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Travis We Are Monkeys Comments
  1. Zachary Johnson

    The Wilkerson brothers description.

  2. prrodriguez07

    Can I have another burger? Malcolm spit on mine.

  3. Alondra Izquierdo

    siempre eh dicho que frank se parece a malcom no importa ambos son geniales

  4. irem K

    Buldum sonunda adını unutmuşum nalet olsun :D

  5. Nyan Linn

    anyone here from reading 12 Reasons why I love Her?

    irem K

    Nyan Linn no!

  6. logicalempiricist2

    Darwin and evolution ftw!

  7. leonardo h

    the lyrics are awesome

  8. Goosemeyer

    Oblai da

  9. gregormcclung

    Only a great songwriter can write a song as succinct as this. Pure Glaswegian brilliance!

  10. Carlos Rincón

    En que capitulo sale esta canción?


    Vecinos! Cuando llegan unos nuevos vecinos y Hall se hace amigo del señor, pero toda su familia tiene broncas con los otros integrantes.

  11. Farod

    Malcolm <3

    Nachiken •3•

    Faod???!?!?!?!?! Cette musique c'est dans ta fausse vidéo j'arrête YouTube

    Nachiken •3•

    Malcolm en ce moment c'est la série que je regarde le Plus à la télé

    Victor Schwartzmann

    +Farod Games Ah vous êtes là vous ! Je me souviens de cette musique dans ta "dernière" vidéo. Malcolm forever !

    Maxim Keller

    Wesh farod


    oh.. i thought the lyrics were 'others think they're gorgeous but inside they're thick shit' hahaha.. i'm going to keep singing it my way. =P

  13. Steve Williams

    And Dewey and Hall

  14. Heather Gill

    Love this song. Love Malcolm (and Reese) x

  15. Авраам Перес

    Thanks to Malcolm in the middle I met this great song :)

  16. Rafael Gonzalez

    hey wats the song on cattle court episode before greig get rolled over by cows?

  17. Baby Tomoka

    love it

  18. BlackSkull_2.0

    this shit is a rip of the song "Obladi Oblada" of the Beatles makes me sick .. this shit is a rip of the song "Obladi Oblada" of the Beatles makes me sick .. don´t like....... finger down

    Noxious Jellyfish

    more like tom hark.

  19. Juanelo Arenitas


  20. RiseAndShine

    I don't think it's a bad song... deserves more views.
    Thanks for uploading.

  21. ManaMausi

    Aw thank u for uploading this song!!!! <33333

  22. HearPaulRoar

    12 Reasons Why I Love Her.

  23. Maddy Dodds

    What shit

  24. darthtortugas

    sad only 749 views great song

    ginger bitch

    darthtortugas 31,267 now :) six years later