Treble Charger - Wear Me Down Lyrics

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Treble Charger Wear Me Down Comments
  1. Duke Coughlin

    EA Sports needs to remaster one of these games. Idc if they're throwback rosters, we need this kind of baseball back!

  2. Kyle Kramer

    "Bob, lemme break it down for you! Higginson lead the Tigers in runs scored last season." Ah, Triple Play 02, good times.

    Dr. Manhattan

    those were the days

    Thomas Maroon

    (Insert player) led the (team) in (category) last season. I should hate that game, it's so outdated, but there's this one charm about it that makes me love it.

  3. Law


  4. randomguyh8y

    thumbs up if triple play 2002 brought u here

  5. randomguyh8y

    greatest game ever

  6. ericandlery

    who misses triple play 2002 here : )

  7. randomguyh8y

    @SpartyFan1213 best game ever

  8. Chase Meredith

    amazing song.