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Treble Charger Drive Comments
  1. DarkKnightTrinity

    Best album by Treble Charger, everything comes together nicely in the mix of songs.

  2. oOBlindyOo

    Nostalgia Suddenly I'm back in Grade 8... No grade 7?!
    well shit.

  3. Peter Byker

    Bill Priddle is one of the best indie rock songwriters of the era. Great song.

  4. Failed Bard

    Easily my favourite Treble Charger song, and one of the best extended guitar solo done since the 70s.
    One of many Canadian bands through the 90's and early 2000's that didn't receive the broader international recognition they likely deserved.

  5. dusch888

    I wish the solo would last forever. And it was all adlib'd, which is amazing

  6. Nationalism

    Thanks for the upload though.

  7. Nationalism

    Did you have to upload in 240p? Bit rate is so much lower than even 360p and you can really notice a difference in sound quality.