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  1. Lawrence Njawe

    Curiosity brings me here. My intro to Tribal Seeds White guys singing of Haile Selassie!!! Good sound, similar vein to Steel Pulse.

  2. trina trina

    Tribal Seeds my #1 I love u guys 💖💖

  3. Mcbrian Gibson

    cuantos latinos oyendo este buen album representig

  4. Jubach

    The Olmec civilization is an alliance with Africans.

  5. Jubach

    Dude I’ve never heard anything at all like this. This is blowing my mind right now!

    Spirit Avenue

    You are waking up my friend.


    Spirit Avenue Hell yeah my friend.

    Hookili Bishaw

    listen to rock the night and welcome


    Hookili Bishaw thanks for the recommendations! Can’t seem to find a song called Welcome tho.

  6. Ras Mamey Flagman Jr

    Prophet Vaughn ♥️🙏🏽

  7. Miejski Raport Official

    Epic song. Such a chorus !

  8. haggeo lim

    never gonna bully the roots man <3

  9. N Flores

    wonder if the moors and Olmecs had ties ?😳

  10. Chace Charrier

    Holy shit midnite! They're from saint croix!

  11. Fred Wilson

    InI represent Haile Selassie Almighty God
    That’s why this song is one of the most MEANINGFUL and best. HAILE SELASSIE

  12. JT R

    Still makes me happy in 2018

  13. Pedie Gordon

    Olmec is where all of us native Americans and Mexicans came from and I love that tribal seeds recognizes this and sings about it

    Moises Contreras Aguilar

    Actually Olmecas ocuppied just a small territory in the mexican coast known as Golfo de México. Nowadays called Veracruz y Tabasco. But yes i guess that their legacy is droped by all the near cultures from mesoamerica but don´t thnk that they had interaction witn the north american cultures. Anyways Is interesting how this band use an olmecan head in his portrait, i luv it and im proud of my culture and my roots mesoamericanas

    N Flores

    the pyramid is in tetrahedron form... (carbon/melanin, phospHORUS)

    N Flores

    voyagers travelling by the circle in the sky.. polaris sitting at the middle.

  14. Claudiè Perez

    Temazoooo ❤

  15. hjjjhu ythjjji ybhlfb ujubhg

    Love it,greetings from mexico🙏

  16. raz bishara

    Bonfire Blaze!!!... 💯
    Charge Up Fyah Warriors... Beautiful Vibes for I n I n I...
    JAH RASTAFARI ✡️👆🏽🦁❤️💛💚🖤🌴😎🔊

  17. Jahstlisten

    For the longest time, I thought the verse was

    "I and I represent
    The power of the energies
    Might of the early instruments
    Well, I leave still lost, still lost"

    Love you guys


    Jahstlisten read the real lyrics. Might of his holy trinity, Haile Selassie!!! not lost my lord

  18. jim 3445

    I can't not blast this song. Big chune. I and I represent

  19. marvin sanga

    Great song

  20. Blue Damil

    I want to lift weights to this song because he says power on my chest lol

  21. SirMullich

    The album cover tells me there have been black people living with mayans?

  22. ahmed albnwadi

    The blunt song for all time

  23. Mingkay Kitty

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie

    History they're teaching is wrong
    There's nothing new underneath the sun
    Everything in life got its purpose
    High above and beneath the surface
    Each day we pray, giving thanks
    Inna remembrance of where we came from
    The Olmec civilization is in alliance with the Africans

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie

    - Vaughn Benjamin:
    The merging of the roots, King Selassie I know
    Divinity of man, the changes that would come
    When the people don't overstand this
    Collective security
    Our collective annihilation, ??
    One by one, ??
    Unification, all nations create a ??
    Hmm, one love

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie


    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie

    I and I representing
    The power, the glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest Trinity
    Hail, Haile Selassie, Selassie


    Mingkay Kitty thank you for this!

  24. Music Guy

    I was there at the release live show in SD on the campus I showed up late with long hair and beard walked right up near the front and took my seat near the right. I met E.N Young after what a magnificient album this will always be.

  25. Erick D. Garcia

    👌tema !

  26. graff2Saku

    Dislikes make me wonder "why are Bieber fans on this" guess to dislike. Some people have no music in their souls. Reggae for life, Tribal Seeds for life, Onelove!!!

  27. Emman Librero

    jah ✊✊✊

  28. Abby leija

    Got to see them live at a Dirty heads concert this summer!!! It was my first time listening to them they were amazing!

  29. j hoffa

    Amazing song! Love the combination of Reggae with wind instruments. But every reggae singer doesn't need to sound like Bobby.

  30. James Techaira

    one love . keep it up , I'm here at state side but when I listen to tribal seeds I feel like I'm at home (guam 671) . miss it so much . one love .

  31. FOFO.64. the real one

    big tune a gwaan :) YOU MUST COME to FRANCE spread your positive vibes !!!!!!


    on les attend, faut qu'ils tournent par chez nous !!

  32. Scott Golding

    MIDNITE!!! Taught me so much about life when I was a youth

  33. Elsa RM

    "I and I represent"

  34. Daniel Corra

    This entire album changed my life. Bless Tribal Seeds true roots fire to its core.

  35. Jimmy Williams

    they are number one

  36. Juan B.

    Tribal seeds SMASHING! ! Especially with Master MIDNITE. THE BOM! !

  37. Lunatic Riad


  38. Jack Mellow

    bless up

  39. Dwayne Hamm

    TS is one of the few, very few, roots Rastafari bands around.

    Bret Rutledge

    +Dwayne Hamm Expanders are another great rootsy group as well. they harmonize so perfectly

    Dwayne Hamm

    Agree. Bless you!

    Romeo Martinez II

    +Vitamin C i believe the guitar player, front man and his brother are mexican

  40. Sean R

    Gotta love Tribal Seeds for teaching rastafari and history.
    Unfortunately the Olmec civilization is not connected with Africa.
    They most likely crossed over from Asia, Syberia and migrated south over time and eventually formed the Olmec civilization.
    I wouldnt necessarily want to connect myself to the Olmec civilization either.
    Their religion was based on human sacrifice.
    Human sacrifice probably led to their demise

    (Michael Mike) A.K.A Cholo Chump Grunge

    the olmecs were indigenous Mesoamerican people. afrocentric people like to steel my ancestors because the stone resembles African features but yet the indigenous people of Mexico still have the olmecs facial features. and no their demise was the Spanish conquest who imposed their Christian God and European rape and thievery of their gold and natural resources. still a good song but the African music and African claims I find disrespectful because they are not true claims

  41. Phillip Tornquist

    I have to be one of your biggest fans... I love you guys so much and this is my favorite album

  42. Jacob Lutz

    I and I representing.  Divine one and I are one.  To know the father you must know the son...Peter Tosh. 

    N Flores

    the standing one

  43. Zenith The Nihil

    I and I representing
    The power, glory, and majesty
    Might of the holiest trinity
    Hail Haile Selassie, Selassie

    Some of the most powerful lyrics I've ever heard. They give me chills each and every time I listen to this masterpiece of a song.

    Alberto Richiez

    Amber Craig Yes I" My favorite song is Blood Clot ft. Don Carlos.


    Ambrajah 1 Queen wit fashion plus sense inna dem words.. One luv outta germany


    Amber Craig Hail I Jaaaaaaaaah Rastafari Selassie I Everytime blessed Love!!! ❤️💛 💚🦁


    ROOTS VIBES !!!!!! JAH <3

  45. Aaron Josua Tabuco Coniendo

    wow it's nice song... (Y)

  46. Ronald Naamen

    very good album it..... only one thing thats bad its not out on vinyl ;)


    I agree with you man! Would love to see a vinyl

    Romeo Martinez II

    i think they came out with a vinyl I went to their show and they had it for sale along with other CD's

    Ronald Naamen

    there is a vinyl out your right indeed

  47. tom francisco

    representing  cool 


    Mighty Song!! Mighty Album! 
    Big Up Tribal Seeds Everytime! 

  49. Tyson Brown


  50. Filipe Loureiro

    top top..bless from portugal.

  51. PositiveImprovement

    Been playing all your songs today and i am better

  52. Ryan C

    First VIEW first like first comment like a mother f****** boss