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Treble Charger American Psycho Comments
  1. ryan lepine

    Fuckin Dank!!!!

  2. koolnkalm85

    What year did this come out?

  3. TheReviewSpace

    These guys were like the underrated Blink 182!

  4. Mariamyupperz

    No idea why this song popped into my head.. but I still remember all the lyrics!

  5. NEXUS2040

    Before there was Amercan Idiot, there was Amercan Psycho.


    They were released the same year iirc...


    @¡Marissa! No they were not, American Psycho was released in 2000, while American Idiot was released in 2004.

  6. Zarabi Mizanin

    I’m not even sure why but this song popped into my head a few minutes ago and I was hit by the wave of nostalgia so I had to find it and listen to it.

  7. TheBrodsterBoy

    Why has Calgary radio been playing this so much the last week?

  8. Cameron Demarco


  9. Gabriel’s Fitness Marathon

    Ryan Kesler having a nasty urge to slash and his amazing music choice brought me here

  10. adrian28576

    I remember seeing the lead singer get out of a sick Audi at a Ajax gas station back in the day. I told him “I know your band” and he just waved and nodded..🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. matcraizy

    Thumbs up if your watching this on July 4th 2019!

  12. Orca Whales


  13. Gene Drakes

    If I remember story right a former president wanted to use 100 Million People and the band said no. This seems a appropriate for the current one!

  14. Colin McMahon

    Did you EVER?

  15. Medley kush

    Thought this was billy talent tbh

  16. Chicken with a knife

    They are truthfully the only good thing to come from Sault Ste Marie. If you havent been there, dont go. But seriously, they might be one of the best Canadian bands in general!

  17. Sophia Koch

    This song came out before I was born.... I keep hearing it on the radio though!

  18. ATG IMM

    Holy fuck this reminds me of my Napster account

  19. ELLY OLY

    *Nossa, que nostálgico*

  20. Colin McMahon

    Gimp fuck

  21. Colin McMahon

    On it. All the Pile Long Day..


  22. Yeisson Peralta

    I love your song, your band, how the instruments play, the rhythm of the song, why have not more songs or videos been released? Sometimes they remind me of Sum 41, it would be great to have a duet between The Ataris and you, or because not with Gob, Avril Lavigne or Renne Phoenix, or a Latin band like K-93, Area12, Tr3s de Corazón, Blast55 or Caliber 38.

  23. Gabe Velasquez

    Relevant as ever with all these psychos in the US shooting up they're schools :(

  24. criptacronalike

    Some how this is more relevant than ever.....

  25. DJRomew

    Greig Nori is so talented. Only now I figured out that he assisted a lot in production and composing of many Sum41 songs....

  26. The Grim Corsair

    Several audio drop-outs during the song :(

  27. MrRastaFreeze

    back when the artists use to rage against the machine.. now they are the machine

  28. Devin Doherty

    That bass player is ripped


    2019 ?? 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  30. Devan C

    🤔 2019? I'm going to show ppl this song and pretend it's brand new

    ryan lepine

    Hahaha yes!!!

    Cheesy pooo

    Is that same guy from sr71?

  31. hypershock0 storm

    Anyone listing in 2019?

  32. Old Fart

    I remember trying to download this off of Limewire back in the day and when I went to hit play it was Bill Clinton's voice saying that he did not have sexual relations with that woman.

    Sarara R

    Dude you just triggered my middle school ptsd!

    Pyroman /

    That was comment place

    Jeff Foster

    Ah yes, the old internet. I miss those days....

  33. Bonez Beatzz

    2019 here

  34. Andrew

    Such a great song ! It made it on a few mix cds for sure

  35. Razor blade

    the American pie soundtracks had so many good songs

  36. jellofuel

    I'm impressed youtube recommendations brought up a song I haven't heard sing high school lol

  37. danik0914

    12 years ago. lol.

  38. Coolchris158

    Almost 2019 and were still here

  39. TtotheA totheK

    1.3mil views wtf? Where's their channel anyway

  40. Spedly

    This song is about Courtney Love

  41. cleanview70

    Matthew Mcconaughey

  42. Terry Lasparkin

    Great song !!

  43. That1Potatocarrot64 Does a thing

    Welcome to Canada where all your favourite songs come from.

  44. Chad Hemmerling

    big shiny tunes 5 was the best of them all

  45. leopardsbasketball

    Don't forget Billy Talent. Shout out to another awesome bunch of Canadian punkers

    TtotheA totheK

    leopardsbasketball Sum 41 ?

  46. Daniel Molina

    Much Music played this song to death.

  47. Simon-pierre Drolet


  48. Jarvis Bloomfield

    I remember calling in to Much to vote against In Da Club for this song. Oh the phone bills

  49. BluRayNation

    I know Greig Nori, the lead singer. Very humble man. He helps out my school rock band Mustang Sally. Love him. Still sounds the same as he did almost 20 years ago.

  50. Ryan Kennedy

    formative years right here. Taught me how to be a man. or something.

  51. Jaden Shorrock

    In 2006 when my dad was alive.i was 4yrs old and we would sing this every driving trip

  52. Six Beer Math

    Ooooo, that Charlie Rose line

  53. Carlo

    Who’s watching this in November 2017

  54. 1stump 1

    Seen live in timmins ontario canada in 1999

  55. CM4Sci

    I first heard this in a Total Drama Island fan art compilation when I was like 7? NGL I still enjoy this lol

  56. Michael Jensen

    Stumbled across this last night. Hadn't heard it in like...10 years. Soooo good!

  57. Steve Guie

    Thank you 102.1

  58. dreamcastboy99filmz is back

    First time I heard this in game was when it was OT, Columbus vs Montreal i think.

  59. alggerman

    240p in 2017, come on guys!

  60. jason carrier

    I know they are a Canadian rock band but seriously?! only 1.2 mil views for a song that was in the top 40 for a whole year!

    Mary-Ellen Wayne

    This is not bad, actually. It's an unofficial channel (by the looks of the naming protocols), so that may be a deterrent to some potential viewers.

    Mary-Ellen Wayne

    *unofficial-seeming channel/looks unofficial. I didn't know it was good to go until I was on the video page with the rights societies visible.

  61. frisbeepilot

    I liked them a lot more before this album, frankly. They were a little quieter, a little more thoughtful, and a hell of a lot more interesting.

  62. Ethan Burns

    The lead singer babysat my mother

  63. internetwarrior666

    Blockbuster Remembers

  64. ThisIsCivic

    Sault ste Marie guys!

  65. Matthew

    Who else came here from american pie?

  66. hot rod daddy

    keving spencer..

  67. Azzip

    Kom å ta mig långt härifrån!!!

  68. Rachel Elizabeth

    I love song sooooooo much

  69. Lobster

    oMG i love green day


    I'm pretty sure this was a joke

    Ezekiel Lim

    I really hope this was a joke

  70. Coko Seduccion


  71. Z EE

    NHL 2002 woooooooo

  72. Brayan Martinez

    I still listen to this in 2016 and probably wont stop

  73. Destro Cobra

    * Donald Trump *

  74. mayday

    NHL 2002 game :)

  75. mat jang

    Those kids in the video are probably in college now.

    Matthew Smith

    probably not. highschool drop outs.

  76. 丹後一仁

    USA gangstarsbye

  77. Gage Powell

    I'm 25. how the fuck did I miss this band. kick ass.


    Either you or your fucking parents goofed man

    Gage Powell

    I'm not in denial

  78. star0809fel

    "I have to return some videotapes"

    Steve T

    hahha be sure u rewind them first

  79. Sarah Wigston

    I used to obsess with this song when I was 10.... I'm almost 20 now

  80. SweetpeasbbGirl

    I remember seeing these guys perform at the Molson Canadian rock band stand

  81. Manny Sibaja

    I love 00's punk rock like greemn day, treble charger, gob, all American rejects. who else misses the


    Dude you forgot Sum 41.

    Manny Sibaja

    Green Day is one of the best

    Manny Sibaja

    Oh and how did I forget blink 182

    Max T

    Rcshoop papa roach, zebrahead, fall out boy, panic at the disco and sooo many more. I got a playlist of 300 punk/grunge/metal songs from the 90's and early 2000's


    Green Day, Nirvana, MCR and BVB are my favorites, and I also love the offspring, but i don't know very many of their songs

  82. gabrz

    Just watched "Dude, where's my car" on Netflix... so much memories !


    hahahaa I love that movie so much. Still makes me laugh every damn time hahaha

  83. Dean Doxtator

    ah the 90's great time for music and 70's & 80's

  84. matcraizy

    Yup wish I never hired Donald Trump.

    Wednesday A

    yep that happened. so wrong

  85. Leet Night Hockey

    I remember downloading this on WinMX when I was 9 after playing NHL 2002. I looked at the "168kbp/s" bitrate indicator being written in green, thinking it was amazing high quality audio. And then years of dancing and singing to this song down in my parent's basement ensued.

  86. Ax Ks

    seeing all of the 2000s comments, freaks me out so much because I grew up in the 90s, and the 2000s were always cancerous to me. I guess that's part of being an adult 0_o

  87. pascal CLOUATRE

    canadian artist keep bringing that good music

    if they were americans theyd be more famous

  88. Danee danee21

    cool song !!:)

  89. Dário Diniz

    American Pie: Band Camp

    Spoon Legend

    Dário Diniz what does American pie even mean, heard it was some nostalgic shit or is it just a movie

    B Bulldog Byrnes

    Band camp was the only one I didn't like

    Mitchel 7346

    @Spoon Legend American Pie is a movie

    Steve Campbell

    @Spoon Legend it's just a reference to that picturesque slice of Americana that everyone thinks of. Thinks politicians preaching about mom, baseball, and apple pie whenever they want to drum up support from the patriotic segments.

    Spoon Legend

    @Steve Campbell Oh cool. Yeah, i listen to these music a lot, this one was so nostalgic i had to use a app to find it. I'm not even American, I was born here, yet I feel the nostalgia/same feeling every American feels. Crazy.

  90. Ignacio Perez

    Thumbs up if your mind goes back to the NHL game as you hear this song.

    Math Boud

    NHL 2002 with Mario Lemieux on the cover. One of the best NHL game and playable on pc


    +Math Boud 100% agree! It was such a fun game.

  91. AgentJohn

    who misses the early 00's! btw Dude Wheres My Car brought me here


    hahahaa god bless Dude Where's My Car?

    Andrew King

    And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn?


    What does my tattoo say? Dude! Dude, what does my tattoo say? Sweet!!

  92. Kari Last

    I was Rosie and Trevor's tech for the last 2 years of TC. Funnest bunch of guys to work for. We had adventures, mis-adventures, laughs, almost fisticuffs, almost tears of laughter, heartbreak, stress, surprises, something called a Hoogie, and a lifetime of memories in just those 2 years I was with them. Cheers Rosie, Trevor, Greig, Bill, Andrew, Jeramy (didn't think I'd actually out ya directly did ya?) and Daryll. Miss you all.

  93. matcraizy

    Are you Americans going to vote for Donald Trump now ? Eh.

    Crazy Creeper 21 films

    Im canadian and i think its aboot time they choose eh?


    better than clinton.....

  94. Ym3

    Damn, this is an old upload. I guess it was before 480p was invented. >_>

  95. Andrew Garfias

    Fucking White boys

  96. theramonegamer

    I was 9 or 10 in 4th grade when this came out I'm now 24 that's insane

    May Nard

    +theramonegamer nice profile pic


    +theramonegamer nostalgia paints an interesting picture over the course of time glad to have found this enjoy BRUV!!



    Gene Drakes

    They the last live band seen when I was in my early 30's . Now into month 6 of 50's and the song is still great!!

  97. JarOfRats

    This really brings me back... no, not the song, it's great, but...
    240p. We meet again, old friend.

    Cpt Checher

    Haha. Oh man 240

    Spoon Legend

    JarOfRats I finally found this song fuck man sup guys


    @Chris Banana I thought i had it bad I had a 28k modem!

    Jamie Burgess

    @Jay Queue not on a 14.4k connection

    Spoon Legend

    @Chris Banana good ol days

  98. randy ravivann

    this is when Much was good


    Yeah agree, yet also Canada and peoples. I really miss the old Canada. The country and the friendly peops have been changed a lot. Too bad...

    Spoon Legend

    randy ravivann yessir

    Spoon Legend

    onioroshi time flies man fuck it