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  1. Abella In Danger

    i don’t know why these people keep appropriating the olmec heads. do they really think they represented black people? and those mayan pyramids 💀 it’s hard to believe that people really spent most of their life believing that my people (native americans/native latin americans) were black 💀

  2. Jonathan Rock

    Hell ya my dude 👍

  3. Nemo Hoes


  4. darleny laya

    wish i knew more people who loves and live this kind of music, this kind of life <3

  5. darleny laya

    que genial, amo esta composicion, amo a estos dos !<3 jah bless

  6. Tj Oribia

    Still listening 2019 sept 13

  7. NivolDica

    This song came on by itself from the automatic suggestions, and I just catched the lyrics on the last chorus, and realized that holy shit - they're actually singing about Illuminati!! And they have gotten Don Carlos as a featuring artist on the song. I'm not sure with what words should/could I compliment the song, but damn... I know reggae-artists are woke people, but I've never heard any reggae that is written with lyrics about of the actual evil hidden conspiracy sects or the real the masters of puppets behind the back curtains of the worlds main stage before this and oh Jah, how refreshing that sounded. It's usually always about "the Babylon" which one can interpret how ever one wants, and reggae has always been the music of peace, love and happiness made for praising The Most High, but it's also been the music of freedom, resistance, revolution and rebelling against the powers that be, and I have actually thought about it few times before, why aren't any reggae-artists writing lyrics about the true wicked powers in the world naming their names, and spreading information about them to the global fan base. Does the Illuminati-luciferianists have such a strong hold on even the smaller indie record companies publications, that they have managed to stop any of this kind of material coming out from any really big reggae names, or is Alborosie, Stick Figure, Rebelution, SOJA etc. etc. just not writing anything about these topics? There is a lot of rap music published about the whole lot from Bohemian Grove, to Council Of Foreign Relations, to child sacrificing luciferianists, but no reggae what so ever - at least I haven't heard any before this song. If you know some, do tell please!

    Angelbzbzb Moralesb

    Damn copy paste?

  8. Long skill oficial

    Buena shit!!

  9. Jason Baul

    Can anyone tell me what is the synth name of this bubbly rhode piano. Freakin digging the sound

  10. gaston alvarez

    Tribal seeds 🔈🔈🎵🎼 ARGENTINA 🇦🇷

  11. Bernard Mbaru

    No more backbiting ,no more fussing fighting

  12. D Wise

    I remember seeing you guys live in San Diego back in like 2008.. You were great then and you're even better now. What an honor it must be to colab with a legend like Don Carlos.

  13. we wantrenny

    This fuckin song bruhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Ali Stair

    Jat rastah far i. KILLUMINATI!!!!!!!

  15. trina trina

    Masters of Rasta 💖

  16. Bong Ding ding

    I miss you Jahfada! RIP

  17. lori25hu

    16:20 enjoy sooooo different when puff puff pass

  18. Lacey Shupe

    All I listen to while at the gym. Roots reggae is da best

  19. Dwight Mitchell

    Yyyeeaaahhhh rasttttaaaa mannnnn

  20. Marie Constant

    Blood's Brothers before Convertion =Sorciere Prostitutions Bobotte Criying open to show in Seduction Teacher's White Only At Bolw Hero's d:Haitiens scholl SPIRITUAL..Yes ELIZA Servant aide Madame Lucst GEORGES Cover REINE for PASTOR ST GEORGES....

  21. brew 210

    Top 10 in my collection of all

  22. Kip Allen

    im astral projecting off this

  23. jim 3445

    Here before millions

  24. jim 3445

    This beat bangs, I cant not blast this

  25. Sven Rieck

    Fucking cooler Track. PEACE FROM GERMANY..

  26. American Knights Of AssKick

    34 jockstraps were cinched too tight, and was forever uncool since

  27. Thicknezz420 Azzkeybell

    Reggae is my Religion ..Irie For ever

  28. artthur ataide

    O plano dos Illuminates nunca vão dar certo nunca!!!!!

  29. reggae music

    I love this music💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💓💓💓💓💓

  30. Luis Velasquez

    That's right raahaaaaaaaaa tribal seeds puts it down Big 619 San Diego.National City

  31. Kyle Keairnes

    We will miss those smiles and that JaFada laughter.. Things won't be the same this summer. We will love and cherish the memories, good times. Sending my love, thoughts and prayers.

    Steve Moreno

    Indeed bradda

  32. Dread pirate Roberts

    rip jafada

  33. Ramon Cruz

    war against illuminati

    Saur One

    Where are they? :P First found them...
    ps. People should stop reading every trash on internet. The war is against capitalism. Unity and love! PEACE
    (i apologize for my poor English)

  34. Nicholas Snodgrass

    I catch a feeling while listening to this song🍁🍁

  35. Alexis Pizarro Londono

    elegante .........

  36. Alexis Pizarro Londono

    elegante .........

  37. maCky Clink lumad


  38. Leina Aguon

    Its only the righteous and the meek shall inherit livity

  39. Ablaye Ba

    love this crew

  40. Sarah M

    rasta rule the world

  41. Sarah M

    I should listen to this when going to bed.

    brew 210

    Sarah M duh

  42. Raul Peregrin

    fuck illuminati,fuck mason ,fuck the sistem 

    reggae music

    Raul Peregrini your mouth are so very bad you now

    Mario Figueroa

    Raul Peregrini lol u know nothing about Masons

  43. JamesRipsit310




  45. Monster

    i dont know how anyone could listen to anything but roots reggae rock in the morning time, god bless this gem! jah blesssss!!!!!

    brew 210

    Monster morning night all day it's perfect

    Vox Piratica

    ^ like he said, how can you not listen to it all day, everyday? it's one of the few genres of music that is POSITIVE, and has words (that i understand) - there are beautiful forms of music all over the world, but generally they don't have lyrics.


    This is so banging

  47. KNEEDEEP760

    i just realized how uncomfortable the word blood clot makes me haha 

    spreadjahlove to the world

    if a blood clot gets to your brain or heart it could kill you. that's what it's referring to..the government is a bloodclot.


    @spreadjahlove to the world i realize this but the word makes me cringe.

  48. Ashley Luxe

    I say! dont stop reggae music

    Martin K

    Nobody Can Stop Reggae.......( Lucky Dube)

    brew 210

    Play aye some music #roots

  49. coreyshine16

    wassup carlos! reppin oside right! 

    the homie riley shine

  50. CanabiSey Outiou

    we want no more of that, killuminati..

  51. Hm Kush


  52. Unruly Mile High


    American Knights Of AssKick

    NORTH CAROLINA-GEO WATCH- in greensboro blasting it loud

  53. Ronnie Webster

    IRIE  !