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Tribal Seeds Herby Comments
  1. Joshua Dryer

    My new anthem. Praise be to the almighty creator of heaven and earth who is our heavenly father. Cannabis is the tree of life. 😁✌ truth.

  2. Kenny Gold

    I wonderful man put me on this song.. thanks..

  3. Emjhay arangorin

    One love🇵🇭👌

  4. Debbie Deb

    Sistah say smoke smoke. Cali vibes

  5. N Flores

    return to the Gan eyy

  6. thomas stanford

    Jah Rastafar I. Bless me thru out my days Far I.

  7. Maria B

    one love from McFarland ca.#rastamusic

  8. Thierno Diallo

    One love brothers from West Africa . Peace and joy and love

  9. marvin perez

    No one rolling on this track anymore? I do right now

  10. Brian Halleran

    Still jammin & blazin 😏😏💨

  11. Mj Maria Juana Villaneza

    420 😎👌

  12. Angelo Earley

    One love from Macon Georgia light it up!! 💪💪

  13. Christian Alarcon

    Smoke The Healing of The Nation.

  14. Vishnu keswani

    one roll for 2018 anyone

  15. bluprint printing

    one love from Philippines

  16. Tttheodore Webb Films

    One love from Florida!! ✌✌✌

  17. Machiavelli_ G

    music needs to come back to shit like this
    light one up

  18. Brandon O'Rourke

    Love from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  19. Christian James Pinggal

    Gona play this song ths april20 at 4:20am! Sets the mood right
    Peace everybody!

  20. Daryl Hogan

    One love from So Cal💚💛

  21. CidTheHorrorKid

    I was legit being overwhelmed with stress throughout the day that I had developed a migraine but the moment I started playing this song, I felt it all wash away with the good flow :) lots of love from Cali, Tribal Seeds! cheers! ✌✌🌈🌈

  22. toodownB

    One love from Cen-Cal! ✌

  23. Ray Orozco

    sunset on the west nothing like it

  24. Ray Orozco

    been smokeing weed in cali for over 10 years never get no trouble los Angeles kinda the best place to live warm beaches snowing mountains sticky weed and close to mex. not to bad cali love

  25. lion zion

    from SD to small town, Missouri. so much love in these comments. God bless it

  26. rochoa11

    Love coming straight from the mountain tops! utah vibes ❤💛💚✌

  27. torres3046

    One love from Northern California!!!!

  28. raff basi

    queima babilonia Brazil

  29. Pa† indol

    Love..hearing this last nyt @ ReggGrill DAVAO Phil.,

  30. RootsRoots

    smoke smoke! light up your ganja, one love from Costa Rica!

    brianne murillo

    RootsRoots pura vida brotha!!!!💕🤟🏻🤙

  31. Steff Rojas

    one love from L.A. <3

  32. Rashid Black

    Chi-Town burn it down & salute da crown

  33. Ryan Zigler

    Happy 420 from Cali <3 roll one :D

  34. Antoine Savreux

    one love from paris

  35. Amber lee

    All love from Texas to all of yall 👏👏👏💚💚💚stay Irie 💨

  36. TheSmartStoner

    Two love. From your mom..

  37. Anthony Starkovski

    One love from Jersey!!!!

  38. Trykz Rhyme

    One Love From Philippines :)

  39. Brayden Jones

    From Utah ONE LOVE

  40. Marleyismydog420

    Light it up for global legalization! Peace and love to all !

  41. Bem Hall

    One love from North Carolina

    Purp Cloud

    Bem Hall North Carolina love bradda. one love~

    Tttheodore Webb Films

    Dope same here... what part?

  42. Celyssar Lorgas

    One love from Minnesota <3

  43. Underc0vertoast

    One love from Aruba

  44. Enrique Rodriguez

    One love from Spain ;)

  45. Elduran Lucas

    One love from Jamaica!!

  46. Vincent Cannizzaro

    One Love from Richmond, Virginia.

  47. Kaley Mccurdy

    One love from Utah

  48. Casey Scott

    One love from South Carolina

  49. Guilherme Siebert

    One Love from São Paulo, Brazil

  50. Alex Coqueret

    One love from France :)

  51. Noey Bean

    one love from lake arrowhead 

  52. Josh Sumpter

    One love from Utah!

  53. urbex.adventure

    One Love from German

  54. themagiicman182

    One love from northern virginia

  55. Fonzy A

    One love from California

  56. Issizz1544

    One Love from Houston Texas!

  57. Gabriel Araújo Sousa

    one love fron Brazil

  58. Mobile Legend Finest

    One love from Philippines...

  59. Jacob Scott

    Yeah I.  Whoaoaoaooo

  60. Jacob Scott

    I mon chant.

  61. Rickie Ruiz

    Rasta Say Smoke!

  62. Emilio Perez

    Waiting for a new album!! I can't wait to see them in concert!!!

  63. Class_Iko

    Hi Jah people from all over the world!
    Probably you'll be thinking that we are just another spam band searching for attention...and actually we are. We are a young band, that is trying to make this world better through music and we need your help to get heard! In a world where without money you can't do much to be heard, each one of you can help us a lot. If you feel like listening to our songs, it will be a pleasure for us.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Much love to everyone,


  64. LianJie Gunnm

    I like tribal seeds, the best song of the year

  65. ElizPapiz819

    light up ya ganja...MARIJUANA!!!

  66. Steven Brown

    They will be back at the beach in August cant wait ... There last show was no joke one of the best i've seen and they were the opener for slightly stooped.. Smoke Smoke...........

  67. MarianaRodrigueszion

    muy bueno!!

  68. MarianaRodrigueszion

    one love from portugal

  69. Carla Gonzalez

    Rad ass song