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Trey Songz 93 Unleaded Comments
  1. jermaine smokes

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave East.....

  2. Mikalo Kalama

    I was smashin this sexy lil joint & had Pandora on den this came on ... ah niggaa stopped loving & started looking at da name of the song 😂


    Mikalo Kalama lmao a real nigga

  3. T Lady


    Jackson Douglas

    T Lady ❤🎶

  4. Queen Htown


  5. binji show

    Yo Trey nice work slime put me in there wit you need to let them see wat we can do together

  6. Xxx TPinky



    Straight fire .

  8. Despoina Krt



    This song kold af 👍💯

  10. jobanyc50


  11. Thedford Clark

    Idk why this only has 25k views

  12. Kawon Wallace

    this shit** bang.💯💯😵💯💯💯

    Seattle MoneyMan

    Kawon Wallace stupid hard.

  13. Dakota Mast


  14. Angel Walker

    Favorite song off the mixtape

  15. Marcelo Lima

    massa di mais

  16. Vin Diesel


    Sade Tucker

    John Cena Outta know where Love your YouTube name 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 All I hear is the theme music and someone yelling "John Cena!"

  17. Deziray Watts

    In Love 💖😍

    Edgar Cruz

    I fell in luv by looking at ur pic, u are truly beautiful

    Deziray Watts

    Edgar Cruz aww thank you 😊💖