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Trey Songz Find A Place Comments
  1. Vanessa Johnsonqvochbjjhc


  2. Iam Gumbylicious

    This need to be on Apple Music

  3. Nate Rich

    My Alter ego 💪🏾

  4. Hay Young

    Still listening in 2020 give me rkelly/mj vibes

  5. ReShean Tipton

    2020. 🤪🤘

  6. TrippyNigga39

    December 2019 & this still bumps ❤️🥰

  7. QueenGorgeousGlam

    Still listening in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  8. renee Johnson

    This and still scratching me up is my shit forever bangers ☺️☺️👏🏾

  9. Arif Ahmed

    Nearly in 2020 baby and I’m still vibin’ to this

  10. Tone Mack

    I’m still here 2019 🔥🐐

  11. Amir TM

    Who still listening in 2019?

  12. Tooechi Scotrey

    Landin on Bae Island #Trigga 💞 #TreyAngelforlife ❤ 💯 floatin wit Aladdin @treysongz

  13. Jasmine Robinson

    I use to sing and dance to this with my daughter when she was a baby she loved the beat

  14. Tone Mack

    2019 still the best R&B mixtape out

  15. Sharonda Woods

    WHOS HERE 2050 lol cause if I’m still alive IM STILL LISTENING TO THIS....

  16. Aj James


  17. LeChat Snow

    May 2019 😍

  18. KeysDaGoddess Love

    Will this ever get on iTunes!😒

  19. Chantelle Riley

    Mj vybe on this track

  20. Saysha Broussard

    2018!!!! <3

  21. Z Snillockly

    I always heard a little Marvin Gaye in this song, but I just noticed Trey put Marvin’s song names in his lyrics

  22. Lakia Shavon Lightner-Padgett

    Trey Songz, really enjoyed listening to your song!

  23. ess cro

    A Classic

  24. Manny Sanchez

    Trey songz never disappoints

  25. Tequila Baybeh

    Soooooo soooo many memories still bumping june2018😍😘😈💦

  26. Madison Clay

    Whose still listening in 2018? ❤️

    Shaquasia Simmons

    2019 baby!


    2019 bruh


    Me and Bae all day!!!

  28. Mundo England

    Still playing in 2018!


    19 for me

  29. Mz Shawn J

    Sang It Trey!

  30. Fight Plug

    Trey Songz did this song my favorite

  31. reenie jenkins

    This songs makes me cry each time i listen.. just reminds me of so much heartache to think i once felt this way for some who didnt give no fucks about me 😞

  32. Jermey Foster

    Went #Crazy......2017

  33. SnoopiBabi


  34. pretty parker

    I used to LOVE this song😊

  35. Ne Swan

    Yessss trey I hear you

  36. Alfred Donawa

    he killed this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Dey NM

    How did I forget about this??? Too bad the songs on this mixtape aren't more popular

  38. M'Diya Howze

    still in love with this

  39. Irunatlanta Champ

    Best song on the tape man this be going in

    Ron Fluellen

    Ima Have To Disagree Ima Have To Go Still Scratching Inside Part Two Or Dont Judge But This 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Though... Good Morning

  40. IloveD

    Channeled his inner Marvin Gaye ehhh... luv it!!!

  41. Andrea Sadler

    His best mixtape ever

  42. Wizzard Kelly

    This was such a great mix tape!!!!

  43. TREY. SONGZ King

    trey Songz

    TREY. SONGZ King

    I love you

  44. Marica Ivica

    I love the beats and slow music in this song

    Jermey Foster

    Marica Ivica i have it on Repeat

  45. Devante Manahan

    Shawn's verse" baby u should u should know there's no place i'd rather go but to be inside of u u r tha heat to tha sun you're da one for me cause i classify myself as DeShawn da one it's like you're mine if only i had tha time to be where u r i'd go to u because you're tha galaxy and I'm tha # one star let me find a place in you

  46. Blak Conscious

    One of the BEST bodies of work fronm Trey...This definetly should of been an ALBUM


    +Blak Conscious I agree

    Vel Boone


  47. Alexandra Loette

    I want to play this at my Wedding 😘💍💏


    Bet lets get married lol

    TREY. SONGZ King


    TREY. SONGZ King

    +TREY. SONGZ King. 😘😞😫😭😱😵💔👍💪👧👨👩💑👦🙅🙈💩🌹🌺💝🎃🎉🎁🎂💍💎🎸🍰🍦

    TREY. SONGZ King

    +TREY. SONGZ King.

  48. Karen Duncan

    Thanks for linking each song. Clever. :-)

  49. Rosa Martin

    My husband just text me and said listen to this song and I did.He said baby this is how I feel about you. My husband and I have been together almost 11 years, with a 7 year old daughter, a eight month old son, and we still act as if it's the beginning of our relationship.


    That is really sweet! Hold on to him! ☺

    Saysha Broussard

    I definitely hope you and your family are still going strong!! You're blessed !!! With love, God Bless :D <3


    God bless!


    Rosa Martin #GOALS


    Are you guys still together?

  50. K Tei Hop4Long

    That hottness!!!!!

  51. Miracle Gaines


  52. Eddie Hampton

    My shit.....

    TREY. SONGZ King

    I. Love you

  53. Mr Nicholas

    yeah mon... my labor day thang ,,

  54. Yamaica Marie

    Looooove it

  55. jacob vinson

    He sounds like mj at the end xD

    Zipporah Phillips

    I said the same thing lol

    Brian Burks

    I swear when he said "thank you all"

  56. Simone Lamones

    Yo this is my shit lol

  57. patisserie1

    Yes you're right, this song does have a Caribbean beat; its called SOCA.

  58. LaTanya

    Yeah, that's classic MJ impression. so funny.

  59. LaTanya

    This beat is zouk love....Caribbean I think. We need more of this on the radio. Hot song- his best ever. Go Trey!

  60. gangar32

    I wanna find a place in this girl's love

  61. John Lawson

    This will always be one my favorite songs ever!!

  62. patisserie1

    I love this one, nice groove. Treymaine you did it brother.

  63. Veronica T. Jordan

    ooooooohh baby

  64. Kyra S

    ready was a great album it was his best

  65. Nicole

    This song proves that he forces vibrato on these tracks. This is why people can't take him seriously.

  66. teamswagj

    This his best song... He's actually singing naturally

  67. Nicole

    This is my favorite song vocal wise from Trey. You can tell he be forcing all that vibrato to his songs. He needs to stop adding all that vibrato to these tracks and sing like this more often.

  68. Joyce Williams

    no offense lol
    but he sounded like Michael Jackson at the end haha

    Jermey Foster

    Joyce Williams lol He Did Tho

  69. Josh Cabana

    such a good song!


    I thought that this song should've been on the album. This whole mixtape is album quality. especially that "Inside pt 2"


    Ooh honey, I could have all the money in the world
    But it wouldn't be nothing without you girl

  72. Delene D Adams

    Lovin everything about this song... just beautiful

    Jermey Foster

    Delene D Adams 💯💯💯

  73. Jayden thompson

    the reason the mixtape songs sound better than the album songs is because he has more creative control on his mixtapes. the album is mostly what the label want him to put out. so it's only natural that these songs sound better than the album

    DJ Poiz

    No you don't say Sherlock lol

  74. Nicole

    The end was so damn unnecessary. Trying to be damn funny lol This song is way better than the whole chapter v album.

  75. rickypro01

    Indeed. That's the point I think.

  76. NicoleLovesMusic143

    thaank you aaaall . LMAO he did ..smh

  77. Fran Fine

    That is so true! You should try the song Wonderwoman by him... and thats the same with Chris Brown, his in my zone mix tape is bomb

  78. matias vasquez

    tu mejor cancion lejos saludos desde CHILE !

  79. keenen wells

    he sounded hella gay at the end lmaooo

  80. Fentydeluxe

    great song but his voice when he says thank you all is kind of weird :/( sounds a little bit gay )

    lastate royals

    Hey sounds like a hater

  81. Faith Williams

    Whooooo :) love it!!!!!!!!!

  82. bobby orellano

    because the best things in life are free (:

  83. MegaJet66

    I did listen to this all day on repeat

  84. chrissy steffan


  85. MEET Marley

    That " Thank you All x2 " At the end !!! I Likee

  86. Beaui Black

    owwwwwwwww honey

  87. Aj PoliMusic

    This has a hot beat to it!! Similar to an R. Kelly vibe on this track. Me likey!! ;-)

  88. Morrese Morrison

    Love this jawn

  89. Sherayx Sheracks

    Fire it up! He did...HEY! E&K!!!! Luv U! Luv U Trey, my friend, Peace

  90. dionne sykes

    Dhis song mk me wanna 2step n dhts way bfor mii tyme..

  91. Johnnesha Holcombe

    hell nah u not the only 1 lol

  92. Johnnesha Holcombe

    his role model even tho they had a fallin out....but yea fuck u 2