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Treble Charger Business Comments
  1. manandmachineX411

    A great era in music history!

  2. Greer Gagnon

    This being on here means alot, my dad's the sheriff in this video

  3. David Levy

    Remember when Treble Charger invented the pop punk style of the early 00s and noone ever acknowledged it?


    They carried on pop punk and made a solid foundation in here in Canada. A stepping stone for bands like Sum 41 as well as Avril Lavigne (at the time). Green Day and the Offspring and the like were the ones that really put the wheels in motion, with Blink 182 sending it over the top. Blink showed up at the right place at the right time to make it huge. There has been a ton of great pop punk bands. I wish it were still as big as it was back then.

  4. 菊次郎のサマー

    I was looking for this song!

  5. randy ravivann

    this is when Muchmusic was good

  6. Dale Gribble

    "became a quarteback in the xfl" yup this is old

  7. xfmrogers

    101.1 xfm good old times 2001

  8. xfmrogers

    what happened to these guys I didn't hear anything from those guys since 2002


    Went on hiatus but Nori and the other guy are back together. Maybe some day we will get new music from them.

  9. darklord884

    The best charge is the last one: "Thought he was getting on the tour bus" that blew my mind.

  10. ericandlery

    triple play 2002

  11. Valerie LeBlanc

    one thing i will say about us igloo living gravy loving people is for candian artist its harder to get noticed

  12. Lady Blood

    treble charger = sum 41 kool bands canadians

  13. Neverbh

    @gaborikrules your mother

  14. Steezboy3000


  15. Stubz Turner

    I didn't know there was a music video for this song.

  16. MrSchwarzy65

    nickleback is complete shit, plus you left out the greatest Canadian band of all time: Rush. Fuck you

  17. fallway

    Agreed. I haven't heard TC in years and listened to a bunch today, and I can't believe how similar they sound. A guess Nori made a huge impact (more than I noticed, at least) in their writing/recording process in the earlier Sum41 years.


    Sum 41 has went a completely different direction now.

  18. CanadianMusic&TV

    Treble Charger sounds like Sum 41 in this song.

  19. That one girl

    I heard this on a game triple play baseball 2002 lol i love this song!!

  20. Scott Gallacher

    at 1:40 thats my old chef teacher mr crossman

  21. Bruno Amaral

    great band, great song!

    and I missed the opportunity to see those guys live in 2002, I blame myself for that everytime I listen their songs...

    They shouldn't had break up the band...

  22. Steezboy3000

    they are

  23. Steezboy3000

    they are on i tunes
    well at least they were last time i checked

  24. Steezboy3000


  25. chd2193

    I seriously miss these guys...

  26. SirZapdos

    "Thought he was getting on the tour bus"


  27. Rewindto91

    what a awsome song i remember always listening to this song in triple play 2002

  28. Wesley Chu

    lol "Inhaled"

  29. Detoxicated

    Yah thanks Aki for posting this!

  30. chd2193

    HOLY SHIT! FINALLY IT'S ON! Man, I love this video and I love Treble Charger (pity dey're defunct now). This is prob dey're funniest vid. Man, I haven't seen this in ages! THANKS!

  31. Short Round

    THank you for posting...i was looking for this for so long.