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Tribal Seeds In Your Area Comments
  1. Christopher Santos

    san diego representing 🙌🏽

  2. haggeo lim

    the rest place of king solomon

  3. Risewiseopeneyes

    Great tune, Kyle's verse is fire 🔥

  4. Mr Flores

    This song is so bad ass, reminds me of when I lived in Bend Oregon, good vibrations from Mexico. ONE LOVE

  5. Raul Blood

    Who’s still on this vibe in October 2019?

  6. collin benson

    STILL BUMPIN’ 2019🔥🇺🇸

  7. joelercoaster

    That first verse is straight heattttttttt! 😱🔥🔥🔥😍

  8. Jason Potapenko

    This is the Voltron Blazing Sword of songs

  9. Remover of obstacles

    I will NEVAH leave you hanging bro. always got ur back.

  10. Remover of obstacles

    Kyle Mac on mutherfucking FIRE!!! DAmen bro...RESPECT. Jah Bless
    You guys always keep me flying high above the clouds with your Irie vibes.
    Thank you for what you do. "They said you can smoke in here Karl, only herbs though.."
    "somebody get that man a drink"... 77777

  11. Slow Cut

    I first heard your music playing in a sushi bar yesterday. It oddly fit perfectly w/the whole experience

  12. Chris Hardy

    One of my favourite tribal seeds numbers. Love the ending ! Aye I Puff that herb for Scotland

  13. Amadeus mozart

    Spread Jah light

  14. Jay Day

    Found this bad ass jam in 2019!!

  15. Jose Covarrubias

    you dont gotta bern to feel the melody

  16. Ernest Fanelli


  17. Sherwood Nickol

    Amazing song. Much credit to Tribal Seeds they're a great band! I just can't believe how everything Kyle touches turns to absolute 🔥🔥🔥 His flow and style are legendary and there isnt, and never has been any musician like him. Unique musical creativity on another level.🤙

  18. Logan Hedon

    Big props from newzealand. phenomenal.

  19. TREE HOUSE company

    representing the raza!!!

  20. 92105SanDiego 619


  21. Erege Erege


  22. jim 3445

    this joint here real bouncy

  23. nebb britton

    2017 oct. Still lissining from 707 emerald tri

  24. Raynerd Victor

    Who's blazing well jamming to dis.

    Nate Dion

    The Almost Makes You smoke to this Song!, these guys are Special.

  25. Jimi Stinger

    Sounds Legit.

  26. Kilo

    smoke it up tab it up

  27. Marvz Martian

    One Love from Reggae People in the Philippines

    Karl Linsangan

    bless kapatid

    Cristian Covarrubias

    Pinoy love to you too

  28. Shane Cheverez

    This might be the best song ever

    Amanda Breaz

    It is. lol


    Yep!! Slightly Stoopid and triable seeds in the same area... amazing

    Remover of obstacles

    fuck yes it is...

  29. trina trina

    Tribal Seeds ❤ I love u guys. #1

  30. Miriam

    all I thought about was black pink in your qrea

  31. Tawnya herrick

    saw you guys in Burlington, VT. you were awesome! hope you come this way again soon.

  32. alito alito A.M.A

    siempre escucho tribal seeds come to argentina sur america


    systems we never fearing you

  34. Munkee

    Jammin' shit man, I love this!

  35. Chriss Senrijas

    While we in the area
    Light it up, not daring you
    Why some never hearing you
    Cause your sound boy him delirious
    Tribal seeds is in the area
    Causing mass hysteria
    Still drinking more beer than you
    All other sound it is inferior

  36. Pascal Khan

    Hisap , hisap jangan tak hisap!

  37. Shred Head

    Gives me the chills sooooo good

  38. Rob Herb

    so sick guys.  this one says it all

  39. Igor Freitas

    Love Slightly and also love tribal seeds, hear them together its aewsome. This sound owwnz

  40. Raul Peregrin

    original reggae !! this is a fucking art ...........

    Luis Cruz

    yes it is my brother..

  41. Tony Vala

    Tribal seeds u guys gota hit up SB I'v seen u twice n Ventura u guys were legit but tgat theater sucks ass Cruz to SB Bowl shown much luv n herb smoke

  42. Amy Arsenault

    I <3 San DiegoOoo

  43. Ary PlaysPoker

    This song somehow gives me strength man, I freaking love it

  44. mitchie.420

    music is the most hiGh

  45. PEER

    One of the best songs from this album!

  46. Shelby Greene

    trees up in my pocket, smoke go where the wind blow.

  47. Marky C

    Blaring this out on the streets of Scotland spreading the word of tribal seeds jah love

    Raul Blood

    Marky C jah love brother 🤙🏼


    619 for life my brothas

  49. 1RastaWarrior

    Straight FFYYYAAAAHHHHHH! Yes I. Cali vibes all day.

    Bless up to all of the beautiful Brehtren and Sistren in this here struggle.Keep it in the Heights! One Love and Yah Bless!

  50. Gabe Rocha

    Can't wait to see these guys stop by Monterey,Santa Cruz watch them live

  51. Ken Revilla

    Rastaman chant.

  52. Pedro Henrique

    Congratulations for the album! Love from Brazil!!

  53. Don Benzel

    Great tunes love it

  54. Sidny Burbridge

    Mastas of rasta are soon taking over.

  55. John Kushington

    two of my favorite bands 

  56. liberatethemasses

    "wisdom in the song to keep your head strong"

    Luis Cruz

    yes you get the message prays the lord smoke some ganja..

  57. elvis tomas

    Come play this song in bradenton fl

  58. PureReggae

    One of my favourite songs from the album!

  59. TheRealTieLUR

    bump this out your stereo

  60. I77AGIC

    love the new album!!!!!!!!!