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  1. Benzar Bros

    I am a fan of Trey songz for many years know all the songs in and out singing it for many years this is 2019 been lisening to him from 2007 , he need to make more of this type of songz dont forget your fans love u from here come back to this type of romance one in a while

  2. Rxking 2017

    LOVE IT!❤💯

  3. Gabe Hodges

    2019? 👀

  4. Johnny B

    Nice chord progression

  5. g m

    Are entrance is to raise the bar👍😉

  6. YLexus Singleton

    I need this to be on Spotify

  7. Tysha Vasquez

    2018 Still Bumping

  8. Amira minz


  9. Crypto Renz

    2018 still bumping that old trey🙌

  10. Alicia Rackston

    His voice and body are very sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  11. Justine Tyler

    Sound's like R.Kelly all the way.😊❤

  12. Zamijia Wakefield

    2017 still here❤

  13. skinney legs

    makes me think of that nigga damn 💖💖💖💖 this song this song is definitely true I'm not the only one who went threw this lol ijs

  14. IWantMyVisionBack

    This that baby making music.. whether you like it or not.

  15. IWantMyVisionBack

    Why am I just now finding this song?!

    This and 'I Refuse' DAMN!

  16. Korey Taylor

    one of his best songs and his catalog is full of bangers homie make me proud to say two up two down VA stand 👆

  17. Ledgegin Sinner

    definitely one of his early bangers

  18. HeLovesBriana

    Make me feel special every time I hear this. 😍

  19. Reggie Winrow

    My Favorite R&B Singer!

  20. Nakia Johnson

    Love this song

  21. Mimi Brown

    Song Book Baybay

  22. Nasha H

    Still My Fav 😍💓

  23. ThisisKalaTV

    #lovelovelove □ ❤

  24. Dark Viper

    I never thought that I would find my favorite Trey Songz song, until I clicked this video.

  25. Katelin Rouleau

    00:50 - 00:55 LORD HAVE MERCY...

  26. Josh Tyson

    21 people lost their girls to a better man , a.k.a step yo game up when your feelin someone dont take them for granted

  27. DiDDy

    the hottest song he ever did right here

  28. Eric Mamon

    man this has been on replay for a whole week now. I know this young man is a youngsta; however, he must know some things cuz I use to thank the same things. now, I'm just feeing this beat. YUP!

  29. Mr. Nation


  30. Dajah Davis

    Can you pleaseeeeee make this available on mobile!!?!??? Pleaseeeeee?!?!

  31. Rickiya Williams

    this man knows how to serenade a woman...DAMN is all I can say!!!!!

  32. Kasib darden

    this my shit not to many ppl know about this song tho

  33. yolanmeade


  34. Miriam Milner

    One of my favorites.

  35. XxfrostytigerdestroyerxX

    Wow seeing all these comments and all the people are females and i feel gay because i'm like the only male posting a comment. -.-

  36. randomgirltv

    the first time i heard this song and i love it. no one can do it like trey.

  37. dattchick100

    why haven't i heard this on the radio?! This should be a HIT! #RealMusic

  38. tidygirl70

    this song is the bomb

  39. Datladygreen N.Carter


  40. bob harley

    You cant hit the replay button like ' i doo i doo i dooooooo '

  41. itsamanda7788

    TREYYYY!!!!!! and hell know he dont do it like you u already know

  42. finn ofwgkta

    This Song Go HARD!

  43. snoop johnson

    this should def be a hit!! like if you agree

  44. snoop johnson

    i hit the replay button on this ish... this my shit!

  45. kelly joy

    kaaaay. ?

  46. ScorpioWoman

    This sexy mf'er!! Gone and testify......yeeeeesssss

  47. JustCoolin

    exactly but im not on here to argue

  48. Godsbeauty1000

    LOVE IT!! Trey is the best!!! When you wit that other -----, is you wit a winna!!! I can't get enough of this here!! Yes, baby!! LOL!! Your the man!

  49. Moses Jackson

    Trey went nut on this song he went hard putting these other artist on there toes

  50. swiftjustice04

    Trey Songz make it difficult for other RNB artist to make a hit..He is passionate in his song..Not afraid to tell a woman how he feels and that is so sexxxyyyyy to we women..

  51. PaintedPink

    L o v e this !

  52. ThisGirlHea

    Love the songgg ;) but who actually takes time to argue on YouTube? Thats to much work Just live life and love each other cuz trey Dont like haters just for reference :)) 3

  53. Rajoyah Williams

    no shut up

  54. Rajoyah Williams

    i love trey songz

  55. Ivonne Leon

    I'm in love! ♥

  56. sydvicious

    @RussellJoshuaQuiazon White girls too ;)

  57. Shawn Clark

    Love this song replay 24/7

  58. Lisette Gabrielle

    This song should be on the radio!

  59. brqznia33

    0.45 damm

  60. L3roy24


  61. Russell Quiazon

    Black girls love emselves some Trey ;)

  62. kyana comeaux

    this song is wat every woman like to here............ best song every

  63. kelly joy

    lolllll.. yaaahh. first im not tryna get with him? LOL, you act like you neva herd people call other people nigga. im not sayin it in a bad wayy .

  64. Colene Edwards

    agree 1000 and one times :)

  65. kelly joy

    bitchh did you juss ask me that? ... -____-

  66. Anna Kathrine Nagel Carlsen

    with "sexy ass fuck", do you mean he gives a sexy ass fuck?

  67. Sherrita Lowe

    Okay new favorite song

  68. Cinema Cổ Trang Đang Phát Trực Tiếp

    Yuuup !!! This mixtape is always on me !!

  69. xavier rogers

    love this song it reminds me of my husband .........keep doing u boo

  70. OneCraYzeeChk7

    I love this song. People always have and always will hate but Trey delivers every time. I <3 him.

  71. Nicolette Kashawn Mathurine

    i luv dhis song

  72. Nicolette Kashawn Mathurine

    im killing dhis replay button

  73. xxxdkingxxx2

    dear youtube: I have a problem, this song has a dislike button, I would like it removed. sincerely, "fan of this awesome song"

  74. SheWorshipsBeyonce

    trey is bringing back rnb! all hail trey songz!!

  75. Knowledge Seeker

    This dude can sing foreal...

  76. RsLyfeOfNiman

    if he says "no homo" afterwards

  77. Steffanie Jean

    11 people are either jealous males or deaf.

  78. SwirvCross

    is this dude not R kelly? like damn... sounds so alike aha. especially the chorus. but this song is dope

  79. OpposeGravity101

    I don't understand how a male can say they'll go gay for someone and say he's not gay at all. OBVIOUSLY you have some gay in you if you'll gay for any other male.

  80. Alexandra Noel

    lmfao <3 yesssssssss i agree !

  81. James Cool

    @drbieberlovee Whyy doo uuu sppeaakkk likkee thiisss, like this if you think she needs a re-sit in grammar education -_-

  82. Bria Smith

    He should of saved this for the album & released this as an official single because chile... THIS IS A HIT!!! I love this song. Trey never seem to disappoint me.

  83. Revenge of the Nerd

    lol Thought I was the only one. Now YT has a 'show me' feature. Nice

  84. candice edgerton

    trey dont u know u can get

  85. Black1994Berry

    Actually starting from 3:01 until the end is my favorite part!

  86. Black1994Berry

    There's a light moving in this video, not his head. It's the effects.
    Btw, my favorite part in this song is when it hit 3:14 until it goes off<3 I be feeling myself to this song.

  87. Franny Gz

    I lovee you babyy lmao.

  88. kibby x


  89. tledmonds2002

    Yes sir...i done smash plenty to this song already...

  90. Lauryn Holliday

    does anybody else notice at the bottom there's this little thing moving from side to side
    #awkward moment

  91. aiden12carter

    i like this song aftr 6 secs of listenin to it, thats how good he is

  92. bob de bouwer

    KONY 2012

  93. keyana bellamy

    IDO :love this song
    IDO: love my girlfriend

  94. Tiffanylove649

    I Love Trey so much he is the only man that could come between my husband and I lol j/k

  95. dzrl

    Hey please go watch my piece to this song!


    trey songz - brought to this earth with the sexiest voice EVER