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Tribal Seeds Come Around Comments
  1. Retro Gamer

    Great great tune

  2. shabrina bina

    ahhh ❤

  3. Cait Lin

    Who still bumpin in 2k19🍃

    Jillian Jacob

    stay bumpin

    Karen O

    Hell yeah 🤙🏼🌱💚💛❤

    Steven de la Rosa

    Cait Lin I’m going to the nov 24th show in SD

  4. Francisco cuevas


  5. Samiam Farrell

    I love all of tribal seeds song, their music just makes me feel like this bands in my head ❤

  6. #1fan

    Reminds me of my baby mama

  7. Kamilo Bejerano

    😍buenísima no me canso de escucharlo 🎶💚💛❤

  8. Abrielle LuVisi

    Good song it so cool love you tribal seeds shout out to you guys


    My favorite song by them

  10. Josue Aguilar

    love this song thanks tribal seeds great music positive when i come around

  11. grace gabayeron

    Positive Jah words! GOOD VIBES EVERYONE! ;)

  12. James Sandoval

    I want to get high with you .. high with you .. i want to spend my life with you . life with you. so tell me everything. ....... i love this Joint !

  13. eric espinoza

    I'll never understand why people watch a video just to dislike it.


    to improve suggested items in the feed.


    Maybe they just didn't like it?

    Loonychacha Jenkins?

    How do you know if you like something or not if you don't watch it?

  14. doug haggerty

    Joseph Mills

    doug haggerty

    Apparently you are a miserable person who believes to strongly in the crap society forces down your throat. Real religion and belief in god is peace no matter which one you believe in. Want to be a real person quit being a hypocrite and realize everyone is entitled to own belief because we didn't come from a cookie cutter

  15. Joseph Juarez

    I wish they would play this song live way more often😔

    Jillian Jacob

    ive only seen them like 3 or 4 times but only heard it once live its so frustrating so i feel you lol

  16. Joseph Mills

    illuminati group who claims it to be otherwise. From the symbolism on their album covers to the way they believe in and push off one of the free masons founding fathers king Solomon as a good guy when the bible clearly tells another story about Solomon. Rasta roots are nothing but pure deceit and satanism at its core with their own made up book called the Kebra which was not written by gods chosen few. So beware of this crazy cult people because its a hell bound path your taking by following this trash.

    Islander Boy

    +Matthew Palmer Gotta smoke that Ganja😂

    Islander Boy

    +Joseph Mills Oh really how can a man that built the temple of God be the father of illuminati. Last time I checked the Pyramid was in Egypt and what does it symbolize? ILUMINATI
    Solomon was never the father of illuminati. The father of illuminati was Adam Weishaupt. Second, Bob Marley is the father of reggae🖕🏽🖕🏽🍁🍁🍁RASTAFARIAN

    Peter Volck

    get ya bloodclot nonsense outta ere

    Vigorous Garden

    You are full of shit my man!!! They came into my store before buying things for their 2 dogs here in San Diego, California, and the guy was totally chill


    Omg stfu

  17. Deon Kenton

    cause i choose a life of a humble maun :)

  18. Sonny G

    smoke smoking to the heavens

  19. J1O2N3H K3E4NN5ED

    I love you mari jane

  20. Dan Reese

    Love this joint!!

  21. Candyce Guile

    Love love love this ❤

  22. payton romero

    havent herd one song that was bad from them

  23. giwrgos talis

    baby come around ..

  24. Angelo Ziegler

    Lmfao that's so true this song is great

  25. Mike Delaroca

    no dislikes! thats whats up

  26. andrew krupinski

    Wait till you hear it live from front row, then youll be vibing and she be coming around..

  27. Brittany Romero


  28. qwantry

    Fav song from them

  29. Jackson Quandt

    Sick song