Trey Songz - If It Ain't Love Lyrics

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Trey Songz If It Ain't Love Comments
  1. Winston Elliton2

    When you aren't doing anything wrong but she wants to argue

  2. Seaux PQuetta

    This my jam you did ya thang❤️💝💖🌹🥰😘💕🌷

  3. AR69 !

    She said that this can’t be love no wayyyy 🥴

  4. ElNino 10

    Need this on Spotify

  5. F. I.

    Type of song you fuck your rebound while thinking about your ex 💭

  6. Imani Grant

    2019 anyone

  7. Derrick Mack

    I Could Hear Beyonce On This Like A Remix Or Sumn

  8. Trouble Coleman

    Love this song and I’m hella late 👿😻😻

  9. Travis Scott

    @Fu_izzy brought me here

  10. Anisha Booker


  11. Sheltanya Turner Ross

    This song not even on iTunes tho

  12. Evelena Thomas

    Trigga Tre you bet'tah preach this thing boooooy! testify....🎵"if it ain't lovin' whyyyyyy"🎵

  13. Marie Washington

    2019 ✊✊✊

  14. Queen Beauty KametraG.

    Than what is it???

  15. E Ross

    This song reminded me of my self when I was a teenager in high school had my high school sweet heart tripping on me but still doin anything for me 😌😌 smh I was bad lol

  16. leo santiago

    2019 and im still bumping this junt

  17. jayymoniee

    I miss my ex

  18. Queen2u

    Love this song...Trey is R&B genius

  19. Erica Freeman


  20. Victoria Thompson

    I love this song tru💯💙💛👁️👁️🙏💋💋🤗😘

  21. Ron Guyton

    I'm the good guy who gets the wrong girl, quiet before the storm, this can't be love

  22. CZARnicholas

    What is the sample on this song

    Brandis Hill

    Omarion O

  23. gaming with losky

    If it aint loven why does it hurt so damn good.. Why.. Would i give my life to you..

  24. Di'Shaun Auld

    When she say "nigga what you gone do, you ain't gone do shit" sexiest shit ever 😍

  25. Sheena Vaughn

    I like the way he say "Girl"

  26. Jefferson Edwards

    and I'm still singing

  27. Jefferson Edwards

    for the past week this been on repeat . I can't stop singing it!!!

  28. Orlando Cole

    I can't believe I stumbled upon this beautiful ass song... Repeat Repeat Repeat 🗣️

  29. Dantearja Haskins


  30. Shamilah Abubacar

    Why isnt this on apple music 😭

    Alan Nabors

    Shamilah Abubacar cause it’s a mixtape 😭😭

  31. Darnell Monroe

    Still bumping this in 2018 trey way all day.

  32. trevon berry

    I love that song


    N still listenin in 2018😎💪💯

  34. King T-r

    🙏🏽 holla if ya feel it still 👽

  35. Johnny r Smith jr

    old shit new shit whatever.....I said you gone stop talking to me like that fr🙌👌🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

  36. shell Monroe

    I came straight here after my break up yesterday 💔

  37. Andrea Bridgette


  38. TT Hendricks

    Man If This Aint Me And My BD ❗
    Shit Real ✔

  39. Channae Thomas

    Damn Im going through this shit right and I dont even like the nigga like that but everytime we argue I feel some kind of way I swear

  40. Talia Seays

    Termiane. Alden. Neverson. Is. Fine. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  41. Talia Seays

    If. Ant. Love. They. Why.

  42. Talia Seays

    Termine. Is. So. Fine. And. Sexy. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  43. Desema Murphy

    Beat is the shit i love it make my own lyrics to the songs

  44. Desema Murphy

    Need the lyrics to the song i love this songs

  45. Kay Ash

    Trey gave out some soul and blues vibes in this track w/ MikexAngel doing the background vocals can’t get any better w/ this track🔥🔥👍🏾 One of my favs on this album!

  46. Andrea Bridgette

    If it aint love then why,, Does hurt so Damn good?!! 😢😢💋

  47. Shireal

    Yo this song is the shit and to top it off if you reverse it youll find out that that's Omarion's O in the background they did a good sample on this song

  48. Diamond Diva


  49. Lee Ray

    My lil girl love this song

  50. Lee Ray

    Damn Sho reminds me of my x and miss her like fr fr

  51. Joyce Jefferson

    I love this song I play it a lot og

  52. SuPa KOoL

    reminds me of my ex...miss her mean ass lol

  53. asia mills

    Word I love this song ☺️☺️

  54. Auolo blue

    Im always wrong thats okay...this.Cant be love no way

  55. Erica Nelson

    If it ain't love......why

  56. Royale DaGod


  57. Contessa Ewing

    the accuracy tho mane !!! I been playing this song for three days . I love iiiiiiitttt!!!

  58. Juqualia Brown


  59. Keteauna Williams

    love this song thanks trey ❤❤👅👅👅💋💋💋

  60. Healingforthesoul

    The girl's voice in the skit part of this song sounds like Tommie from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta., to me.

    Nyiesha Burwell

    Healingforthesoul I was tryna figure out who she sound like but yup tommie


    Right. I kept rewinding it like... is that Tommie from love and hip hop? lol

    Janice Wells

    Healingforthesoul 😎

  61. Treyanna Fonteno

    I love this song

  62. Stayhumble _DP

    if it ain't love then why

  63. erica jenkins


  64. Patrick Sneed II

    anticipation 2 was da shit
    but A3 going in just like 2

  65. Loni Smith

    He is so cute 100% 📣👑

  66. Keylee Hughes

    I love the song

  67. amor naja


  68. Tman dabking2006

    love this song

  69. Darian Legette

    it so hard to find true love woman looking forward a man to pay her bill

  70. Sir Baynes

    I feel like Trey is OUR R.kelly 80's baby

  71. Aleshia Williams

    The girl sound like fetty wap girlfriend blue

  72. Alilamar Washington

    this my shit #112612 real lovee

  73. Kiki Nichelle

    This is generation's song for Baby Boy 😂 But fr this song bomb 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. Brittany Lashay

    Love this song

    mer-SAY Deez

    Brittany Lashay hey

  75. Khadeesha Daniels

    Lol while the girl is talking I can't but think of Martin with Shanaynay and that girl that rapped on some type of talent show

  76. MsCarebear2000

    I'm feeling this song all day every day

  77. Garbienne Emilie

    omg don't let anyone talk to him that,way

  78. Garbienne Emilie

    I'm no cracmom

  79. Garbienne Emilie

    that ain't my loving

  80. Eulandra Forrest

    this is my ish

  81. RNB Planet

    Official instrumental on my channel.

  82. vina badd


  83. Blaxk Barbie Who

    if it ain't love then why does it hurt so damn good!! ❤

  84. Sharrell Smith

    this my songs😘

  85. Gam S. Chanchanit

    fucking luv this! x

  86. JuzAmazn

    😂 All but the part about him fuckn her friends 😎😎😎 reminds me of my situationship

    Courtney Williams

    JuzAmazn right

  87. X Johnson

    One of the few non-disappointments on the tape

  88. Nadia Dixon

    The only R&B artist who can still capture the true sound of R&B. This song is giving me R. Kelly, 90's R&B.

    Angelo Stanojevic

    Nadia Dixon is the one in the Background singing if it ain't lovin mikexangel or a woman ?

    Ishi White

    actually good thing u said that cuz Trey's idol is r.kelly so that means hes doing his job =]

    Angelo Stanojevic

    Ishi White too Bad that he dissed kellz
    like cole said long live your Idols May they never be your Rivals..

  89. Giovanni Deshazor

    fuck trey songz dick in the booty ass he's gay on the d low Aka fuckboy 😅✋🐚🍌🍆🌽

    Sharneta Henderson

    Giovanni Deshazor y you so mad lmao

    Kyle Holly

    Giovanni Deshazor nigga fuck you trigga that nigga he get hella bitches

  90. Khadeesha Margaret

    I promise this is my relationship

  91. Sincere Tha King

    Tank Should Be On Here. I Swear!

    Michelle Jenkins

    Sincere Tha King I second this

  92. Daniel Hall

    this that shit!

  93. juju bee

    luv it trey dis iz heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥rolling up to dis thinkin bout bae 😍😍😍😍😍

  94. Misha

    I'm in love #repeat

    Antonio Richardson

    Misha I feel you

  95. Latoya Becton


  96. Meja Tshabalala

    Damn this song been on repeat!!

    Vanessa Gollins

    Meja Tshabalala like that

  97. tammaylove

    so love this one cant stop playing it right now

    Tiffany Gibson

    tammaylove me too 💯💯💯

    Keisha Nicole

    tammaylove Same. "Whatever you ain't here" "Old shit. New shit whatever."


    just gotta love his music

    Ron Guyton

    Real talk