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Trey Songz 2 Reasons Comments
  1. King Ijaz 1996

    Sex On Heals

  2. Jerry Zhou. Steelergang7

    Throwback Music ... hits different 😪😎

  3. Jozalyn Estrada

    anyone 2020 😪

  4. Kizzle Bond

    Trey neck was stiff asf with that lil ass Jean jacket

  5. David Smither

    the song is in Texas chainsaw 3D

    De'Kari Joyce

    David Smither dead ass?

  6. Nomfundo Hlongwane

    2019 still Jamming to the song

  7. Master J

    Who else here checking out all the hit songs from this last decade

  8. Bobby Baker

    Trey Songz Feat, T.i. Ludacris Nicki Minaj Busta rhymes Natalie kills
    Iggy Azalea Flo Rida Jay-Z Lil Wayne Lil Kim Common Freeway
    R-Kelly Ne-Yo T-Pain. Akon Faith Evans DMX Lil Bow wow Mariah Carey P.Diddy Pharrell William's
    Ty Dolla Sgin Mila J Mary J Blige
    & Birdman
    2 Reasons
    Terror SQuad/ Def Jam Records

  9. Mariama Wann

    Mariama Wann

  10. Rosie Pestel

    Trey Songz and TI♥️😍♥️😍


    Texas chainsaw 3D anyone

  12. Juan Rivera


  13. Little Mixer

    Shout out to every 10 I see when I'm down in Tennessee.

  14. Jayson Luv

    Dang this song lit 🔥. I be in the club like. Watch me now ! Lol 😂

  15. Sebastion Shuler

    This is just single guy life in a nutshell

  16. Emmanuette Thomas

    The money in the crown them the two reason why I came for LOL I got a hater sitting next to me hating on me cuz he'll know where he here f*** LOL

  17. Alaysia Rollins

    This came out a month before my 13th birthday I was turned up 😂😂

  18. Chad Wiggins

    Still good beat even in 2019

  19. Maseika Letlow

    A female R&B singer and female rapper shouldve done a version of this song. I think it wouldve been Lit! Some of us females go to the club for dudes and drinks, ijs.

  20. Fernando Rios

    I'll sing like u bro im ur fan this Fernando Cali love

  21. Tooechi Scotrey

    #tooreasons #TreyAngelForlife Trey my babe the only reason I came fo 💞💯❤😜🔥

  22. Linus Mwandagha

    who's here with me in 2019?

  23. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 🔥💣💥

  24. Laru Burton

    I only came for the bitches and drinks

  25. AD Open Mind is What you’ll find

    Who rocking this in 2019? Stop trippin’ you can’t control that freak!

  26. iam_eblacck31 Gibson

    2019 who else listens too this with me where y’all at

  27. ashleyjackson1210

    7 years later and I still came for the Niggas and the drinks 🤷🏾‍♀️

  28. Dip Man

    Anyone here of 2k19

  29. Nikki Johnson

    Still rocking in 2019...

  30. Mariama Wann

    Mariama Wann

  31. Lol Tuna



    2019 fire

  33. kruzz krux

    July 2019. Good times in the club with this song.

  34. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 💣🔥💥

  35. Queen Cece

    Came from the burg 🤪 FL tho

  36. Queen Cece


  37. Troops UK Music

    Apart from Chris brown these two have made consistent hits since 2007. Big up my boy trey 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  38. Shakieta Mcneil

    This my song

  39. Richardjeje jehrj Gurug ejt

    Aym 😊☹☹☹

  40. Young.ramiro G


  41. Tutor Moses

    2019 , anyone?

  42. Mariama Wann

    Mariama Wann

  43. CC Ann

    Why trey so fine tho

  44. KEEM

    Texas Massacre

  45. BuBbLe WrAp BRAT

    2019 wya

  46. Denise Jackson

    Written by: Trey Songz Featuring T. I. 2 Reason

  47. Solo Alvarez

    Big West Side

  48. Solo Alvarez

    Solo @LostBoy I Only Ranned Up For 2 Rea Sons The Bitches And The Weed Big Lmfao Nah Let Me Stop My Nigga T.I. Killed All This All This Bubble Kush I Burn Up

  49. migue_sofoke

    *2019* ???

  50. Jessica Swan

    This was the $hit at the club!

    Isaac Neyo

    Still is lol

  51. Anabelle Ramos

    Destiny 18
    Love you too

  52. Rari Rover

    club Anthem🙌🙌🙌

  53. jun lin


  54. DaRealist MyNizzle

    I forgot all about this song !!

  55. sweetj16real

    I like the clean version better. Still will never get old. 💯

  56. archit misal

    *Texas Chainsaw 3D*


    Texas Chainsaw 3D

  58. Nevaeh Grady

    Still lesson to it in 2019 😘😍

  59. T. B

    TI was 100000000% on coke in this video, wow lmao

  60. Taylor Andrea

    2019 👏🏻

  61. Tobi Myo


  62. Black Gaara





  63. mukundi maswuma

    I thought it was 'ladies and the drinks' I'm so disappointed 😔😭

  64. You can call me FIZ

    Anyone in 2019 ?

  65. Joel Chin

    it seems so weired to me that it's literally just like 14 women and 2 dudes haha like that would never happen in real life

  66. Jesse Pushor

    Am I the only one who misses 2013

  67. Iwuchukwu Chijioke

    Shout to every 10 I see when I'm down in Tennessee

  68. Sebit James Chiok


  69. Latoya Givens

    Club banger love it

  70. Denise Charette


  71. Chat Nitti

    LETS GO .... VA

  72. Chat Nitti


  73. yuir btsfanlovjiminandkookievsuga

    Happy Birthday Trey Songz Trigga 😎🎂🎉🎈🍾🥂💦🎵🎶📻🕺🏾❤💙🖤

  74. Boingotlo Gabaatlhole

    2018 anyone today is my birthday 🍰🍾🍷🎉🎁

  75. Talia Seays

    Happy birthday. Boo.

  76. Talha B


  77. KEEM

    Trey Songz: Great Vocalist
    Trey Songz: Avg Dancer 😂

  78. Alisha Woodson

    6 years later

  79. V Zeynali

    You blessed me with this song?💯🔥

  80. Jazmine Moore

    This is the best songs ever I love this music with Trey Songz and Feature Ti

  81. Jocelyn Scott

    This song lit 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍👅

  82. Benjamin Oates

    I,just reziled Erica pinkett is in this video

  83. Luna

    My moods 2018 Ocotber vibes

  84. Bryce Delaronde

    Texas chainsaw massacre 2013 anyone?? Oh just me

  85. Shihantha Wijesinghe

    2018 still listening

  86. iZZy

    Yes honey❤

  87. Big Baby Smash

    That last verse he shouted the whole east coast.

  88. Tashana Wingfield

    I really like your video

  89. Katrina Bedell

    Dad ass song

  90. mullet queen

    *_2018 ?_*