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  1. mista cansa

    Im def NOT a trey songz fan but this song is bangin

  2. High Definition DERO

    2019 and counting!

  3. elisha ajibola


  4. Tamica Cox

    This song use to help me in the craziest times!!!!!

  5. Sandy Molapo

    This song is deep 😢

  6. Matayo Streeter

    Who ever diss liked this song fuck them they are just haters

  7. Sammy Dean

    They still lie in 2019

  8. Lucas Santos

    Quem em 12/2018 ?

  9. zayvig

    Who still listening in 2019

  10. Suzana Moreno

    My song. :)

  11. Dimone Fleming

    Still listening in 2018 😌

  12. Kristen Lewek

    2018 please?

  13. Tewanna Love

    It’s 2018 and I still jam to this

  14. Leaa Singleton

    2018? 🖤🖤

  15. TIFFANY queen

    They lie till now 2018


    TIFFANY queen FAX

  16. Jamel Martin

    Still Playing in 2018

  17. Ruudii


  18. Devondrick

    I did a cover to this😍😍ill leave a link so y'all can watch if you want!!!


  19. Willie Williams

    Bad relationships= 1 has an issue. the other has a tissue.
    Good relationships= 1 has a missile . the other has a pistol and together u fight for one another.

  20. Willie Williams

    most women are used to being treated unfair, in fair theirs a sense of balance, good and bad some get treated too bad or too good. Both are far from the stable norm..And the reason being, treat a woman too bad she'll cheat them leave if she's not afraid.And as far as too good no such thing as too good 4 those that deserve it. But most are not stable and confident enough to understand they do derserve it .Now there is a such thing as kissing butt. just dont agree with everything she says and make sure she appreciates you. If she doesnt appreciate u it'll come off as your doing too much good....when its her with the issue and ladies if u dont recognize it's u with the issue in this scenario when its true, its u im talking about.

  21. Alvan Amen

    Critical reception[edit]Professional ratingsAggregate scoresSourceRatingMetacritic68/100[18]Review scoresSourceRatingAllmusic [19]The Guardian [1]Los Angeles Times [20]NewsdayB–[21]Rolling Stone [22]Chapter V received generally positive reviews from contemporary music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 68, based on eight reviews.[18] Allmusic's Andy Kellman commended Songz for "singing about what [he] can do for — rather than to" his female subjects and stated, "Those who tire of the coarse metaphors, disrobing scenes, and 'panty wetter' talk can get lost in the sleek, layered work of Troy Taylor and his associates. The snaking rhythms are just as remarkable as the hypnotic synthesizer textures."[19] Sarah Godfrey of The Washington Post complimented Songz' "signature blend of soft-core imagery and sweet nothings" and wrote that the album "highlights Songz’s unique role in R&B: He bridges the gap between sexless boy bands and unromantic raunchy singers, between young guys who sing shallow songs about strip clubs and old guys who sing heavy songs about their divorces."[23] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times dubbed it "one of his most consistently strong albums" in spite of the potential "conundrum" of drawing on R. Kelly and Usher as influences.[24]In a mixed review, Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times was ambivalent towards its boudior-themed songs and felt that Songz "might be R&B's most single-minded star".[20] Jody Rosen of Rolling Stone found it to be "full of big ballads and bigger club beats that take dead aim at the pop mainstream", but added that "Songz is at his best playing to his R&B base".[22] BBC Music's Natalie Shaw viewed that Songz does not "reveal a deeper side to his songwriting" until track nine.[25] Ken Capobianco of The Boston Globe felt that it "could use editing", but wrote that "throughout this he sings with urgency and expressiveness."[26] Although he viewed that Songz lacks "natural charisma", Alex Macpherson of The Guardian commended Troy Taylor for making the album "admirably cohesive" and Songz for "mov[ing] into traditional R Kelly territory", writing that it "helps to reinforce Songz's status as the formidable understudy of R&B."[1]

  22. Micki Davis

    Got Rob Kardashian feeling like this

    Krista Thomas Gordon

    Micki Davis 😂😂😭

  23. Meli DiLaurentis

    She grew up without a father
    Never knew how to love a man
    She's addicted to breaking hearts and moving on
    So I never really stood a chance
    And the sparkle in her eyes
    They shine so flawless I'm amazed
    Blinded by an angel's face
    It's the sweetest poison in one kiss
    And now you got the venom in your veins
    Believing everything her lips say

    Pretty girls lie
    Lipstick and a smile
    Makes you want to believe
    But pretty girls hide
    Pain so deep inside
    She can't even see
    Pretty girls lie
    Pretty girls lie

    Got you walking through a maze, yeah
    Eyes closed tryin' to find your way
    Got your arm's reached out
    Hoping she gon' make a sound
    But she don't wanna be found
    'Cause she'll tell you come anyway
    And you know the difference
    From the real or the fake
    Devil in the chest, but an angel in the face
    Never ever yours but it's only for the day
    Is it real when you calling my name?

    Pretty girls lie
    Lipstick and a smile
    Makes you want to believe
    But pretty girls hide
    Pain so deep inside
    She can't even see
    Pretty girls lie

    I want to give the benefit of the doubt
    The best in her I wanna help bring it out
    I know something's missing inside
    If she let me I can show the proof
    Girl there ain't no running from the truth
    She says I'll be there
    Girl don't just tell me what I wanna hear

    Pretty girls lie
    Lipstick and a smile
    Makes you want to believe
    But pretty girls hide
    Pain so deep inside
    She can't even see
    Pretty girls lie

    Such a pretty face and
    She can't find her way
    Such a beautiful girl
    Lost in the world
    Can't trust what she says
    After so many break-ups and make-ups in life
    Could've been making love and end up in a fight
    Don't tell me why
    Pretty girls lie

  24. Majic

    This song is about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Do your research, it's prevalent in our day in age with the rise of false affirmation through social media. The girl will say what you want to hear to use you for your source (money, status, privilege, etc) then quickly discard you. Her entire being is a facade, a false creation to cover her low self esteem with a massive ego. When you encounter someone with NPD, RUN! Run for the hills. Everything is a lie....... She will put you through hell

    Alliyah Agnew

    Will I Put Them Through Hell? Btw I Don't Want Any Of That. I Love Being Wanted. Ha

  25. kellyann noble

    who still listening in 2017

    B.A. G-MONEY

    2019 🔥🔥

  26. kamoi chapman

    people talking about 2016 and I'm in 2017 signing pretty girl lie😢😢

  27. Adan Labrada

    song speakin facts tho

  28. Robert Wright

    they all do...ijs

  29. Ledgegin Sinner

    chicks lie regardless..

  30. Omi

    wow.. I relate. Damn. #Truth.

  31. John Robinson

    y'all know who y'all r smh🤔

  32. Alicia Tisson

    I hate this^

  33. Jacque Martinez

    pretty girls still lying in 2016 all summa 16

    frosty the wolf

    Jacque Martinez

  34. Doug Brown

    best forever song

  35. Troy Timmons

    pretty girls do lie all the time🔥💯💯

  36. Jonathan Willis

    This song make me think about the f*** up sh** that I been though

  37. moka lee

    @king e⬇ ppl so use to playing games that when they got hurt they forget on why not to make some one else go threw the pain they were once in.. it could play a lot with your parents and abandoment..

  38. Mac Drizzle

    this song is crazy 😔

  39. DarkestNight OfTheHour

    Not all pretty girls do, they may just have a thing to show how much self esteem they have. And if they do lie, they have reason just as everyone else though, people shouldn't judge really, they should have a review of themselves and not of others. Judge but to be judged? it doesn't add up in my mind. #allopinionsaredifferentthough.

  40. Dirty Thot

    pretty girls lie true 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯.

    Frost’s Adventures

    some girls are reading this right now:(

  41. Faith Jennings

    pretty girls lie

  42. Kristen Lewek

    Song is dope too!!

  43. bigbootyjudy

    Ugly girls lie and catfish

    sophonis ilfranc

    Lmfao but it's true tho

  44. Margaret Mweru

    True u right...I lie to much in my life...I hav to stop it

  45. Michelle Cepeda

    Pretty Girls Lie.....

  46. Nesha Britwood

    My sister has me loving this song now. She plays this song 24/7. Now I can't stop playing it now, all because she plays it too much, LOL. Good song though.

    PhillyMade KHarp

    Very good song

  47. leonard strozier

    thank they dont 

  48. Amanda Solvang

    Love this song <3

  49. Carmen Dejesus

    I love this song. It had me in tears 😌

  50. Lisa Dean

    This my fav album by Trigga prior was Trey Day

  51. Valerie Sherman

    An he's not technically talking bout pretty girls what you won't him to say ugly girl lie wouldnt be a great song then...

  52. Taylor

    "She grew up without a father, never knew how to love a man". How the fuck did he know my story? I relate to this song so much it ani't even funny.

    Rick The Writer

    Well damn :0 lol

    music lover1984

    I also grew up without my father I didn't know or should I say know how to choose a man worthy of me .. Because of that I had to get the love he didn't give me elsewhere.. You are not alone #deep story of my life too.

  53. Hyovanalisa Gabriela

    My song

  54. Kendrea Walton

    Devil In a Dress and a angel in tha face... Love tha truth even if it hurts. By like scarface says, I tell tha truth even when i lie..

  55. Sean Deans

    You females all in yall pointless ass feelings for no reason if yall basic asses would listen to the lyrics you would understand what he saying just goes to show how stupid females are in this day and age

    dyva lei

    I have to agree with u

    Candice carrasco

    do u even know the meaning you don't need a understanding to know what he is talking about unless u just that stupid

  56. angelica alatriste

    It goes both ways, men and women are liars.

    angelica alatriste

    I am just saying, it really does go both ways. we have men who lie, women who lie. we also have faithful men and faithful women. I'm not defending one gender. Anyways this is a good song, just enjoy. 


    +angelica alatriste But he's a man speaking from HIS perspective. He doesn't have to mention it the other way around the same way a woman doesn't.

    J Jacobs

    angelica alatriste thank you someone finally saying something thats makes sense

  57. Ueberkombo

    awesome voice <3 <3 <3

  58. NANOU YB

    My midget friend managed to make the most incredible pole dancer I’ve seen in my life fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I’d been happy for him but I want such a beautiful young lady to fall in love with me. I am incredibly green with envy. Does that make me a terrible individual?

  59. jahoor nee

    my daddy left me long time ago :( that's why I don't know how to love somebody..

  60. kintamine Bi

    I like It ♥

  61. ali mack

    fuck bitches get money... I tell the hoes what ever they wanna hear

  62. Brenda Taveras

    If you relate to this song then you a hoe

  63. Tiffani James

    Its Nawt Saying That ALLPretty Girls Are Hoes/ Sluts Its Saying That They Dont Know How To Love Because They've Givin Up On Men Simply Because They've Been Hurt (Fact) . So They Play Them Make Them Fall In Love And Then Hurt Them Just Like They've Been Hurt . "Pain So Deep Inside , She Cant Even See" . Meaning That She Cant See A Good Man When Hes In Front Of Her Face Because Of The Men That've Hurt Her . . . ! Come On Dumb Asses - He Made It About Me Thou :)

  64. Dina Lasen

    we get more views on YouTube than guys when are heart is broken

  65. Amelia Young


    Shawnnyboi TV

    Amelia Young tht waz deep

  66. aanyah phelps

    this is me. Oh well.

  67. Tanner Shields

    All these biches getting mad lmfao

  68. Ashley Vee

    This song....

  69. Ashley Vee

    LMBO!!!! Smh wrong for that

  70. Dayzia Myra

    Every time a guy get hurt, its then end of the world. But when a girl get hurt, its not a big deal. Like wtf

  71. Nia Francis

    My sexy husband can sing but this song is a nice way to call a pretty girl a slut or a hoe

  72. Cassandra Waddell

    my jam.

  73. janae love

    This song is not saying if your pretty your a hoe it saying some pretty girls or hoe slut and all of above but some pretty girls or classy and not a hoe you just got to watch out which one is the hoe and not the hoe

  74. Rick Mullin

    Pretty girls lie is the nice way of saying, every hot bitch is a fucking slut

  75. Papi Feo KLK

    A. You're the pretty girl that lies
    B. Ugly so you cant relate
    either or

  76. wowdudewowwwww

    LISEN UP. to all men, if the pain and stupidness i went through, all the things i over looked, over and over, just cuz she SAID "nothing happen" "i would tell you" "i promise" . these words said by any girl under 23 are lies. with the exception of 10 girls. what are your olds she is lying?? yeah. PS if she has to say this stuff all the time, shes loose. stay away.

  77. Lynn

    lol right

  78. tonneiqua shade

    I dont really like this song much an I really like Trey .. Smh ive been let down

  79. Jason D


  80. Nate “209” Diaz

    he [email protected]

  81. Kelly Harrington

    2:55 this part of the video would be like the girl getting cuahgt

    Aaron Davis

    Kelly Harrington just waited till the 2.55 lol ur right

  82. Lynn

    lmao "top comment here i come" just made my day with that

  83. Daju Dawkins

    His album doe

  84. rich mercera

    blinded by an angels face!

  85. Big G-ni-us

    nice to know the best part lasts for a second :/

  86. Jordan Marcel

    This is my bff fav song she says its the track of her life..... i love my bff even tho she make me wanna strangle her sometimes

  87. Jason D

    no best part was 0:00 - 3:41
    top comment here i come

  88. Yellow Indigo Child

    Pain so deep inside she can't even see ♥

  89. Mackenzie Rhamo


  90. monti pearson

    luv dis song

  91. Pokki Chan

    but his right

  92. wis

    That was Fucked up

  93. Pokki Chan

    everyone lies

  94. Pokki Chan

    not true

  95. Jessica arenas

    Trey you are sexy as f .

  96. Kimberly Watson

    Is It Real When You Callin My Name... <3

  97. bi wilson

    mostly this song is about girls that been hurt n general because all girls r cute mostly referrin to the girls that trusted at one point of time just to get hurt so the protects there hearts n dont give n to another guy so soon

  98. dhrtajwz

    So funny he said that, you're not pretty.. So why bother to listen what he said?