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Tribal Seeds Right On Time Comments
  1. haggeo lim

    listening when i woke up

  2. Kate Christodal

    ☆ I love this song ☆

  3. Rachel Dillard

    The fuck here

  4. Rachel Dillard

    I strip to this song on the regular. Always on time ⏳

  5. Seth Nicholls

    This track maybe my favorite T.S. song ❤💛💚

  6. jeffery snyder

    I dedicate this song to Samantha Jane

  7. Luiz Henriqq

    best reggae 4ever..

  8. Melvin Shelton

    This what's up

  9. jeffery snyder

    I am amazed on how epic you all sound n how great you work together. I pray you still remember me for hooking you up with my mixtape. Is there enough money for the record label to give me cash for song writing it🤗😁😅My phone number is (561)305-9219, thanks a bunch!

  10. Matt Miller

    As soon as I heard this song I knew it was fire

  11. Maria Rodriguez

    love tribal seeds

  12. Jordan Trujillo

    If u like this one you will like lonely night

  13. Alondra Cervantes

    buenas vibras! JAH

  14. Loveyourlife

    Try it with Speed 1.25

  15. Abigail Villanueva

    this song live is absolutely amazing 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  16. alexis Garcia


  17. KeyBump1


    lyndsey beecher

    Trevor Hall and Nahko Bear are some hidden gems too! 💖

  18. KeyBump1

    21 rude boys, boom boom clat

  19. Sean R

    21 babylonians dont know what time it is and dislike this song?
    I love you mary jane!

    Sean R

    +King Yellowman She gives me love! When I need her love!

  20. RUDE BWOY80

    Blazing up the good with my girl

  21. Giovani Garcia

    why did i discover this group now n not before?

    Giovani Garcia

    they're great


    @Giovani Garcia
    so far my favs are Representing; and dark angel

    Giovani Garcia

    my songs: night and day, dawn of time and away

    Sean R

    +bobdarkful Moonlight is my favorite when dogboarding at sunset.
    Lifes Not Fair featuring Chazare is very underrated!

    Jose Garcia

    Giovani Garcia so? Never too late to change n feel positive! Live love brother

  22. Keisha Woodbine

    hey,go to pandora and put SOCA in the serch bar.

  23. Earthy Daughter

    Natural <3

  24. Jeremy Hood

    Maaaaan!! Such a siiick vibe. I wish they would come to the mayjah rayjah in Hawaii.. u can not listen to this song and NOT be happy. #LivindatHIlife JAH!

  25. SDub20ify

    Love from Imperial Beach!

  26. Moy Pacheco

    yeah you right man, you bull shit

  27. Tam Lozano

    these vibes <3

  28. Daniel A Diaz

    CHULA VISTA!!!!!!!!

  29. J-Man88UK

    omg lovin this such a nice vibe :)

  30. plusplus8

    steve is always on time

  31. Alex Short

    I love Tribal Seeds! My boyfriend is from SD & he introduced me to this music, we both love it! <3

  32. David Ramirez


  33. Rickie Ruiz

    Tribal Seeds fuckin Rock!

  34. Zenith The Nihil

    What an amazing song <3 Love Tribal Seeds.

  35. rick jay

    Tribal aint from SD that's what they say but they didnt start there

  36. Eliyahu Sandoval

    what awes me is your ability to Capitalize the name of the band and not the Creator´s name...

  37. edgar escobar

    beautiful song.. one love

  38. Jeff Ellis

    universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people

  39. rekon hek

    Jah Bless!

  40. Geo Lacny

    what does one love mean?

  41. Logan LaValley

    @Aleio16 it's all good man that just means these guys are one of the hardest touring reggae bands around. Thank tribal seeds for bringing the youth around!!

  42. Mr Keep It 2

    it's Kinda Awesome You live in the Same City They From and Your Listening to the Good Vibez =)
    It's all Good. 1 Love

  43. aleio16

    It's kind of sad I live in SD and I still haven't seen them live.

  44. Kk 18

    fucking love this sonng

  45. MrGonzo1989

    hell yeah brahda @ratstaroots

  46. TheLifeISsublime

    If you've heard them live you know they don't need autotune to sound awesome. Too many haters for a song with these good vibes

  47. Wendy Sorensen

    you really cant hear the autotune? first line of the song has it

  48. ratstaroots

    wow i'm suspended from school for the rest of the year but this song cheers me up everytime

  49. 420JuggaloTears

    love it when your dealer shows at your door.

  50. BAKEtheJAKE

    @RawrICAntFindANAme the same if i was on probation

  51. Naturals By Nattie

    if every one was enlightened and listened to music with good vibes and lyrics instead of material trash there would be world peace keep the vibes goin reggaemindset your my fav channel

  52. chris r

    gooood vibes

  53. sal10851

    Song is awesome!

  54. Justin

    @wavenirvana69 hey me too

  55. Aaron Burger

    Half black means nothing. Just shows how ignorant you truly are

  56. Shiralee Harris

    cum 2 NZ !!!!!

  57. Pimskie

    Come to the Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Deana Mercado

    You guys are whack stfu & just listen!!!!! Tribal seeeds is awesomeeeeee<3

  59. gooby jr

    @stephanodixon1991 ok you're half black... you know everything

  60. Brent

    RoOtS rOcK rEgGaE

  61. Oceancruzer

    DharmaRev no need for lectures I'm enjoying the song.

  62. DharmaRevoMedia

    brada stephan you clearly dont know reggae if ye puttin these guys as 2nd best and jigg say is tru one should not be comparing bands each one bring a new soul to reggae and especially roots-reggae. Have u heard of Kevin Kinsella? Elijah Emanuel? Solomon Jabby? Groundation? Sebastian Sturm? Jahcoustix? J-san and the Analogue Sons? Jahfe?? ooklah The Moc? I suggest you dig a little deeper InI is not judging you and I'm a big fan of these brethrens TS. bless Up yal

  63. stephano dixon

    @jigguhpwn don't take it so personaly i'm half black and i've been listen to this music since I was born don't lecture me about this kind of music

  64. gooby jr

    @stephanodixon1991 stop trying to one up a band...just listen to the music, there's no "best reggae" because all reggae is too good to be comparing

  65. TheBatist0

    good to listen new songs from them!! :))

  66. stephano dixon

    Best Reggae: The Wailers
    Second best: Tribal seeds

  67. Kauai Guy

    Now i fall like the rain, you cyant say you know when di rain will fall....deepest lyrics

  68. ReggaeMindset

    @Androweda Spread this greatness :) One Love <3

  69. Tyler Stewart

    IRIE :D

  70. Fabian

    sick song

  71. vash Varela

    sweet MUSIC!

  72. Jacob Marler

    Hell ya!