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Tribal Seeds Roots Party Comments
  1. Ricardo Jimenez

    D.J Ricky Rick from San Diego California

  2. Ricardo Jimenez

    LKRJVCGD AMEN Rick from society

  3. jayson quimno

    👌kah live

  4. pothead chira

    kenyan family

  5. Marcelo Pereira


  6. Bubs

    This exact track raises my vibration so much with just one listen... one of my favs from the seeds... protect your energy at all costs

  7. Roger Silva


  8. Stoney Vision

    Were gonna get so hirie again

  9. The Rare Artist Collective

    I was brought to tears when he said, "Do you remember the days when my ancestors ruled?" Some of us are the descendents of the indigenous. Don't ever forget your ROOTS and continue to pass on our history to our descendents.

  10. Waters Ablaze

    This song too good

  11. Patrick chivhanga


  12. Ricardo Jimenez

    World Wide

  13. Ricardo Jimenez

    Azteca born in Mexico City South I'm 777 13 Amen

  14. Ricardo Jimenez

    LKRJV Ricardo Jiménez Vaca holy cow 🐝 i hive 🥛 and 🍯 by faith and the holy spirit Amen GOD first I'm The baby lion and the baby shark

  15. Marcello Francisco

    Vem pro Brasil ✌🏾️💥💥💥

  16. Ricardo Jimenez

    Y México entero

  17. Ricardo Jimenez

    Puro México

  18. Rickey Martin

    Vibes on Vibes on top of Vibes 🙏🙌💯

  19. Al caholic

    I F in love this band!

  20. Dvan van

    Steven Jacobo's voice always puts me at ease. Tribal Seeds always makes great music plus the best concerts. One Love!

  21. erin Gomez

    Absolutely love this song

  22. gotico h

    This song make my mind moved like wave

    Raul Blood

    gotico h right on bro 🤘

    gotico h

    @Raul Blood
    Yea bro saludos

  23. Anthonio Makau

    Waiting for your show in Nairobi, Kenya.

  24. M. H.

    Cool, Jah Bless ✨❤✨👌🔥✌

  25. Thomas Matias

    Best reggae band around no doubt

  26. Mr, Arikara

    Mannnn!!! Soo smooth....😎😎😎

  27. Ez tribe


  28. Jeff Garton

    Beautiful work!!!

  29. Chris Mataele


  30. nookiebandit58

    Oh man this a serenaded beat to appreciate props n respect to the T.S

  31. Lesa Atuatasi

    Would've really loved to seen you guys this year at Cali Roots

  32. Tara Reilly

    Excited to see these guys along with Slightly Stoopid & Matisyahu 🖤

    Barbara Wells

    So great!!! Always a great show😁

  33. Mike Dupree

    My old friend cam austin brought me here

  34. Bryan Colon

    best song ive heard in years

  35. Kevin Jacome

    Soul times :)

  36. William Chacon

    When I first listened to this song I felt so free. It's kind of difficult to explain since I think we will never be free if money still exist. Thanks a lot for your music guys.

  37. Alvaro Fernandez

    Saw these guys live in Colorado and they were awesome. They’ve really become accomplished musicians over the years.

  38. Vader Lynn

    Super random but I'm a new mom and my little one will ONLY and I repeat ONLY find comfort and relax straight into a deep sleep while listening to Tribal Seeds. He is currently on his swing dreaming about drinking his bottle on a beautiful island. Whenever he is fussy I put on a Tribal Seeds mix and BAM he's out. The power of reggae is magical and I'm proud to say that I'm a mom of a baby seed! Thank you Tribal Seeds for blessing us with your music!

  39. Oscar Guillen

    How could somebody not like this soul mermelade? Spread love and no segregation. One love from Venezuela. Respect to Tribal Seed for such wonderful and deep sound

  40. Tony Angeles

    Those 300 people that dislike dont know about music

  41. Tomasz Modecki

    And again i am not dissapointed, thank you.

  42. Jay Fuller

    Much respect

  43. Demetrio Guerrero II
    Let's get it!

  44. Kilika Respicio

    This is what you call feel good reggae. Tribal Seeds never fails to amaze me! Aloha from Hawaii!🤙🏽

  45. SlayVid G

    Irie Souls, they keep wanting more

  46. michael hemry

    When on zugarshcak

  47. Gherbo Galvan


  48. Gina Spindle

    love love love

  49. Fabio Honorato

    Come to brazil

  50. Fernando Santos

    É uma das melhores bandas que eu já escutei!!

    Fabio Honorato

    Os cara é foda

    Fernando Santos

    É mesmo!!

  51. Mr. Ree

    what a blessing :D

  52. Sakhele Mkoko

    cant stop listerning to these guys

  53. Eduardo Paredes

    Saludos al compa shamss
    Calecia Grant St!, Geeeeee

  54. Viannel Esparza 2

    Yes Yes Yes 🙌👏

  55. Seth Cabrera

    Break from society, our Higher Selves are calling..

  56. Danielle Velasquez


  57. Natanael Borges

    Muito sucesso a vcs q som ótimo de se ouvir vcs firmaram good vibes

  58. Luis Velasquez

    Smoking thinking of my brother Jacob smoking Rip brother see you and dad in the happy hunting ground much love Velasquez Family

  59. LUC AS lll

    que buena música!! como el rey Bob marley

  60. Juan Camilo Zambrano

    It's that a fucking ghost smoking in the right low corner?

  61. J.M. Sitoy

    Roots reggae music .. 2018 still popin!! Irie irie irie again .. keep rollin, pipen, bong JAH

  62. Karla Gomez

    Me and my son always jam to this song in the morning ♡

  63. Micheal & Tiajuana Turner

    This song gives you the best feeling....luviiit

  64. 967031

    They’ll be here on Kauai 10/7/18 putting on there concert. I been waiting for about 6 months for dis concert I just really hope they sing dis song for us😆😆😆😆😆🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  65. Irie Roots Reggae Reviews

    Love to see the spread of roots reggae music!

  66. Irie Roots Reggae Reviews

    Great song!

  67. diango Keita


  68. Angel Espinoza


  69. Sir Galahad

    We need more real music... like it is....all bless....

  70. Roman Rico

    Irie irie que buena vibra proyectada esta cancion jah blessed vibración irie irie

  71. Rico Baisa

    Yessah dis da song to listen to when all bind👌🍁💨

  72. James Camarillo

    One Love, Bless UP!

  73. Edd-e Macho

    We in a roots mon party 🎶🎶

  74. Joel Shadmy

    Discovered this song rather late, but amazing it is.


    So Irie . Again oh yes my friend...oh yes today.

  76. Ancient Kid

    your higher self is calling!!!

  77. Tiki Miller

    Reggae is BLACK music, just a reminder.

  78. raz bishara

    No matter how many times I listen to this song it STILL CHARGES ME UP... we guna get so irie irie AGAIN my friend!...
    Nau Mai Haere Mai Ki AOTEAROA!... Come to New Zealand!... Summer Coming, One Love, Check it out Mon!...
    Keep Da Vibes Flowing 👆🏾👌🏾🙏🏾🤙🏾😎

  79. Gonzalo Bastias

    Desde Chile Vibrando con ROOTS PARTY

  80. Ivan Castillo

    Cant wait till you guys come to El Paso Texas!!!

  81. Nuggifresh

    Healing music

  82. Juan Pablo R

    Duuuude The White Walker smoking on the east side of the image. Niiiice, love it!!

    One of the cops its loking at him like...... Wait i know that old palid white hair guy from somewhear!!!!

  83. Rob Peirce

    We gonna get so irie irie irie
    We don't want no Babylon up in our yard

  84. Ábner Matteini

    Come to Brazil pohaaa

    Fabio Honorato

    Foda os cara não vem nunca

  85. Celbinho Cray cray

    que brisa Matuê

  86. NZ reggae

    One of the few non black reggae groups I really enjoy.
    Just compress/limit it a little less at mastering. A bit too squashed I reckon. I guess I like a bit more of a warm open dynamic sound rather than the radio dense highs.
    I listened to that album with the easter island statues a few times.
    Just my opinion.
    Well done. Magic.

  87. Leli Munoz

    Those irie vibez ❤️💛💚

  88. Elijah Kahakua Pereira

    My new favorite song of the year

  89. Acoustic Silk

    We gonna get so Irie

  90. Ras_ leonchopz

    Respect !!!

  91. Lori Hernandez


  92. Kurt Resos Adventuress

    Been listening of tribals seeds for years I was 8 yrs old and now Im 19 Jahbless :D Still loving it. <3