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Treble Charger Brand New Low Comments
  1. 마이크피아자

    2019 listening.....

  2. sumedh kapse

    2019 ????

  3. Josh Purdy

    I never played NHL 2002. I just know this song because I remember when it came out.

  4. Jeffrey Banks

    What memories, I was a young single guy playing NHL 2002 listening to this tune, now middle aged married dad. Time does fly...

  5. R P

    Phenomenal song honestly. One of my top 10 ever songs

  6. Devin Brines

    This looks like some KaZaa shit

  7. Grzegorz Elmerych

    Anyone listen on 2019?

  8. underclas

    I miss music videos

  9. Theory Guy

    I just found this song again after 15 years of completely forgetting about it 😍

  10. Jeff Leonard

    What the hell ever happened to these guys????

  11. Yeisson Peralta

    I love your song, your band, how the instruments play, the rhythm of the song, why have not more songs or videos been released? Sometimes they remind me of Sum 41, it would be great to have a duet between The Ataris and you, or because not with Gob, Avril Lavigne or Renne Phoenix, or a Latin band like K-93, Area12, Tr3s de Corazón, Blast55 or Caliber 38.

  12. AFK Player

    Bella canzone

  13. Tubby Dutta

    nhl 2002 #easports this is what you did right...2019 and still listening...

  14. David Fitterer

    When this song came on NHL 02’, I would wait until this song ended until I started the next game. The bridge with the ringing guitar is amazing.

  15. Luke Lawson

    It's absolutely amazing to see many others affected by '02 as I was! Those were simpler days. Winning the cup with the kings will always have a place in my memory! Oh and the color commentary!

    EDIT: forgot about this gem:
    Jim: ''Oops! I poured coffee on my legs...''

    Don: ''Those are my legs.''

  16. D D


  17. Shivsubramani S

    Joe Sakic

  18. richyque

    I love this song so much!! NHL 2002 xbox OG

  19. Cameron Hawes

    Funny I hear this song and immediately am brought back to playing NHL 2002 as a kid. Anything from 1997 to 2003 puts me right back to a time where life wasn’t that serious and everything was fun and free.

  20. Abigail Obenchain

    Heard this on CBC Radio Sudbury's Up North today. GREAT SONG!!! And was delighted to see they are from my town (Sault Ste Marie).

  21. Wolf The Dentist Stansson

    Offsides - Off
    Icings- Off
    Game Speed - Max
    Shot power - Max
    Shot Accuracy - Max
    Hitting - Max
    Injuries - Max
    Fighting - Max
    Penalties - Max

    Beating the computer 50 to nothing whilst trying to get as many penalties and injuries as possible.

  22. Adam Miraglia

    Absolutely love this song. It's such an obscure song, I swear!

  23. iGGy

    Nice old times NHL 02 i think everybody here is from the game

  24. JeremyJETT76

    I heard this before nhl 2002 and loved it more after I got 2002 :)

  25. Sharkis12

    the only way you can score a goal on the medium and hard difficulties was to shoot the full force, smash the goalie to the ground and then finish :D

  26. The1TheBob

    The days of being 7-8 and playing NHL 2002 on my Ps2 is just flooding back. Solid title

  27. Gianfranco Witti

    Save by Khabibulin

  28. theuncanspan

    My favorite of all the vocal songs in NHL 02 alongside the other instrumental ones of course.

  29. kajnyCZ

    i'm glad that i still have an installation file of NHL 2002. Sry for bad english.

  30. Jiří Urbančík

    NHL 2002, my first hockey game, CZECH REPUBLIC!!!

  31. PharmD Official

    NHL 2002!!!! Go Islanders!!!!!!

  32. Raphael Chagas

    Just met these guys on Spotify last year. Feel so bad not enjoying it at those years.

  33. Benedikt Hirt

    Does anybody know where I can buy the blue White Red guitar Strap?

  34. Spellman Pat

    I'm kinda Canadian I'm born and raised in Buffalo NY that counts right ???? I love Canada


    you'll pass.

  35. Spellman Pat

    NHL 15 worst soundtrack to date

  36. Paul Berry

    Passes to Modano shoots GOOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!

  37. Matt92 Machine

    Still remember playing NHL 2002, my favorite players at the time Eric Daze and Tony Amonte on the Hawks. Damn 15 years.


    When the Blackhawks had like 20 fans lol.

    Matt92 Machine

    cashtheyen Yeah. Been a fan of them since like 99 when I was 7 years old. Shit got real bad there for a while. They did make the playoffs in 2002, only to get knocked out by the blues. Still was a good year before everything went downhill.

  38. Kos Tsan

    nhl 2002 :D :D i just reinstalled it for a little nostalgia :D

  39. Papa Kilo

    Synonymous with NHL 2002 forever.Great track,great memories of doing a full season with the Red Wings.

  40. Rod Ferrada

    Yes! NHL 2002, the memories <3

  41. Lukease

    Fuck man, I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard this song growing up. NHL 2002 was a beauty of a game.

  42. Andrew Karlsson

    i remember getting hooked in this song while i was playing nhl 2002 during 2006

  43. dreamcastboy99filmz is back

    Bought NHL 2002 for a dollar and liked it. Go Jackets!

  44. James Fearn

    I remember watching the music video, back in 2000, probably. I was twelve at the time.

  45. FUQQR

    10/10 song

  46. HollowTV

    Still playing this game like it's my only game. #Nhl2002Forever

  47. billy bob

    this brings me back to the end of grade 6. hanging out on the beach hot summer days hearing this blaring from people's cars ect ect. the days before YouTube when I'd hear a song I liked on the radio and use a tape recorder to record part of it

  48. WithoutContrast


  49. Dale Wilson

    Good memories of beating the computer 29-0 in NHL 2002

    Adam Strejcovský

    Dr Morbius beginner difficulty Avalanche vs. Kazachstan ftw :D

  50. mmjahink

    What the hell are people talking about with NHL 2002? Who cares? The focus should be on the quality of the album 'Wide Awake Bored', notably with this great song as the opener. This came out in 2000.

    dreamcastboy99filmz is back

    NHL 2002 had this song as one of many songs that played on the main menu.

  51. XRavenHunt

    Perfect NHL song.

  52. Paul Grewal

    I didn't have NHL 2002, but my friend did. I remember this and I Hear You Calling from the soundtrack. Great tunes...

    I had NHL '03-'07, though.

  53. Arielo Bye

    how much i miss that game :'(

  54. onemadhungrynomad

    this is such an excellent song!

  55. The Coyote

    wait i know this music channel. its called Musique Plus and it airs in Quebec. i know this because i watch it xd

  56. Tyler Ward

    NHL 2002 was the greatest game ever back in the day

  57. Tyler Ward

    NHL 2002 was the greatest game ever back in the day

  58. Amazin82

    This was on one of the NHL....2006??


    Judging by the comments 2002

  59. я не такой

    Small kids, enjoying their childhood rainy evenings with the nhl franchise is the best one, i swear!

  60. notyoursavior78

    I loved drafting those 85+ potential guys onto my team who never really panned out in the league like Oleg Saprykin, but other veterans like Eric Daze and of course picking those guys with the heavy shot. Such a great era of life.

  61. KHgoalkeeper21

    the days when i used to create 99 overall rating LW, right handed players to get that top right chedder wristys

  62. Seba D

    Who remember NHL 2002 ?
    Kovalev, Lemieux, GOAL !!!

    Bob Bob


    Jeff Leon

    F*ck yesss 🤘 still one of my faviurite songs bc of NHL 2002

    Michael Cass

    Seba D. I do, playa. This was the jam on that game.

    Fake Player

    Peter Forsberg WHAT A SHOOT!!!!


    Hasek save!!!

  63. Franta Pesimista

    very good song....very well...i remember it also from nhl02...really sounds gread ...this miss fault:D

    Matt Doraty

    Sorry, is this english?

    Franta Pesimista

    u mean the song? :D i think its american english....but well i dont understant it much ...but i like how it sounds all together (and mine english is just basic...and i learn it in england but now its more like amrecian english (there is more freedoom with words xD but is still horrible xD)

  64. Matthew Foos

    MacInnis to Demitra GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! Man this song takes me back.......

    Z EE

    R.I.P. Pavol

  65. Courtney Whiteside

    Hey Canada, I'm hopping the fence!!!

  66. seeker of darklight

    2:06 Is that phoebe tonkin aka hayley from the originals?

  67. Neymar Jr

    I Miss Nhl 2002

    Christian Boeckh

    Still got it. Still playing. Greetings from Germany! ;)


    Christian Boeckh thats awesome


    Neymar Jr same

    NK 24

    Christian Boeckh jawohl noch ein deutscher der das Spiel liebt und diesen Song

    luke timmins

    I still have that game on Xbox 🤣 good ol memories aye

  68. Kaylee Trenney

    NHL 2002. ❤️

  69. scrillyto1

    I know they're called Treble Charger but their bass is on point!

  70. Olivier Simard ! 14 years ago....were not children anymore :'(

    Undo Move

    found out about this song from nhl 02. lol


    Most of us did I think hehe I was/am into punk/alt and stuff but first heard them there.

  71. Chris Banana

    Used to love this song, always played it during my SC:BW days!


    starcraft ftw

  72. Jonathan Kerr

    Warrant - Cherry Pie t-shirt. Lol!

  73. Cameron Demarco

    Is that a real statement?

  74. diablo45661

    loved playing nhl 2002 listening to this song trying to get my gold mario lemuiex .time sure does fly bye.

    Fake Player

    You are not only one dude

  75. NBS Chino

    I still play nhl 2002

  76. pce

    such an under rated song 500k views?

  77. Madeleine Hague

    Love this band.

  78. Deverius

    I remember buying this CD at HMV when it came out lol

  79. Teskea14

    Nhl 2002 memories

  80. DarkyyyGamer

    I was 14 old in 2002 and i still love this game BEST NHL EVER <3


    +Jack Hughes (Canuckdude22) - NHL 2002?!

  81. bloodyspider8

    I actually found who sang that song! holy crap! heard that on NHL on playstation!

  82. Jan Vysoudil

    NHL2002 :')... memorieeeeeeeees..:'(.. 

  83. Tyler Smith

    NHL 2002 soundtrack is beast.

  84. ItsAJ

    I was 4 years old playing this on NHL 2002.... Holy shit time flies....


    same here.. playing it all over again now ;)

    Damian Krawczyk

    @MoistPickles me too ;p

    Florian Funk

    same here. I was 5 years old playing those game and I love all of the songs now. It is so strange but I remember all of them


    Make a me soooo sad. Where has the time gone!!!!



  85. Blake Childers

    Hi! I came her looking for a song fROM a CD that I think was called "Levi's Talent Show". It had this song in it. The song that I'm looking for had these lyrics:

    Although you are far away
    And now you'll always be.
    Near eternity
    Near eternity.

    It sounded like jungle trance or something. Had some good short bass at the begginning. If you guys can help, I would love it.


    that was the Utah Saints. hope this helps.

    Blake Childers

    Oh hey there you go. I found it. Utah Saints- Lost Vagueness (Oliver Liebe remix). Thank yoouu

  86. vanso514

    Weak verse, strong chorus

  87. mycatisasleep


  88. luke timmins

    such a tune!

  89. Dimitri Vincheov


  90. metrix neo

    ohhh yeah!!! fucking NHL 2002!:) golden memories of when I played with my brother!:) 2002 was fucking good year:P:)

  91. Jake Saunders

    this band is under rated

    gene drakes

    Yep! Glad I got to see them live!

    john schweers

    same here...opened for the Foo Fighters. I was really only there to see these guys. "discovered" them on a fishing trip in Canada when we stayed in a motel room playing saturday AM videos. I was hooked immediately

    Gene Drakes

    Jake Saunders Yep so glad got to see them live!

  92. David Rouben

    NHL 2002 soundtrack = best of all time

  93. Mario Sacchetti

    one of my favourites in nhl 2002!

  94. Kelrion

    good song

  95. Dave D

    have these guys play the grey cup halftime show!

  96. Baked

    NHL '02 (the best one) Y'ALL!

  97. Dmitriy Blein

    NHL 02, So cool to discover this song once again and remember that time..


    I was going to post that and I was like... I bet the first comment mentions NHL 02.  Kudos!


    This and “Heavy” by collective soul were such kickass songs on that sound track

  98. Mike Heins

    NHL 2002 Soundtrack. It was my favorite video game that I´ve played on My first PC here in Venezuela... I like this song!