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Trey Songz Heart Attack Comments
  1. Adam Cuskelly

    I’m so humble that I had the chance to see him live in 2018 he is a awesome performer

  2. Its Just Mya

    Decade about to end and this song still gonna be a bop

  3. Harmani Brooks

    This song mean so much to me because my abuela always says her time has yet to come and I hate when she says that it breaks me

  4. madhu boo

    1 ov ma best artists❤

  5. Joy Blue

    Kelly Rowland is so gorgeous😊



  7. Christina L

    Them lips....

  8. Jerry Smith Jr

    Yo is that Kelly Rolland????

  9. Nana Summerz

    My grandma died last week l felt lyk dieing #heart attack

  10. Livelove Laugh

    This is how my shit feels right now

  11. ebony kerr

    whos loving this in 2020 am in it so deep

  12. Richie Oduor

    I am in kibera bumping this damn near 2020.

  13. Ryan Morty

    I lost my girl and 2 boys .............

  14. C Lene97

    I forgot Kelly Rowland was in this. She's so stunning!

  15. Bob Cyclopz

    Am still here trust me

  16. Rachael Wanjiru

    👍 still listening in December 2019

  17. Allen Three

    Love song and car

  18. Mr.R L


  19. Thelovely One

    What a beautiful song..who else thinks so?

  20. Artist Floating


  21. Alexia Williams

    Who is still listening to this in December 2019??

    hilya iyambo

    Alexia Williams ✨🙌

  22. theyluv lolo

    Play this at my wedding and ima start crying🥺🥺

  23. Dhillon Bowie

    12/17/19 any one ???

  24. Yann Chil


  25. Deshaun Ent.

    this videoo😭😭

  26. Shelanna Martin

    Love this song still!!!

  27. Anpenpan Nèg Moriso Evens Haïti

    Haïti 😘😍

  28. Krishnadene Manragh

    Love this song like crazy


    Who is taking this to 2020 fan love from cameroon 🇨🇲 hit the like botten if your taking this to 2020

  30. Sniggity Snaxxx

    Who's listening in 2020?! Fuckin noone yet Shut the hell up Jesus Christ we get it

  31. Yan Baby

    Love hurts badd

  32. Devon Gee

    Hey daddy r.i.p they can take money and songs from my dad but they can not take what he gave me r.i.p daddy i still have love for you even if they kicked me out of your houses and everything im not poor but i still have your songs to help me get from time to time i smoke in those houses you gave me and now im not aloud to stay in them but if they say he still out there i want to talk to him

  33. Pooda pooda

    This nigga done had a heart attack a fumble anf said this was the last time 😂😭

  34. Kay Sae

    my relationship right now 😫

  35. asia cloyd


  36. Queen Juanika

    December 13,2019. Found out my bf has another girl pregnant 🤷‍♀️

  37. isabella dala

    Loving this song in Dec 2019❤❤

  38. fille bénite

    Décembre 2019♥️

  39. zanele Leeuo

    I had a huge crush on Trey these times... I swear I dropped everything when this came on on MTV base

  40. Michie Nakie

    me am still listen to this

  41. vivian amuli

    December ....2019...10

  42. nemesus30

    love this song

  43. Neiko Friend

    Remember this when it came iut

  44. Lyonel Jean

    hmmm... muzik sa...raplem anpil bagay 😟



  46. charlie jones

    Who listening in to 2020!!!!

  47. Moira Fatiaki

    He's soooooo mighty fine Lol. Still rocking this jam in December 2019 😎💙

  48. Clarissa Alvarez

    December 2019???

  49. Passionate Idris

    Woooo love hurts indeed ,,sometimes feel like being heartless

  50. Khomotso Hloka

    Who is still here 2019❤️😉😚😘
    ..... *_L❤️v3_*

  51. David williams

    Who is listing this jam in December 2019

  52. nicky rosey

    Bruh..Good thing he was making good songs I can come back and listen to

  53. Alissa Nalband

    Its December 2019, whos here this last month?

  54. Esteban Francisco

    He should of ft. Chris brown in this one

  55. 꽃.디아

    I came from a copy of this called "Kali bekhe" by Mickey Singh and I'm shook how they're so similar

  56. sob alexx

    January 2020 anyone?

  57. Kitti De kitti

    December 2019

  58. Morris murimi

    December anyone????

  59. Shaunna Richards

    Whose listening December 2019 ..

  60. Tijan Sanneh

    Ma favourite song

  61. Tshego M

    Still hits too deep.. Never knew love would hurt this bad😭😢

  62. Kenreiko Kahihia

    outta times that i know i should be smilling it the time i frawn the most

  63. Kenreiko Kahihia

    outta times that i know i should be smilling it the time i frawn the most

  64. anastasie bindtanga

    0 twerk
    0 porno
    0 injures
    100% pur talent🙏

  65. Snethemba Phiri

    remember when comments were not calenders...

  66. Fynoo-boy Fynoo


  67. Classy Gangsta

    This songs brings back soooo many memories its not even funny !!! Man....only if.....

  68. Mira'z WRLD

    i relate to this more than i did when it first came out

  69. Chloe Beausoleil


  70. Kalinda Annette

    Listerning to it in Dec 2019

  71. Ashlee Snell

    My husband shot himself while on the phone with me last January and he never came back home this is everything this hits home

    Sidney Hall

    Ashlee Snell awwww 🥺❤️ I’m so sorry

    Ashlee Snell

    Sidney Hall thank u hun

    Sidney Hall

    Ashlee Snell no problem

  72. ladykjd2g

    Kelly Rowland is gorgeous

  73. 123 animate ME!!

    I’ve been wondering for years

    Did they die

  74. Robinson Nyanzi

    Merry Christmas🌲 and a happy new year beautiful people 😘

  75. yanick andries

    Who will listening in 2020??

  76. Cree Honey

    I will always love u Alvin Lee Norman green

  77. sierra bell


  78. Keddeasha Brown

    "never thought love would hurt this this bad, worst pain I ever had"

  79. godfrey leitch

    I love this song so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯

  80. Tancewill Jaftha

    December 2019??

  81. Pretty Girll Q

    Who Taking This Into 2020?"🤙🏾

  82. Dianah Rhose

    Dec 2019💙

  83. Kari Ghoul

    We need bangers like this in 2020.. Bring us this good ish pleasssse!! Bring back the good ish because we need it back

  84. Shiru Njuguna

    2020! still listening

  85. yelle ward

    Listening in December 2019

  86. H&L Nation

    December 1 2019 and I'm still in love with this song ❤❤❤

  87. Jasmine Rebecca

    Where are the my December 2019 fans remember this is the end of the year 2019 show some love ❤️ people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  88. alassane lo

    ❤️❤️❤️l only love this sing

  89. Cecilia Tayasi

    I'm here.. Who is here with me now? ❤❤

  90. Christine Wilder

    We still feel this november 30 2019

  91. Nadia Aghali

    Who is listening to this in 1 December 2019

  92. Vince Viscayno

    mah niggaa

  93. sandra mahasi

    Luv u trey songz

  94. Queen Florence

    Who else is here in november 2019

  95. diego mwaisaka

    who is listening this in dec 1st 2019