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Trey Songz This Is The Life Comments
  1. charlot Hugues Sebastien

    2020 always to remember me how the past was

  2. Mzwandile Newton

    this is the life 2020.....

  3. Tajudeen Olasumbo

    White girls In Carolina let's call Caroline ..dope. Rossey

  4. Alexandre Bernard

    peeps for 2k tweeny?


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  6. Pedro Martins

    Brasil 09.11.2019

  7. Dreamgirl 8888

    Love you Emperor!!! Vibing 😂😎😍😘🤩

  8. Dreamgirl 8888

    Love everything you do BOSS!!!😎😍😘 KEEP SHINING 😎🥂🍍🍞🍬🦁🏆🌅

  9. Luiz Carlos SSX

    Rick Ross being boss 03:53

  10. Troy Dee

    Party Anthem

  11. Kiwecy Wright

    I was so hooked on this

  12. Bruno Carmargo Leite

    Salute from Brasil!!!!

  13. Mikhail Johnson

    2019 Payday theme song.

  14. Nsovo Duke Shilubana

    2019 !!!!!! this song will forever slap

  15. Alison Aguiar


  16. Anageuh Boris

    Chilling in a play station 🚉 2019

  17. Aman Tuli

    Takes me back to 2011

  18. Tmac Jackson

    This CD was just 🔥🔥 I know every song word for word..smh I 😍 love reminiscing on GREAT music..

  19. CAR GAS

    You have to chop and screw this .
    It slaps HARD.

  20. Carlos Alberto Pereira

    The boss

    Sebastiao Jose

    Não sabia que mais brasileiros gostavam do Rick Ross 💲😉

  21. Ric Ric


  22. Kevinsweetness

    2019 anyone?

  23. jamonaish

    this used to be my shit when i was ballin…. now im slummin but the song still go hard lmao

  24. Radric Davis


  25. tahlyson dobu

    brazil 2018

  26. Jason

    boss life

  27. Shawn stormy

    10 cane🇹🇹

  28. Mikshea Turner

    You mean through

  29. Mikshea Turner

    I ❤️ it

  30. Kassie cook

    Trey songs so little in this video

  31. rafael da silva

    fat officer ricky go ham

  32. Dr. Abe

    Make money people!!! Don’t give the opportunity to the 1%!!!!

  33. Douglas Dorman

    Thank you Family I love you too, peace and love, Doug:)<3.

  34. panzer german

    the girls' names on the clip? 3:20


    Bro they used the worst counterfit money in this video!! 😂😂😂

  36. خالد حبيب

    روس راست

  37. Dame Lo

    Rick ross 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  38. Courtney Bent

    I just got to see if you like an old lady gaga and she was like ik to see a lot on this one as well idk I am a lot see you then his best to be a n my life and death in this league title game at least two years later he was storming out giddy with a little girl in my car in a n sad but true that you will need to see a lot on this one as well

  39. Christine Carabajal

    Boss where u at I need you

  40. VEngEAnCE

    Oh my, that was the shit back then

  41. Samuel Jesus

    Cade os BR....2018...rick ross

  42. Joe Swizz

    2018 i made this is when this song started ...gonna jam it for life!!!

  43. Joah Curry

    This was almost Webbie's song

    Dale Winston

    Joah Curry cthank goodness that didnt happen

  44. King I Am

    Fucked plenty wives, crushed many lives 😂😂👌🏾 favorite part cause I can relate

  45. Alex Stefan

    2018? ;)

  46. Justin Johnson


  47. B. fly B.flyest

    This aint the life for the children watching this

  48. wiszi pro

    Rick ross is the boss yesterday today and forever

  49. Afolabi Sanu

    S supping all popo stopping they lives.

  50. Afolabi Sanu

    Word to triple c

  51. Afolabi Sanu

    Thanks to Scott stauch

  52. Afolabi Sanu

    99 problems

  53. Afolabi Sanu

    locks for rent♣🌕

  54. Afolabi Sanu

    lives for rent❗

  55. Afolabi Sanu


  56. Afolabi Sanu

    Tencane vs. Yocane

  57. Gina Harris

    We Rocks hony You Boys Done Swell Hell Yell Rick Ross Nock OC Baker out The Box I cant Disclose others

  58. Gina Harris

    Im Go Getter Go Getter I work Hard Im Handycap Im fallin out Laughin

  59. Gina Harris

    Dont Stop Playing Blow it Up

  60. Gina Harris

    Kiss Kiss Big Brother Dam Rite Im the Play Station read my name Who Sister Rick Ross Regina Ruby Bernice Harris honey

  61. Gina Harris

    Thats My Big Bother Thats Rite Booooooooo

  62. Yassine El Gharami

    2017 🎤🔥👌🏻👍🏻😀

  63. Fard McFadden

    this took me back

  64. Jerodo Whipple

    this still my shit

  65. Catty Dennis

    I love dis Dude Rozzay my real Nigga. When I listen to his song. I remember Biggy Small. Notorious

  66. JohnniePaige

    Soooooooo we just gonna ignore trigga choking or spitting out the champagne?

  67. Vusumuzi Mathumo-Githendu

    nice bicthes in the video

  68. Jerodo Whipple

    this shit still hard as fuck

  69. Todd Williams

    This was My SHIT!!

  70. Todd Williams

    This was My SHIT!!

  71. Zion Israel TV

    GET MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  72. Zion Israel TV


  73. Bumpy Johnson


  74. keith price

    Rozay my nigga been a fan since Jay signed him

  75. KaKa Reflections

    "Started with a biscuit, now I got a loaf!" Trey with the braids and Rozay! hahaaa! Just remembered this song today!

  76. Julius Makmot

    This is the life fam.

  77. Phumula Tembo

    Eemba my number 1 rose'

  78. wooba 454

    This beat chill

  79. EBK Omarius

    Trigga Trey and Ricky Rozay

  80. Anthony Gonzales

    im living it

  81. Anthony Gonzales

    when you don't have to watch your back cuz they have respect

  82. ezequiel dos s santana

    2009 ANO DO HIP HOP

  83. eaineezy

    when you finally make it

  84. Steven Dalloesingh

    This song is life!

  85. Betta Black Boy 911

    the boss

  86. The One


  87. garrett rice

    My boy trey songs Rick Ross

  88. cameron tristan

    fa real, real jamaican!......... heaters go fuk yaself....

  89. Isaac Codeine

    ...This is the life I'm in a race to get money
    This is the life I need a bad bitch to blow it for me...

  90. daniel boreland

    songz is the greatest singer in the universe

  91. sa'dan perviaz

    When I seen a million it fucked up my life.