Trey Songz - Sex Ain't Better Than Love Lyrics

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Trey Songz Sex Ain't Better Than Love Comments
  1. Legacy Roane

    It’s 2020 An Sex Still Ain’t Better Then Love❤️

  2. Dotto Komanya

    Who listen this song at 2020🔥🔥 sex ain't better than love

  3. Man Like B

    2020 crew

  4. PEARL

    Sex will never be better than love

  5. anonymous

    everybody thought this nigga was finna settle down or sum🤣🙄

    Man Like B

    he has settled down, he has a baby

  6. Briana Boston

    Love Trey Songz. ♥️🙏👑

  7. Kizzle Bond

    When everybody thought trey learned his lesson him 3yrs later: “its triggggerrr”

    Fikile Nokuthula Gama

    🤣 wow fam

    Man Like B

    he has a child now

  8. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. Trey Songz

  9. Roxy Lynn

    His vocals is making this song do real... I'll tell you from experience.. sex is better WHEN you in love... Sex is then not just sex.. an you feeling it , FR

  10. brnd Wilson

    trey songz so fucking fan I wash he was my man

  11. curlyhead_bluu u

    Is that jazzy

  12. reaction time


  13. Allaina Mcdonnell

    What's happens if after 7 years of marriage and your spouse decided to tell he don't want you nor like you. Basically he never love you nor wanted u in the beginning. That's not love when your spouse says they don't wont you nor like you. That's call hate. And a fake marriage with papers...

  14. Sonya Redd

    Thank You 🙏🏽 Trey Songz

  15. Kellie McWilliams

    I love this song so much 💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜 💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜 I trying really hard to look for this song and now I finally found it yes!!! Thanks God and Jesus

  16. Nooo

    So glad they removed that string...

  17. سعيدة جيلالي

    مـيــــن🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـــترك بـقـنـاتـــي
    الواتس اب*00212.770.236.069*💋💋💋

  18. jun lin

  19. Kiaa H

    Trey Songz Cheating Ass lol 😂🤣😕🙏

  20. kina_axania earthly

    This song summarize what I believe in and I couldn't be more proud to know that my favorite artist wrote that

  21. Soma Persaud

    Am so I love with him I love his music ❤

  22. O'neal Auguste

    This sound so Ray J...the lyrics, sound, ..melody..everything

  23. BNO97 !

    nowadays we can't because theyre all thots who deserve to be treated like garbage cos they act like it

  24. Jzy Jzmn

    Someone get me a Trey Songz pliz 😂😂

  25. Schokilooover

    Love the message of the song but please don’t slut-shame in the comments. Let people live their lives

  26. Latoscha Lee Payne

    What he's saying is....when you make sweet, sweet, love with someone you love, and are in love with, it is better than just having sex with miscellaneous people. When it's love you feel it...and you will never forget it..or that person you love. it just me, or does Trey give anyone else that After7 he kin to Babyface?? Maybe it's just me...but I've always felt that since I first heard his voice back in '05... You can't hide certain vocal pitches...chords run deep!! I still love you Trey, either way!! Truly someone very, very, special!! You have that, "I'll give you the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars, and the mountains, I'll give you the world, and all that you dream of, and even more,"...some of y'all know the rest... 'Ready Or Not'-After7
    I was only a child when that dropped back then, but I know good music, and sounds when I hear it!! Vocals are 🔥,...same as Trey's... Truly remarkable!!

  27. Howard Oliver

    Sex is amazing when you love the woman your with

  28. Goddess Teneisha


  29. Duggy Tha Duggster


  30. basil babe


  31. Isaiah Hines

    isaiah. -Trey. Songz. A

  32. Alfonso Hicks

    Chelsea & ray...

  33. Jaheemtheone

    I kno this old but im team love all day

  34. CeX18

    📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*📲
    ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مـن الـشـبـاب يـبـحـثـون عــن طــريــقــة فـعـالـة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب
    وأنـا أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصـح👍 والــمــنــاســبــة👍 وهــتــشــكــرنــي بــعــديــهــا
    تــواصــل مــعــي وأنـا بـشـرح لـك سـر الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*📲

  35. King Karter

    the girl that is on the love side is a comedian now ww omg

  36. gaming with losky

    Every girl I gave my love too, was only a substitute

  37. Emmanuel Goliday

    My whole life growing up,I had to realize that I have been thinking about these local beautiful queens ❤️😍 with a boyz mentality.One night of lust or a one night stand ain't better than falling in love🤔🧠

  38. king of G.o.G. mannie

    Like song its a classical rnb yeah man ya biggest stupporter Trey like old stuff he made the new music song diffrent like his ready album or gotta make it

  39. Thatsjust Diamond

    After all of these years I never noticed you can see the girl in the pink dress tampon string

  40. Thatsjust Diamond

    Here in 2019 🥰🤗

  41. Etophilz Isback

    Who's listening to this song in 2019? ☝️

    Kim Mkhize

    This year was doing the most😂😂

  42. Vaughn West

    You live the music you listen too and that’s real 💯💯💯💯

  43. Denise Rhodes


  44. Aletha Hatfield

    Still bumping this in 2019

  45. Alinafe Banda

    2019 anyone?

  46. Nakesha Flowers

    💯💯💯💯 sex ain't better than love.

  47. Zameelah Frazier

    2019 yall still feeling it or naw

  48. Tamiah Madkins

    Love comes before sex

  49. Destiny Rivers

    Was that Kim k?

  50. soosterling

    Damn, that girl in the end reminds me of Lori Harvey...too bad he got someone else knocked up.

  51. PCEI On The Move Inc.

    I have only known my girlfriend for seven days and I love her to death

  52. Niyaunna Jones

    2:49 Kim Kardashian?

  53. GodIsLove

    This song is soooo under rated🙄😓❤

  54. Queen Love

    Bruh these music videos need to be movies

  55. Sage O’Gemini


  56. jun lin

  57. Kammy Rae

    I remember being obsessed with this song. I still love it.

  58. Latasia Wright

    I really would want to watch a behind the scenes of this

  59. Mr. Krabs

    I'd choose butt sex which is way better any ways

  60. Richmond Asumin

    Who is still listening 2019

  61. Anonymous Person

    Any single virgins out here?

  62. Tamiah Madkins

    I wish that girl would look at my tre tre like that again

  63. Richard Ruyz

    Who in 2019? 😁

  64. sarah bongo


  65. Tamiah Madkins

    A punk would want u for sex a man would want to love u

  66. Nyanzi Lillian

    26th/July/2019 was here 💃💃💋👌🏃

  67. hippydaze

    best song to have makeup sex to 💯 gets both ya hearts feelin even more

  68. cats linkinpark

    Love is better than sex

  69. Li-Simba Crickie

    I wish someone like Tyrese or Usher had sung this song ❤️

    Li-Simba Crickie

    Still listening in 2019 🥵

  70. basil babe


    Jamall Israelite

    You good ? 😢

  71. Eviano

    It's so much better when you fall...🎶

  72. Daye Dreaming

    It only took me hella years to figure out that this is Jasmin Brown aka Watch Jazzy ❤

  73. Laniece Scott

    This song true

  74. Jennifer Newell

    He looks like my cousin

  75. Ffourty-eight

    0:09 that’s watchjazzy on Instagram 😂😂😂

  76. Marques Robinson

    Team love

  77. Chris C

    Listening in 2019💯

  78. Kennedi Jones

    This still has to be the best music video .

  79. Annkay Brown


  80. Gee

    Still listenin 2k19

  81. Jay smooth Montgomery

    Still bumpin this in 2019 🙋🏾‍♂️

  82. Kaila Wiltshire

    It's better to be in love than have someone who just wants sex

  83. Nkenge Hook

    What a beautiful song. The message is right on point. Sex aint better than love

  84. Emma Kc

    This was so beautiful, now he's singing playboy 🤧


    Emma Kc 💀

  85. Kickin it with KJ

    Still jamming

  86. Icelean Robertson


    Jay Bee

    Haha looks like it!!

  87. NaturalDivineGoddess


  88. Ivan Acosta

    thanks 4 all

  89. 130331 -

    2019 waiting on new music 😢

  90. 130331 -

    2019 waiting on new music 😢

  91. J M D

    i was looking at the left screen the whole time. looool

  92. J M D

    The Weeknd>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  93. J M D

    *SEX* is better than *LOVE*

  94. kayombo ange

    Trey ni mkali,sex ni kila kitu love badayeee