Trey Songz - U Should Roll... Lyrics

U Should Roll... No Lyrics. U Should Roll... If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Trey Songz U Should Roll... Comments
  1. Barber Smitty

    We should roll mane 🤣

  2. montina weston

    Listening in 2019 and I'm sure I'll be listening in 2020

  3. Robert Victor

    This mixtape was his best work

  4. drumgoldparks

    Make more songs like this

  5. Prince Slice

    Still my shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Maddy More

    This my shit......

  7. Montay James

    Anybody still listening in 2019 😩😩🔥🔥🔥

  8. Maddy More

    I love this ughhh

  9. İrem Çınar

    in 9783 and still here?

  10. SoFly Win

    2019 still slapping n getting laid!

  11. Micah World


  12. Suga Shae

    My shit right here!!!

  13. Moses Bryant

    Roll with a nigga like me

  14. 4TheLoveofMichael


  15. Tyesha Matthews

    This song 🔥

  16. Tracey Holt

    Im sorry-- this is HARD!!

  17. Jade E.

    So cocky lol but I love it!

  18. Voracious Reader

    2018 still bumping this shit

  19. Omar Ruano

    This my shit right here🎶

  20. Jermey Foster

    My Nigga Went Crazy...2017

  21. Bobby Jones

    This that shit u play for her when she got a lame man at home works every time trust me

  22. Diane Castilleja

    all trey songz are all lit brooo!!!!!!

  23. vegas baby-dollxoxo

    Dammnnnn I wanna drop my husband & panties for him 😂

  24. Night Cat

    Ugh daddy

  25. Quan Kamal

    Just now hearing this n this is pretty hot

  26. Makaai Hairston

    "Girl you need a real Nigga in your life"

  27. Bianca Montgomery

    this is the shit... hey my fellow you tubers

  28. swifftouch

    this makes me think about Tupac Ambitionz Az A Ryder

  29. IAm SteveWray Jr.

  30. J. Busi

    Trey voice!!! 😍😍😍

  31. John Batiste

    idk why this nigga murder this song like this😩😩😩💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. D'Niqua Clark

    love this song

  33. Katt Kapone

    roll wit a n***a

  34. God is my fortress Acts2:38

    wish this was an official album some of the best songs I've ever heard are from this album-!

    Ne Swan

    Adrian Verhalen I agree

  35. Wizzard Kelly

    Omg this song is still a pantry droppa

  36. Danielle Blair

    Trey vocals draw me in like he's trying to turn me into a vampire or some shit. lol

    Rico Anthony

    add my ig rico_alsina_grinding and hmp pls i would like to talk to u 443-979-5143



    vegas baby-dollxoxo


    vegas baby-dollxoxo

    +TayzWay right ?!? lol

    Tee Beauty97

    Danielle Blair 😭😭😭😭

  37. Nia S

    I melt every time he say "I just wana take you to a place that you ain't never been before" 😩😩

    Hey Beautiful people

    ikr same

    The Mayor

    Le'Nia Simpson thought i was the only 1

    John Batiste

    Le'Nia Simpson no homo but I feel sum like that too,lot of released emotions going on.

    Ikerria Williams


  38. Jose Martinez

    is this song in itunes...

  39. Parrys Davis

    The beat I love it nd the song

  40. Armani Edwards

    this my song !!! 😍

  41. Janee Williams

    This is my song. Every time I hear it all I can do is think about my new boo R.R now he's a real man.

  42. Krisa

    I fell in love with the beat lol

    Bianca Montgomery

    Krisa Elliott-Deberry me too

    Moses Bryant

    Krisa nice feel right

  43. Doug the Pug

    trey mad underrated

    Autumn Mckoy

    Wrrrrrd like he the best singer out right now.

  44. Trinity Cochran

    "If I done told you once you done probably heard it twice your a bad bitch need a real nigga in your life."

  45. Trey Moore

    "I just wanna take you to a place that you ain't never been girl think of all the things that you deserve I'll give you more..." <---Real nigga shit.

    Michelle Bailey


    Curtis Boyd


    vegas baby-dollxoxo


  46. Jeanine Bryson

    Real nigga

  47. Zach Steele

    I did... follow me on twitter @TheRealZSteele

  48. Moniquee Anderson

    Fave Part -I cant stand to see you there like you are
    I wont I know if I done told you once you probably heard it twice
    You a bad bitch need a real nigga in you life see

  49. steven blanton

    Reeaaaallll niiiiigggggaaaaa

  50. megabuffboy

    I swear it doo !. did da same ta mee lmaoo !!

  51. persephone taylor

    this song boost my ego lol =)

  52. SweetEnvy010

    i wanna dance off of this song for my man ;)

  53. Skyy Love

    OMFG. This song ritchea !

  54. janelle cavin

    like i have this on repeat !!!!!

  55. Lamont Wyche

    Roll wit a nigga like me

  56. rdc036

    Who produced this?

  57. Kay Chanel

    If I done told you once, you done prolly heard it twice, you a bad bitch need a real NIGGA in ya life see...

  58. lightskin dimples

    u should roll with a nigga like me

  59. Kayla

    1:05-1:16 oh lord ;)  

  60. missy sassy

    i just want to take you to a place that you aint never been before

  61. missy sassy

    i love this

  62. Lightskin dimples

    U should roll with a nigga like me

  63. eastafrogirl1

    sex music

  64. pinkbarbienay1

    This me n my baby song Lol i just no he aint a nigga like me..

  65. Ms Matara Savage

    Girl u n33d a r3al nigga in yur lif3

  66. lilxmiget

    AHHH words cant describe how much i love this song!!

  67. sensualintellect

    The song is not about drugs. He is saying roll with a nigga like me, meaning come with a nigga like me. Leave your man and roll/come with me.

  68. Toraino Newton Jr

    favorite song off anticipation 2 mixtape yo

  69. Rhiannada904

    HA! I know right...

  70. DanceLaBelle

    I soooo agree lol!!!

  71. MrAveryBrown

    This song deals with a man, trying to get a girl. The man is confident that he can please the girl better than her current boyfriend can.

  72. scoolcrazy

    @lekena2 ok. but hes still saying "roll" and "with a nigga like me" which are straight from the weeknd -_-

  73. swagg2262

    =D Smhh my DTF sonq..!

  74. creemel chisholm

    i lovvvvveeee thiss sonnggg love the beginijng ya #1fan right here trey songz :)

  75. Jackie Starks

    It dnt say shit bout drugs -_-

  76. nubianbeauty_

    @scoolcrazy ummm he isnt singing about drugs -____- hes talking about how a bad bitch should be rollin with him meaning CHILL with him

  77. pinkbarbienay1

    This my baby make u wanna...ummm

  78. Arnedria Hogg

    This is my ringtone on my phone!!!

  79. Akayla F

    that Album cover dnt look to right .

  80. dee c

    i loveeeee this whole mixtape i play the shit out of it

  81. dee c

    @ArielBunny2x2 word like half my slow jam playlist is trey

  82. 88lup

    fuckin' great.
    "Ma mind sees the thinks that we could do.. right now"
    There's something wrong with the number of views? I'm pretty shore there must be over 1 million...

  83. twan qwer

    this and when we make love r the best tracks on on the cd

  84. shanelle steward

    i love the f**k out this song....damn he is so right.!!

  85. Syd Charisse

    This song is my most favorite off of the whole mixtape<3

  86. DrewSmoothTV

    This shit should be played in the club

  87. DrewSmoothTV

    Man I be telling females this shit all the time smdh.. This my anthem..

  88. Clinton T

    @montyne1 that doesnt make sense

  89. Seth St. Patrick

    @montyne1 yes and he shud,.... love this track

  90. Kaylee Blair

    My boyfriend be singing this to me.

    Katrina Scott

    Kaylee Blair who yo bf

  91. patricia hendricks

    i luv this song..... imma cry

  92. MichealJm3luv

    i dont give a damn bout ur man but i know he aint a nigga like me

  93. QueenQuib1

    The beginning makes your ears feel weird if you have earphones!

  94. Delina

    love this damn song !

  95. Delina

    love this damn song !

  96. heru anktut

    all these songs are wack trey is a disappointment. all his albums before was on point. i guess this is a phase hopefully.

  97. TheArieGee

    I just wanna take you to a place you ain't never been before!!!