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Treble Charger Hundred Million Comments
  1. Danii Lbs

    No cabe duda que avril esta en todo

  2. Sky Arrow Bridge

    Waiting for their 2019 album.

  3. javier i. l. h.

    Someone in 2019?

  4. Misheard Lyrics

    I will never unhear

    Axe him if you want

  5. Greg Tamarit

    The BAX WAR fans u notice prevail and madchild

  6. Sassythot

    I remember my head exploding when I saw this video for the first time.

  7. anime titania` Avril Lavigne

    Who came here for Avril???

  8. JerJerBynx

    Headbanging swollen member is my fav

  9. JerJerBynx

    A song with some balls

  10. Gonzalo Gauna

    Early 2000's in a Nutshell.

  11. DJRomew

    I love the way Avril is flexing in here.....

  12. DJRomew

    Nice song. Sum41, Simple Plan & Avril Lavigne are also in there

  13. patrick grondines

    1:38 LOAD!!!

  14. matcraizy

    Ah wen music was grate.

  15. Costas Max

    I came here for britney

  16. crash groovy

    I love canadian music. Except for some....

  17. mathloiselle

    Canadian music at its finest Gob, swollen members, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne and Trebel Chargers

  18. Geoff Barber

    I listen to this song a tonne. Classic rebel rock. <3

  19. Deylan Engel

    LOL madchild without face tattoos

  20. SirZapdos

    The amount of talent in this video is mind boggling. It's like someone took a "Best of Canada 2002 Playlist" and made a music video out of it. I think I own a CD by everyone in this video.

    Presto569 Gaming

    SirZapdos yeah I own a ton of Avril cds

  21. Chris Dallaire

    K kids lets turn around..we f*cked up somewhere along the this was on the countdowns and not mention the whose who are appearances in this video. I blame Bieber.

  22. DaveFilms

    the lead singer is my cousin yeet. honestly the music video and sound is such a big throwback. what a great band.

  23. Taylor Gibson

    2:36 guy on the left wearing an OG Vancouver Canucks t-shirt

  24. Taylor Gibson

    Swollen Members, Sum 41, GOB...My god, this is pretty much what Much Music played from like 2000-2003

  25. Inés Rodríguez

    shit. treble charger, gob, avril and sum 41 all in one video. awesome.

  26. Noah

    Listening in 2018 lol

  27. Jarvis Bloomfield

    I remember calling into Much for this song against In Da Club. Oh the days

  28. Abe Shudug


  29. brent bent

    I spent ten minutes trying to unravel where I had heard of them before, for some reason my brain was saying 30 Rock, but then it finally dawned on me--Kevin Spencer, everybody's favorite sociopath.

  30. musician 1122

    I came here for avril cuz I love her

  31. Isaac Sánchez Venera


    Cool song, by the way!

  32. SpongeBath ShitPants

    This song sounds so similar to _Your Words_ by _Dag Nasty_.

  33. Colin Brain

    This video is like a time capsule for the early 2000's in Canadian pop music. Got pretty much everyone that Much Music was pushing hard; Avril, Sum 41, Gob, Swollen Members, and of course Treble Charger

    Emil Jayatileke

    Billy Talent

    Dolan Dik

    @Emil Jayatileke its not pop ape

  34. Drew23

    Don't let it hit 23

  35. aMoral27

    hahaha madchilld!

  36. Nia Di

    i came here for avril. then i cant stop repeating this song.

  37. Garrick Douglas

    Sum-41,Avril Lavigne and band and Swollen Members

  38. JC Denton

    NHL 2003

  39. Ж C

    i remember this from one of the nhl games lol

  40. patrick grondines


  41. kuroPOLAROID

    Swollen Members too, man. This song brings back so many memories lol

  42. Amairani LittleBlackStar

    Yeahhhhhh Avril Lavigne appears here OMG 😍🙌🏼
    Haha I just come for Avril too... Haha 😂💘🙌🏼👑😌
    But the song is cool. 👌🏼

    fauque you're Monitering systems

    You should buy her fragrance, "El yoga Aroma."

    Presto569 Gaming

    Amairani LittleBlackStar I love your profile pic I feel like no one ever talks about the star logo I want to get a sticker for the back of my car

  43. NenitoDe Mierda666

    avril !!

  44. Nicole Graniero


  45. TheStepmonkey

    1:24 AVRIL<3<3

    Presto569 Gaming

    TheStepmonkey yass that’s why I came here

  46. Fabiane Ribas

    so cool

  47. Leonardo Delgado

    I comes here for avril

    Floppy Rodrigo

    fuck avril and fuck nickelback

    Amairani LittleBlackStar

    Floppy Rodrigo FUCK YOU.

    Deka Red

    Avril, Swolen Members, Sum 41


    Me too I love her.

  48. Conor Power

    Molson Fucking Snowjam!!!

  49. GranTruismo4head

    Good times back in elementary school with this song

  50. Artur


  51. Athanasios Siebos

    NHL 2002!!!

  52. Kenny Algona

    what'd you do for the holidays?-got drunk and passed out

  53. Jdub14000

    NHL 2002!

    shawn lebrun Lebrun

    Nope Its Brand New Low On NHL 2002

    Max Rose

    it's nhl 2003 or 06, I can't remember.

    Liam Vanderbeek

    +MR Madden Mobile 2003



    Wrong! Nhl 2003


    It's in the game. 2002

  54. Nshankoff1

    is that avril


    +Nshankoff1 yes

  55. Dennis Pearce

    Madchild is in their video as well

  56. Michael Haley

    Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

    John Mawdsley

    @Michael Haley pls drink the punch and you know die....


    @Michael Haley I outgrew imaginary friends a long time ago, and have nothing to do with religious con men.

    Go fuck yourself.


    +Michael Haley I did seek a personal relationship with Jesus on Tinder. Hes totally DTF.

    John Mawdsley


  57. Julie Young

    This song was the best when I was a kid

    Abe Shudug


  58. AaronSongz6

    I hope Treble Charger make a new album. And if they do they got to bring this back with new Canadian Stars. Do you think this band will make a new album?

    Mary-Ellen Wayne

    I hope so!

  59. Mona

    افريل يا زينج 😭❤️❤️

  60. Adrien Piette

    Do you remember the 90s?

    Oxygen Graffiti

    +Adrien Piette But wasn't this song released in 2002?

    patrick grondines

    this came out in the 2000's not the 90's

    patrick grondines

    @Oxygen Graffiti yep

    Gene Drakes

    Not the last half ! Was living downtown at the time! They the last concert that I went to.

    Gene Drakes

    @NemFX Saga at Maple Leaf Gardens was 1st show . 1983 I think and these guys the last show! Time flies when you having fun! Half a lifetime ago I was 25 !

  61. Rich Woods

    Holy fuck Much Edge! XD

  62. CaptainCoolSteve

    if only they caught on in the states they could have been saved :(

  63. CaptainCoolSteve

    Im not sure but did I see Fat mike from NoFX there?

  64. The Puppet

    Gotta love Avril's ass. <3

    C.c Robar

    @EricAxel36 Really??? You think thats Tom Thacker? thats Greig Nori


    @Colin Robar it's thacker with his ass out. You can see his dyed blonde hair

    C.c Robar

    @EricAxel36 Shit hahaha sorry bout that! didn't even notice was listening to the song more than watching the video


    Greig Nori himself told me it’s Avril... sorry guys

  65. Holly Berry

    Fuck yeah Avril!! haha

    Joseph Summers

    @Holly .Marquardt So cool that I live a 7 or 8 minute walk from her old house where she grew up and got famous

  66. bridget

    I came for Avril but she didn't sing she was just in the video XD nice song though

  67. Nesrine Mahbouli

    nostalgia... :'(

  68. Talon Peters

    Lol I forgot aboot all the cameos on this video. I wonder how they got swollen members there....

  69. Featheredfish

    No Rosie, no Treble Charger. 

  70. freedomslastflight

    This was my song. Back when I was in 8th grade. Do the math to find my age now. :)

  71. Ashley Gonzalez

    Wow 2000s those were the year of Punk rock now songs are just about swag or sex


    miss that shit

    Joseph Summers

    Early 2000's still carried hits, mid 2000's had some great tunes, late 2000's started to go downhill, early 2010's pretty much every song is awful, mid-2010's (2013, '14, '15) all songs are complete garbage.

    That's at least my views.


    Yea, that time line is damn right!

    Gonzalo Gauna

    +Joseph Summers So true.

  72. 【 W E A S E L F I L M S 】

    watch at 1.5 speed

  73. yesse constanza

    AVRIL <3

  74. frank g

    Ea sports NHL 2003!!!


    lol only nhl i got stil


    avril lavigne

  75. MrHornetSwarm

    1:24 WTF Is that Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed with Avril?!

    Stig Tripp

    I'm not the only one who noticed that eh? Pretty sure Sum 41 was in there too

    sergio kowalski

    Its awesome... Avril Lavigne... Yeah!!...


    @sergio kowalski Also Theo from Gob.

    Misheard Lyrics

    MrHornetSwarm maybe

  76. Tom Schreurs

    Came here for Avril, but i fuckin loved the song afterwards


    I actually thought before she showed her ass to the MMVA crowd that she actually was the one getting her ass slapped in that video but it was Thom from gob

  77. Dashiell Cole


  78. Miguel Díaz


  79. xfm rogers

    this is when edgetv exists and plays good music like this

  80. Warley Duff


  81. Mathías Rivas


  82. Joseph Summers

    *Cameos include: the guys from Sum 41 + Gob, Swollen Members, and Avril Lavigne

  83. xfmrogers

    This is when 101.1 used to be XFM and play good music like this none of this country music crap on the radio

  84. Ryan Shaughnessy

    Such an amazing song by an amazing band! Totally agree with anyone who says this needs a hundred million likes!

  85. CanadianMusic&TV

    This song came out in 2002, but yes it is a great song.

  86. Chatelaine1928

    One of Canada's GREATEST rock anthems of the 90s!

  87. Inna Leonoff

    sum 41?

  88. Juan Alberto Medina Islas

    :* avril ♥.♥


    Regardless of opinions of us, simple plan gets more radio play because more people like it. Anyway arguing over which one is better is stupid. I personally prefer All Time Low to all these bands anyway.


    To put it more simply, simple simple plans new album pretty decent ( I mean its not as good as no pads no helmets just balls, but still pretty decent ) sums new album......... i cant even get through one song. I as well enjoy both bands but fuck, sum has gone downhill.


    We all wish we could.

  92. Fallon Moos

    forgot how much i used to love this song back in the day lol

  93. Zach Hebert

    Everyones forgeting that Treble Charger is in this...and thats all that matters

  94. spencyj

    You think Simple Plan's better than Sum? That joke's almost as funny as simple plans newest album

  95. Linda Blanco

    Fuck Sum 41, Avril Lavigne is in this ;)

  96. Brayan Nicolas

    avril i love

  97. Godlikeatheist

    I cant tell, is the lead singer wearing a 'Open Your Mouth and Say ... SNFU' Tshirt. if he is then RESPECT!!!