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Trey Songz Can't Help But Wait Comments
  1. Jaden Davis

    You should always treat your lady like the queen she is ❤️

  2. Perlah Lokz

    Need to step my game up and leave a fool behind. 💯

  3. Becs El

    Did he ever continue with that "to be continued"

  4. Damisha gordon


  5. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. -Trey. Songz

  6. Ademola Adebayo

    Da BEST hit by Trey. Classic!!!!

  7. ThatGuy Mar

    Song sounds nice at 1.25x

  8. Stacy Rancho

    Mr steal ur man lol hes too sexy

  9. Edward Bautista

    You can’t be a G is if you have a soft ass voice like that

  10. Yum Spice Queen of Thoughts

    The faces he was making when he was singing brah

  11. Cluna OG

    Maaan Tory Lanez making me relive the good old days. Listening to every track he sampled

  12. nnyyaahh

    i purposely paused this video so many times-💀

  13. hennycolada

    This used to play on the radio so many times back in the day! My bus driver would tune on the radio and play the good r&b, and rap music

  14. Jeff Rivera

    2000 to 2010 had the best music of all time

    ThatGuy Mar

    Jeff Rivera and 90s

  15. Kaliyah Mosley

    Singing in the shower is different with Trey Songz.

  16. Stacy Edmondson

    Why is Trey so underrated?!?!

  17. Sensei

    The dirty mack anthem

  18. Catherine Talley

    2020 still listening?!

  19. Laura Taylor

    Esquire bout to pop a blood vessel screaming 😂

  20. Wolf Gulley

    iPhones in 2007?

  21. Wolf Gulley

    Esquire lol

  22. Kev Elikem

    Haha Jackie Long and Lil Trey Songz

  23. Nate Bean

    Bra was boney ass hell

  24. The2012djwess

    2020 - I'm still gonna wait for the continuation :)

  25. D money

    I use to have this song on my myspace page lol

  26. Corey Macon

    Been here before frfr

  27. Malik Woods

    Who still listening to this 2000s legend inn 2020?

  28. ember michelle

    Trey Songz so smooth. Favorite song by him.

  29. Shemiere Allen-moore

    Who is listening to this bopper in 2020

  30. Unknown ??

    2020 🙋🏽‍♀️💞🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  31. Ramod White

    This is a bop bruh 🔥

  32. Chandler Allum

    I thought that was HaHa Davis yelling like that

  33. Brian Moya

    Memories like a mofo

  34. yunus phiri

    This track is just so timeless, can't help but to still jam to it in 2020

  35. Mc Eazzy B



    Who is here on 2020

  37. GawdzEye

    Had to pause some parts cause his face😂

  38. Eriannia Logan

    2020 and still vibing💙

  39. Generation z

    Who else is here after the meme

    Front Anarchy

    Me 😂😭

    Keyiata Stevenson


    Heaven S

    What meme?

    reign fury

    What meme ?

    Nishaa M.

    ain’t seen it yet i guess


    I just came to pause

  41. Amya Lee

    2020 anyone???

  42. kevin gray


  43. BustingaNutinYaMouthwash

    I can't help but wait until I make a job change because I might have a Sadistic Evolution 💔🔪

  44. 77dnm

    First Trey Songz song I ever heard

    Kev Elikem

    Cause that was his first major hit


    Kev Elikem ok smartass

  45. I Mix Sometimes

    Hey y'all. I made a "Can't Help But Wait" remix featuring "Pills N Potions". Check it out!!

  46. Baby Beel

    Who’s still jamming in 2020 really miss rnb like this 🔥

    Isaiah Adams

    Me. I miss real music too

    Lexus Flanery

    YASSS 💯💯

    SD productions

    You know it

  47. Aarius Sutherland

    who's listing to this in 2020

  48. Ladyj 84

    Who's still jamming to this in 2020

    Finest Gamer100

    Ladyj 84 bruh samee lol

  49. Jarrion Stewart

    Cant help but wait until I get more likes in 2020...

  50. 52 RK

    I don't even know why I'm crying while I watch this video... I think it's the fact that music won't be like this anymore... Fuck. 😔

  51. Diego Araujo

    Amo essa música 🥺❤️

  52. Josh Moloney

    Can't help but wait

  53. Janiya Chambers

    Im only 13 and jamming to this song

  54. Jen Lester

    Damn throwback as fuck

  55. Rafael Bonfim

    25 Dezembro de 2019,.
    Alguel ai?

  56. Roxy Lynn

    He still did it over 💯.. all you hatin in it with durag.. you think every lyric from all celeb that sung , all they lyrics aren't pieced together from others, nah, but they all make em 💯.. an this is dope.. an he makes it so sincere , I love it

  57. Elton Oliveira

    whats name of the girl/model?

  58. Isaac Schultz

    I’m in this situation, should’ve I beat her ex nigga or back back ?

  59. Edgar Hernandez

    RT RT I just gave my girl 3 straight orgasms rn with this song 💪💯

  60. Deahra Shelton

    Mutherfuckas want yo nutt 2 dry up .😎🍷💋

    GB TheMusicMaster

    Bruh what?🤣😂

    Deahra Shelton

    GB TheMusicMaster I got yo Mutherfuckin bruh bruh

  61. bonnie. vu

    How some of yall dudes look when them waves ain't come in right 2:35

  62. rafael da silva

    this is so good damn real music!

  63. Indy Milie

    Eu amo essa música ,❤️

  64. Georgialyn Guice

    Trollz 2003 2006

  65. afgzee

    i found this song again!!! i had the tune in my head when i woke up for some reason and i typed bobby valentino clicked one song it wasn't right and then clicked this and it was the one IM SO HAPPY!!!

  66. kelly pretty

    I Love this song

  67. Kay

    Lol did dude say I want steaks? 😂💀

  68. Rock Diesel

    Over ten years on this joint and it’s still about the same girl for me.

  69. Mattdaddy matt

    This is a top 20 r/b song of all time. Just that beat

  70. Kimani Levy

    Who is here jamming this track 🔥 2019-2020

  71. Queen Michelle Massey

    ♔ King👑 forever more

  72. Ffourty-eight

    YALL 3:33 who is the girl she’s so freaking pretty

    ThatGuy Mar

    Ffourty-eight hell yea

  73. marvolous

    Cant help but wait🤔

  74. Shyladw _715


  75. Sereniti Bradford

    Hey trey

  76. Dain A.

    They don't make them like this no more.


    A lot of men felt this

  78. Guhskii Morgan

    R&B will always have a special place in my heart.

  79. Faith

    Still continued 10 years later Trey 👀👀🤣

  80. Marrissa Wilson

    This is my favorite song everytime that you too have a nice day because everyone can't believe it but you okay have a nice day

  81. Sheila Cook

    2:35 when u get an f on ur report card and u mom find out

  82. Remyallmighty 113

    December 2019 wasguddie

  83. Harmony's Fights

    2:35 he was really finna cry

  84. Amber Fells99

    Best song he made 👍

  85. Martin Montes

    Tory lane hot trash, came here to get my fix.

  86. Claudia Merry

    Trey songz 💋💋💋👌👌👌👌

  87. Corell Turner

    I can’t believe I’m literally Litsen to dis

  88. Batty Boi

    December 2019🔥💯

  89. Junior Guerine

    Cant help but wait

  90. Richard Byfield

    This nigga really singing about being the side nigga.

  91. Jazzman Doyle


  92. Talia Seays

    Im. So. When. This. Song. Come. Out. I. Did. Not. No. Who. Trey. Songz waz. At. The. Time. But. Im. In. To. His. 🎶 now. Trey. Songz. Is. Baby. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ me. Some. Tremine. Alend. Neverson.

  93. Carlos Getbuckets allday

    i am a big fan #1 Trey Songs sad song

  94. Kendo Jackson

    Who is there in 2019 amazing song

  95. Ariel Brown

    Lol at the beginning of the video.. I would of put a restraining order on that animal 😹😹😹

  96. Chey Chey

    Girl, I know some things have changed.
    But you see, you and me, we still a thing.
    Oh wait wrong song that’s the one with Tory 😅

  97. Musiq

    korean 손들어!!!!!!

  98. Ipuntbabies 03

    Oh shit that’s Jackie Long LMAOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭