part of the concert!!! Middle finger up to the system! Trying to police the herbs... WE ARE THE MASS... THEY ARE SMALLER!!!!

  3. Catherine Pope

    Respect the message🕯

  4. Joe Forest

    We are the Mass they are Smaller

  5. rosie ruby jane

    I went to a baseball game a while ago & this was a player’s entrance song. I’m obsessed now

  6. xxpushwoodxx

    Lloyd banks

  7. Erick Albert

    12 people think the white collar devils run this show

  8. seigibushido88

    the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he wills!

  9. Home Grown Pipes booker

    fuck yea

  10. lolo flores

    Dope Asfuck!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

    Joel Magallanes

    bad ass song

  11. Broward County

    Shit slams in my system

    Timothy Groeling

    +Broward County Mine to this song is Nasty haha

    Taylor Smith

    Broward County you should hear it live that bass rattles your bones

  12. Banksy McGee

    is there a version where fuck isn't edited

    sean brunelle

    Dude, I know right! I actually found one. It's when they play at Cali Roots. It's the full show but during the song they do not edit fuck out.

  13. Michael Miano

    F*** them, we run the show!!!

  14. Sarah Roybal

    Fuck them. We run the show! This song is very close to me!<3

  15. Yoshi

    this is it guys. we're at the edge. fear or love, what will it be?

  16. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    me and my girl was there too haha, and we also went to see tribal seeds again at the alter bar!

  17. AMVGFan

    Never heard this song before even though I've been following them for about a year now.

  18. jose gallegos

    fuck the police we run the show

  19. Jake Karslake

    wayyyy dope come back to wilmington!!

  20. Hunter Lloyd

    hell yeah man

  21. __dub


  22. neonstreets

    -.Fuck Them. .We Run The Show.-

  23. Markeezy619

    3 little pigs disliked this haha

  24. Zenith The Nihil

    Yeah. Fuck them we run the show. Hahaha who cares?

  25. Zenith The Nihil

    Very true.

  26. Zenith The Nihil

    I just saw Tribal Seeds in concert on Friday night (2 nights ago) with Slightly Stoopid in Pittsburgh. These guys were amaaazinggg! It's a necessity in life to see them live, this song's bass was so loud and everybody was dancing their asses off. By far the best concert I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot. That's really saying something. Thank Jah for Tribal Seeds.

  27. Kj Leslie

    saw them in concert yesterday with stoopid and the only way i can describe it is dope

  28. chaz mady

    3 people who watched this are cops

  29. EricMurphyNC

    Cyan't wait for March show at The Norva!

  30. Frig Off Berb

    It's not that nobody cares. Try to remember everyone is a victim of social conditioning and brainwash. We were all exposed to it and controlled at some point. Try to have pity on those whose journey you do not fully understand. It's not their fault that their minds have been taken. They were born into it.

  31. markus salinas

    Fuck Them We Run The Show.

  32. Justin Sanders

    iKilliluminati Annonymous! we are & we must previal & hold these criminals accountable!!! wake up the main stream = illuminati riahana jayz drake lil wayne all those fagz !!!! killiluminati

  33. fernando gutierrez

    we all need to stand up and unite one person cant make a differince but millions can. we all need to revolt against the illuminati but it seems as if no one cares about our future. thas sad!!!

  34. Justin Sanders

    iKilliluminati! Run the Show Fuck them bastards Global elite guna notice me!
    Annonymous~ supports tribal seeds!

  35. the Wellness Channel

    Ron Paul 2012! Lets run this show right

  36. Oscar Navarro

    This Joint Needs To Stay Burning Slow

  37. Christina Tischler

    rebels run the show

  38. Christina Tischler

    they really fear us, we dont fear them!!!

    Anybody Killer

    And were still too scared to do shit *together*

    Arche Michael

    @Anybody Killer I know quite a few who are far from afraid... speak for yourself:)

  39. smokingdaily619


  40. Carlos Ramirez


  41. Matthew Trembley

    Lucifer fled!!! Mikael beat him and shall win again!! Lucifer fled!!! I love that part!! Do it big Tribal Seeds!!

    Arche Michael


  42. MrJonzi3

    sure does. FUCK THEM! WE RUN DI SHOW!

  43. jrbaconcheez

    Fuck dem, we run da show!

  44. Naturals By Nattie

    irie :)

  45. ratstaroots


  46. Abraham Ramirez

    love tribal seeds.. saw them at santa ana galaxy theatre. hope to see them again

  47. Josh K

    last ep was dope. we need another full legnth album

  48. Josh K

    tomorrow night Frisco Show!!!!

  49. kpmcm

    i love how the video is 4:20 long :D

  50. srstrikers

    I tried to do the tribal seeds symbol in my ceramic class but my teacher said i couldn't cause it looked to much like marijuana. No wonder i failed that class!

  51. pheelgoo d

    seeing this live..rolling balls with a joint in my hand..goosebumps.

  52. BigPapaSexy05

    Whoever "disliked" this must be a slave owning white collar elitist who works on Wall Street and dines on Capital Hill for free.

  53. Nick Culverhouse

    tribal seeds= best band in the word. RASTAFARI for life!

  54. Peter Vasta

    this is legit the best song in the world.

  55. Skate8782

    yesssss this is the tribal seeds that i am in love with. anyone who thought they sold out prob. feels stupid now because theyve done the complete opposite. tribal seeds fires back with an even more militant style. FUCK the illuminati and all the global elites.

  56. Karl Tyler Quade

    Tribal Seeds for VP!!

    RainsWorld VegasSlots

    Karl Tyler Quade hes part of the system they are singing about . Opt out of the system. It’s rotted from the bottom all the up. Presidents are selected not elected any ways

  57. ratstaroots

    is there a new tribal seeds album on the horizon??

  58. Vol09

    Anyone who is interested in Liberty and true freedom visit the stefbot channel on youtube. The battle for freedom will not be won on the streets rioting, it will be won through truth in philosophy. He also has a website with some AMAZING free books on his site check it out!

  59. Ken Volk

    the time length is 4:20. ill smoke to that -_-

  60. djMarley407

    Fiyah! Babylon feel dis one!

  61. Riddim Killer

    Tribal Seeds Run the show!! fuck the Illuminati Devils

  62. jimmy andres naranjo segovia


  63. OfficialJustChill

    thumbs up if you Don't wanna see a DISLIKE BAR!

  64. Kyle Z

    Jah this shit is irie vibin' so igh!