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Trey Songz Sho Nuff Comments
  1. Tracy Hairston

    Still listening 2020❤


    If u listen to this in 2020 like this

  3. Chris Shea

    Great song happy to meet you hope we can stay connected and be happy friends

  4. Austin Wade

    Who still listening in 2020? 🔥

    Brittany Hogan


  5. Passion Jones

    True Trey fans❤️

  6. Andre Abney

    This song made me want a bitch asap!....

  7. wade perry

    This is still a vibe the whole album

  8. Charlene Pridgen

    my boo played this for me and i can't stop listening to it!!! Sho Nuff!!!

  9. Indy Honoreble

    Ur touch won’t fade away ur kiss won’t fade away ! SHO NuFF

  10. Sean Evans

    This has a lot less to do with The Last Dragon than I hoped.

  11. Marickera Ricks

    Is you still my baby 🥰

  12. Evelena Thomas

    Trey this is so disrespectful....#🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Don Towns Jr.

    This song always makes me give-in to my ex-girlfriends... Smh lol. Love this song...

  14. Andre Lawson

    I think about my wife every time I listen to this song I love you.

  15. Love Tee

    A nice song to ride and smoke with your love 1♥️😘

  16. danielle Chisolm

    That song makes me think about Casper the friendly ghost


    I suggest you go listen to Walls by Trey Songz... it’ll turn Casper into a horny ghost lmao

  17. Ashley Venney

    Sho Nuff 😍

  18. leonard edwards

    Man this song be hitting my favorite song


    I never stop feeling!!

  20. nate joe

    What kind of hooks is done I'll make love to you man y'all don't know real R&B is

  21. nate joe

    Especially Boys to Men they had that hook boy R&B don't have that hook no more that's why I'm awake going to be all like that

  22. nate joe

    90s R&B in the early 2000s nothing else compares

  23. nate joe

    Charlie sucks nowadays I like the 90s R&B even the early 2000s please don't worry about me I'm fine I'm only going to play. The full one time


    nate joe nigga what ??


    @sodamncutestud2 lmao 😂😂

  24. Tokeyia Lovelady

    Omg Trey 😍😍 I will always be a fan❤️

  25. Aaliyah Collins

    i swear i listen to this song everyday

    Black Superstar

    Hey beautiful! I just did my own version of this song! Come listen & if you like it subscribe to my channel

  26. Jeffery Kincey


  27. Hope Terrell

    I think tray songs is going though a moment where he realized there someone he loves and he let them go and misses them

    Nishaa M.

    Hope Terrell truuuue cause he’s boo’d up rn 🤗

    PlayBoy Trell

    Nishaa M. Not nomore

    Nishaa M.

    DjaayPlayz YT dam quick af

  28. Elisha Williams

    💖💕💞 LOVE THIS SONG...🎶🎧🎼🎤

  29. Ovando Graham

    The last three songs are the best songs on the mixtape

  30. jahmia bridges

    If you're reading this you have extremely good taste in music :)

    Indy Honoreble

    jahmia bridges I made sure u made the 💯 mark on the likes

  31. Jay'naisha Nelson

    This and Anxious are everything !

    Black Superstar

    Jay'naisha Nelson if you like this song you will love my version of it
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  32. Ashley Yancey


  33. LonDon0915

    one of favorite songs just wish it was ah little longer..


    Bebeautiful 0.75x

    Tywanna Roe

    Bebeautiful word I love him

    Tywanna Roe

    I love him Thts my bae bae


    Bebeautiful *my

    Black Superstar

    Tywanna Roe I just did my own version to this song! Take a listen & if you like it subscribe 💕

  34. Teresa Mcclain

    this is the kut

  35. Shanekqua Pride

    He Snapped As Always

  36. Irene Anthony

    my shit..still my baby lol😍😍

    Black Superstar

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  37. Angelica Nkay.

    Only my good song the the mixtape

  38. Shearon Moore

    omg trey

  39. Rosie

    my favorite on this mixtape

    Lorenzo Holmes

    my shit VA stand up

    Jarris McGowan

    I'm not going to make the kids are doing great I just got off work

  40. Armand Richardson

    Good song

  41. Pedro

    Best song! greetz from Belgium

  42. Brytish Holland