Trey Songz - Sex For Yo Stereo Lyrics

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Trey Songz Sex For Yo Stereo Comments

    2020 I'm still playing this


    Going make my next baby too this real talk in going lie 2020 perfect year

  2. Melissa Loubriel

    Best Trey Songz album ever. I use to bum to this album everyday.

  3. Cutie Sunshine

    So good

  4. Poppa Jacks

    This guy has the same subject sex on every album he's trash can't even change its just sex, sex & more sex even Chris Brown can change it up

  5. Kasandra Lynette


  6. Rukiya Salinas

    2019 😝😩

  7. Rikaya Partlow

    Lawd ❤👏

  8. ayedhatyaygo

    💘 klassik

  9. Amanda Pratt

    Still bumping in 2019

  10. Lavares Johnson

    TREY TREY😘😍😋💙🤤💦❤👅💯

  11. Michelle Dodson

    This is hot 🔥👌❤️😍

  12. Kris Wit it

    This is his best song dawg

  13. Debra Johnson

    This Song is So underrated it's sad,, 😩😔 but still bumping 2k18 🔥💯🤗😘❤ Love u TREYYYY

  14. Lakia Shavon Lightner-Padgett

    Trey Songz, yes to your song!

  15. Lion Prince

    Trey u can sing!

  16. Jaymesha Richards

    Fav still bumping 2018

  17. Kelsie E

    Use to go to sleep to this song in middle school LUV this album

  18. Shanice M


  19. L Bee

    This right here..... TREY!!!

  20. Sugah Honey Brown

    Underrated gem!

    L Bee

    Luna Sahar Sanders Yes it is