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Trey Songz Come Over Comments
  1. Luana Julia

    The best song😍😄

  2. kid tiller


  3. Kendrick Pitts

    Man I use to have this on repeat 🔥🔥

  4. Ilham Snap Digits_15

    Déjà vue

  5. crip records

    Are you aware of legal lawsuit?

  6. Nacole Parker

    This Ablum went certified gold in September 2019 yesss trey i love u hunny 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 u are our now n forever king

  7. Bon Vivant


  8. Jazz Perkins

    Treyyyy more music like this 🥰😫 the sensual vibes make me more in love every time

  9. Gemini babyy

    U still got my heart ✨🖤

  10. MinskyXVI

    I need someone to comes over here. 😞

  11. Kelley Francius

    This great

  12. dre dre

    I heard this on Pornhub

  13. G&V Forever

    Trey please notice me😭

  14. Vivica McGhee

    YES.... VIVICA 10/2019

  15. jamgty

    Who still send this to bae

  16. SJL famliy

    come over even know we fell apart dont you even start girl you still got my heart come over you know why i am if you cannot understand

  17. ☆ It's Aveqz - [XBG4000] ☆

    2019 fireeeee

  18. Martyn Elago

    whose still listening in 2019?



    Tia Strickland

    Valentino Elago my fav ❤️

    Ariel Marno

    2020 ;)

    Warren Hammond

    @Tia Stricklandggovo€f2f💏v€i vv€"v€oogg"€"i€v"€"€€"c.f."€bcc o"vgo"€goo€"€og g googjvohx ji*"_€€&':'''''||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||¤¬00¬Г¤¤¬0¬000¬¤Г0¤¤¤Г¬¤¤¬¤¤¬¤¬¬¬¬¤Г¤¤¤¬¬Г¬gg0gg00:0Г¤atty8aat9a998 yt? ttyl8r%%t8 ttt t8tt88t8r88tr8 ttt ttt 88tt trite%t8r8%%r8 🌳%re try trotter 8t8 t 888r r8 r8 8 ttt 8 ttt 8r8t8r8 8t888 ttt 88%8 ttt 888 ttt trotter 8r88=%=tr ttt 8 ttt 88%ttt 8t re 88r tree 8r8=%r 8 ttt 8 trey tree 88tr ttt ttt tree t88t ttt drafts t8%8%r8%t 8 ttt=8ttt8 ttt 8%r88 ttt ttt 8 ttt ttt ttt 8 ttt 88 ttt tr 888t ttt ttt 888 ttt trite 8 ttt 88888r88 t 88 ttt r8 ttt 888rt88 trotter tr 8r8t8 tree ttr88%r8% r8r88 ttt 8 tree 88rt88 t 8 ttt 8%t8t78t Terre ttt r tr 8t ttt 8t88t8 ttt 888 t 88r88t8 ttt ttt tree ttt 88 t 8 tree t%8 ttt tree 8 ttt 8 Terre%ttt 8r8t8 t8888t8 ttt 8 t tturrettr8 ttt 88r8 ttt 8 ttt 8 r4 tryt=trotter t r8%r8=trotter 8 f 8 ttt t 8r t 8t8 trotter 88t

  19. Martyn Elago

    that trapsoul sound,

  20. Ahmad Ave

    Oh baby I need you !. Come over .

  21. oktobers own

    2.1k dislikes?🤨really??

  22. Alicia Savage

    In my feeling rn come over daddy 😻😻😻

  23. Mojoe Broadnax

    Can't stop listening

  24. Alan Joel Cordero

    Almost having babys to these song 😭😭😂😂🥵🥵

  25. LaTesa Smith

    How can 2.1k people dislike this song??! 😳 y’all trippin! This bang! Still!

  26. Sherrael Brayboy

    I wouldn’t have to travel far, walking or riding. 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 I like this, Tremaine.

  27. James H. Davis T. Third

    Wit' ya pink on!, Is it 10:46 p.m.?

  28. James H. Davis T. Third

    Was it just 1 at North Central?, 35?

  29. James H. Davis T. Third

    How you spend $90 grand?, They gone tell you where they going?

  30. NaturalDivineGoddess

    "Yeah We've
    Been apart
    BE Your

  31. Dee Huff


  32. Jasmine Wooten

    Come over 💕please come over 😚

  33. Talia Seays

    Trey. Songz. Is. Sexy. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 im. So. In. Love. With. U. Trey. Songz.

  34. IloveD

    This album was 🔥

  35. C Cov

    I love this song!! Hell I love him

  36. jdove585

    My favorite................


    Still love dis

  38. El Fill

    Tremaine 😍

  39. Lesego Kwapeng

    still listening in 2019!!!!! 👌❤🎤🔊🎵

  40. Anthony Otero

    “I compromised a lot just to make it here, i’m scared to fall in love if we facing fear!” - I Felt that still to this day and beyond...

  41. Jahnrica Ledet

    Never Disappointed With
    Mr. Songz !!! ♥️🖤♥️🖤

  42. Savageraging Gamer

    Here from ghee funny

  43. Jamie B

    Every time I hear this song I just reflect on my pride lol I won't just "come over" unless u practically beg me or ask me lol

  44. Nina Bell




  46. Kay b

    Just now hearing this 😔

  47. IAM DollaSIGN

    Idk who needs to come over but she need to come over right now !

  48. Tamika Chappelle

    😔gonna miss you so much baby💞our song. My Jersey💔

  49. DaShana jones

    trey I'm coming over

  50. Kareemahkarlene Allah

    When you need me all you gotta do is call Kareemah Karlene Allah Mamas you always have my heart 💓 RIP my Queen 💯🙏

  51. Aaliyah Lopez

    “When u need me all u gotta do is call” “if you cannot understand won’t you come over” 😫


    amahrii skii 😔

  52. Joffery Robertson

    Believe me only thing you have to do is call

  53. Mr WhatsTheTopic1

    The truth is that every man wants to have his way just like you women do. Let me fix it is what he's saying. 😎

  54. Dominic curry

    2019 ! Who still bumping this ? ✋i am 😂 @therealtumbo on insta i fucks with Trigga

  55. Lord Sesshomaru

    Anyone else still banging to this banging track? 🤣🔥😅

    Omni Queen

    Me!!! & the fact that you have lord sasshomaru as your name & pic tells me you are one of quality taste lbs


    are u having sex

    Lord Sesshomaru

    Gregory's Podcast Show // ass clapping banging

    Lord Sesshomaru

    Omni Queen // one of quality taste lbs? Good taste I’d assume haha been listening to Trey since “scratching me up”

    Lord Sesshomaru

    Rae // no I’m a Virgin listening to Trey for no reason.

  56. Tia Love


  57. Aaliyah Lopez

    This my favorite song on the album

  58. Rashaan Woodson

    This that 2019 track theme song thank u Tremaine

  59. Christina Scott

    He can never do no wrong... Live your life! I’ve been a fan since “just gotta make it”. I’ve never seen him perform but damn it! One of these days. #bucketlist

  60. s ii

    the beat is falling ❤

  61. Brandi Lee

    I love this song. !!!!!! Gives me 90's vibes.

  62. Jadelyn Tauinaola

    Who else Here cause they got into It W. They Ngga 😂. Jamm'n To this Shit . Got a ngga thinking you stuck on they Ex Lmao.

  63. Ioanna Salvatore

    2:54 is a blessing to my ears

  64. My lifetime BFF is Jayden .d

    I love this song

  65. jazzy jay

    Omw now 💕

  66. Ki Martin

    Loving this

  67. Alice Hill-Irvin

    Fell in love with this song...

  68. Hulk Balla


  69. Eliana

    Honestly i think it's the best song that he made, you go Trey!

  70. Shonda 000

    Anyone listening in 2019 wishing that special one would ring yo line and u just sing this too him😍😍🤷🏽‍♀️

  71. RoachDaDon

    My favorite part is when he say "we can make it alright. It will be just fine".

  72. Lajoyce Page

    Come over i need that

  73. Caterina Denice

    I swear to God I thought this was R kelly singing.

  74. Kim Wright

    What they don't mr. Steele ever been no baby girl I'm just down the street from you won't listen to me you're walking distance from me got my own place I don't know what's wrong with you man stop the dumb s*** we can be friends with

    Kim Wright

    If you don't know where I am at

  75. Melissa Seales

    How could someone dislike this

  76. Azar Taylor

    My moms favorite song

  77. Santino Martinez

    This is my smoking song right here lmfaooo

  78. Shoota Philly

    2019💪🏾 still here

  79. Mr. 3LC

    this song so raw

  80. Evania Zacarias

    2k19❤️ who else ?

  81. lol wut productions

    I love this songggg 😂😂😂😂

  82. Long Beach Certified

    Slob Killahhh

  83. Doug Suttle



    Look 👀 what i did to a sample of this song 🔥 #WavyFlow 🌊🏄🏾‍♂️

  85. Ty Pasha

    Been rocking with him since day 1. Every song has a point to it :)))

  86. Eboney Reeves


  87. Emily De Verra

    Admirin ur songz soo much