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Trey Songz Find My Love Comments
  1. MrAuntrel15

    Oct 2019....3am playlist😜😜😜😜......💦💧💦💧💦💧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 good look

  2. C4545 Yuyuyu

    That instrumental

  3. Grace Lemvi

    Crave brought me here

  4. Jasmin Russaw

    Itemize king I love you daddy!! He put me on now I'm in love with this song

  5. g m

    The song is 🔥 I wish they had a instrumental

  6. Cody jacob Pike

    Trey songz is underrated smh

  7. The Comment King AKA White Ranger Wins

    The 👑Comment King 👑 Approves 😃👌

  8. Mamotiki Elizabeth


  9. Victoria Thompson


  10. Ingrid Rangel

    same music basis
    Vacation - the neighborhood!
    I knew I knew ❤
    Trey and his wonderful songs

  11. Rbizdabest Rbizdabest

    Her voice 😍

    Torrey Wilson

    Ikr it's soooooooo soothing 😍😂

  12. Omid Alavi

    cant wait for the video 🔥

  13. Christopher Carter


  14. John Batiste

    Should have more likes

  15. Shawn Burgezz

    Kopy thT

  16. Maria Maston

    Favorite trey Songz song ever

  17. Joseph Estrada

    I’m #sorrynotsorry Justine made this her record by just the hook..

  18. Courtney Johnson

    I love this one

  19. Ileanna Mills

    justine! yesss 👂I hear you guurrrrllll💞

    David Kountz

    Ileanna Mills-Anderson uuû

  20. Dwight Coleman

    #TaurusAnthem .. I juss wanna find love!!

  21. Lor Woe

    Favorite song off the album

  22. Sheed G

    Crave by total from the three strike soundtrack.

  23. Denise Anderson

    I like Anticipation1 the best!!! The 3rd is dope too

  24. Denise Anderson


  25. Royale DaGod

    luv this song😘😘

  26. Domo Babi

    Find my love 😍

  27. Kelly Cooper

    Trey Songz got some good Songs on his Albums!

  28. Avion Davis

    here because of bambii

  29. Brianna Wright

    bambii in love with dis song 😍😍

  30. Kierra Ford

    bambii bring me here😍💕🙌

  31. Anaiya Mills

    bambii is so in love with this song and I agree wit her this song give me life😘😩

  32. Ivyanaaa

    Bambi loves this song

  33. Qvèëñ shàwñdä

    Bambii loves this song💕💕

  34. Jae G

    Crush music

  35. Krystun Smith

    How do I buy this mixtape?!

  36. Niecey D.

    They could have did total crave better then this 🙄

  37. danny garcia

    Easily best track off the tape

  38. Mick Mendes


  39. donneth pierre

    Loving this song

  40. Mercedes Mcgee

    my favorite song off the mixtape😍❤

  41. Nuri Khaliloff

    gets better while repeat 2-3 times)


    On gawd

  42. Chad Davis

    Dope song

  43. Lyndiana ambroise


  44. Michelle Jenkins

    when you think you've found your favorite track but then you keep listening and you're like wait maybe this one's my favorite lol. Loving anticipation 3!!

    Bryan Carter

    Michelle Jenkins TrustNoDoubt InDeedThat

    Naoshia Scott

    Girl... That Part.. I'm telling you & I was in the shower when I heard the album. So the first song I'm like ok, by the time it got to this song I was like .. Wait 🤩

  45. ThatOneGirlOrihime

    This and Mind Fuckin' are my fav 😍 <3

  46. Wilfred Mwingira

    Bedroom banger indeed

  47. Keeston Rashad

    dude sounds like Ray-J throughout this whole mixtape... still bomb though

    The Comment King AKA White Ranger Wins

    Kee Rashad that’s mike angel

    Christopher Carter

    Kee Rashad no the fuck he dont

  48. Trust Nun

    trey is da best

  49. Rich Collins

    thank Total "crave" song

  50. Rica love


  51. Chyenne Randle


  52. English_Redbone

    My fave from anticipation 3 💥💥💥

    Mercedes Mcgee

    English_Redbone me too

  53. Evelynn Nicole


  54. 4194Lyfe

    Bedroom Banger fasho

  55. Rare Rose

    I'm here before 1m likes😏

  56. Tiffany Gibson

    🔥🔥🔥 Trey out doing his self

  57. DJ Soup

    Crave by total on the sample 🔥

    Jaleel Nelson

    DJ Soup good looking out bruh I swore I heard that sound from somewhere

    DJ Soup

    Already G, yea me too